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The keepers of  The Official Todd Bentley Facebook Fan Page have posted a new note which is in fact an article from Charisma magazine, Todd Bentley Enters Restoration Process by Paul Steven Ghiringhelli. (Thanks to End Times Prophetic Words for the link, but I do not endorse the commentary on the article given there.)

There is also a new wall post at the fan page, written by its administrator, as follows:

Hello fans! This fan page was set up for those to love and encourage Todd during his time of rest and restoration. Todd Bentley does frequently check this page and leaves personal comments at his leisure. Please leave tasteful comments that express your love and encouragement. Please do not leave comments that will be interpreted as insensitive or to purposely offend Todd Bentley. We understand that there are a lot of people who are hurt, confused, and offended. There is a process behind the scene that the public is not aware of and we ask for your patience as we all wait for Todd to be restored. He will also be releasing a statement on his behalf with Rick Joyner shortly, that will explain his heart and his actions. Please understand that this is not the page for you to unleash your frustration but your love for Todd. So let’s please be respectful and enjoy this fan page.

Thank you for becoming a fan and God bless you.

This was posted after the Charisma magazine article, and so the “statement on his behalf with Rick Joyner” to be issued shortly is something different. Note also that

There is a process behind the scene that the public is not aware of…

The Charisma article, dated December 2008 but apparently written in October, includes a number of interesting points:

Todd Bentley … was planning to move to the campus of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, S.C., in late October in search of healing and restoration.

Interestingly, the now deleted comments on this blog quoted at End Times Prophetic Words, in the name of Robert Ricciardelli, were posted in September from an IP address located in this same small town of Fort Mill, SC. Were they perhaps from someone with inside information at the MorningStar campus? Fort Mill is very near to Charlotte, NC, where Ricciardelli has his base.

In the current case, Joyner said Bentley does not believe his marriage to Shonnah is salvageable. “[Bentley] has also taken steps to make the relationship with the girl that was inappropriate, appropriate,” Joyner said.

He explained that both Bentley and the unidentified woman have expressed “deep remorse” over the situation, knowing they were “two wounded people who fell into a trap.” Joyner said Bentley acknowledged that even if his marriage were to fail, his timing for beginning a new relationship was “terrible.”

Joyner said that though it is tempting to judge, observers must remember that all parties involved are struggling to do what’s right. “A divorce is one of the most traumatic things you can go through,” Joyner said. “For a while, Todd had spun down into some pretty deep hopelessness.”

Ahn echoed Joyner’s sentiments. “Our goal is to restore Todd to his relationship with Jesus,” he said. “His restoration as an evangelist is secondary. …”

There is not really any new information here, except perhaps for the claim that Todd has made the relationship with the girl “appropriate”. It is hard to know what exactly this means. But we mustn’t forget that it takes two to salvage a marriage. There are all sorts of reasons why it will be very hard for Shonnah to take Todd back at this stage.

All the bloggers out there who are showing a seriously unforgiving attitude to Todd need a reminder that in insisting that the marriage be restored they are effectively requiring Shonnah to forgive Todd and forget what he has done. Would they be prepared to do that if their spouses were involved in the kinds of relationship which they claim Todd is involved in? If she has made the decision, quite reasonable in the circumstances, to start a new life apart from Todd, there is nothing that Todd can do about it except go through with the divorce.

We need all the more to pray for Todd and Shonnah.

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  1. “There are all sorts of reasons why it will be very hard for Shonnah to take Todd back at this stage.”

    I completely agree, BUT…the thing is, everything that I’ve found regarding this situation is that Todd has no intention of going back. I’ve yet to find any reports of Shonnah kicking Todd to the curb and not wanting him back (I’m not saying that’s not the case…I have no idea….just haven’t been reading reports of it).

    Personally, I don’t think that their marriage must be restored, BUT…at the same time, I don’t think that Todd (or anyone else in a similar situation) should be dating someone else at a time like this.

    I will be the first to admit that I have fairly conservative views regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage, and I fully realise that not all Christians view these issues the same way that I do. For me, this is really less about Todd specifically, and more an issue of how we (Christians/the church) look at and deal with the issues of marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

  2. Rhea, I agree with you that Todd should not be dating anyone at this time. But the following words of Rick Joyner in August 2008 have been widely reported, including on this blog:

    When I was in Lakeland a few months ago, I was told that Todd had been making a real effort to patch things up and heal their relationship, but in June she had left and refused any contact. Todd has now lost hope that it will be worked out, especially now that she has made it clear that she will not even see him. Todd is obviously frustrated and just wants to resolve this situation that has been so hard for so long. …

    When God got a divorce, was it His fault? Of course not! He was the most perfect Husband there could ever be, but He had a wayward wife that He finally gave up on.

    Now I am certainly not claiming that Todd is a perfect husband like God, nor that Shonnah is wayward. But if God couldn’t put back together his “marriage” with Israel, we shouldn’t expect Todd to do better.

    Susan, I have removed your comment because it contains unsubstantiated allegations, otherwise known as gossip. I will restore it if you can provide evidence to back them up.

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  5. Unfortunately it appears that for a variety of reasons including maybe the reverse blaspheming of the Holy Spirit by attributing the works of the devil to the Holy Spirit, many in the Third Wave including Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and Sid Roth will never repent of their sins and deception even though they have been rebuked by many! And they have caused offenses to many people with their lies and deception and God has closed their ears to hearing the truth!

    Also we have the real problem that the deeds and sins of Todd, Sid and their friends are more than just trespasses, and probably what Apostle John stated about lack of love towards the brethren and lack of love of the truth:

    1JN 1:6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.

    1JN 2:4 He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

    1JN 2:21 I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

    1JN 3:14 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides in death.

    1JN 5:16 If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that. 5:17 All unrighteousness is sin, and there is sin not leading to death.

    3JN 1:3 For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth.

    As a result many false ones in the Third Wave when they get sick, like Jill Austin, http://www.masterpotter.com/ they don’t get healed and die because they are no longer God’s people but people of the devil even though they confess they believe in healing!

    And the same is true for those who are false and get into economic problems they will not get deliverance but destruction in accordance to Proverbs 1:20-33

  6. I’ve seen about every accusation made against Todd that the human mind can formulate, but I’m going to put out something for consideration.

    Todd Bentley’s a real driven guy. He built an amazing ministry in less than 10 years. He’s been everywhere, at times booking 300 meetings a year. Rick Joyner said it well when he said being married to Todd must be like being handcuffed to a hurricane.

    No one with that type of personality wakes up one day and says, Hey! Think I’ll dump my wife, destroy my credibility and blow my ministry to hell. Especially not in the middle of the greatest success he’s ever known.

    I don’t think Todd destroyed his marriage all by himself. And I personally think that if after years of conflict, if she walked out in June, refused contact with him and refused to let him have contact with his kids, and basically withdrew her support at one of the most crucial points in his ministry that he might just be within his rights to call it a day. It would be like Michelle Obama leaving during inauguration week.

    I know that in my marriage I reached a point where I’m done. I’m not taking the verbal abuse, the emotional neglect and the continuous conflict any more. I’ve been single for almost 9 years and I promise you, I much prefer it to my marriage.

  7. Thanks, Patsy. I suspect that you are right.

    On the other hand, Shonnah may well have had good reason to walk out, not adultery but neglect. If her husband had been doing 300 meetings a year, that didn’t leave much time for her, and he was obviously away for a long time at Lakeland. Sadly, that may have been the final straw that brought her to a point where, like you, she was done and could take no more.

    That is sad, because as I understand it Fresh Fire was doing what it could to mend the situation, including (reportedly) buying a luxury house in Lakeland for the family. But I guess Shonnah didn’t want to move herself and her children there, with no guarantee that Todd would stay.

    The problem was perhaps that Shonnah was not fully behind her husband’s ministry and calling. A minister who does not have that kind of support from a wife is probably better off single, as Paul noted in 1 Corinthians 7:32-35, but that is not an excuse for divorce.

  8. Susan, I am deleting your comment because you have repeated an allegation that I have warned you about before without providing any evidence to support it. If you do so again I will ban you permanently from commenting on this blog.

  9. The problem I see is that no clear evidence is present that Todd has clearly repented. How can he “make his current relationship right”? At the least, he should cut that off and be alone for a while with God while he sorts his own priorities.

    Being driven is no excuse for his actions. It is quite easy to blame his wife for the problems, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior either. He needs to be a man, own up to what he has done and stop it.

    Many use “ministry” as an excuse to do what they want. After having my own father do the same for many years I am not convinced that many ministers do not misuse that as an excuse for their own desires, even if they are good.

    Blaming “leaving your family behind” on God’s calling is a bit ingenious in many cases. It is really just an excuse to be a “godly” workaholic….

    If God called someone to be married and have children, then they have some serious obligations in that area as well. Those should not just be discarded as many do.


  10. Brad, I think I agree with you. But what obligations does a man have to a wife who leaves him and refuses all further contact? Although Todd certainly played a part in that situation arising, he did not discard Shonnah, but apparently vice versa.

  11. Okay, I’m not sure I understand. I’m very new to this discussion so please be patient with me.

    Did Todd commit adultery?
    If yes, then he did discard her first.

    If he did not commit adultery but he had 300 meetings scheduled in one year, then again, I’m afraid I’d have to think that maybe he decarded her first.

    Again, I’m probably way too uninformed to be involved in this converation because I don’t know what in the world is going on. I’m only reading this blog I stumbled onto and am trying to make sense of it.

    I really need to get onto what I was really seaching for on the web, but your blog just sort of jumped out at me.

  12. I will ban you permanently from commenting on this blog.

    Doesn’t this statement give you a sense of power like many controlling pastors who say do what I tell you to do or else? I know you need deliverance from many demons that possess you!

  13. Susan, I will ignore your last comment and repeat what I have said before, that I do not permit on this blog unsubstantiated libellous accusations against third parties. This is for legal reasons, as it could get me as well as you into trouble.

    Mara, many people including Susan have alleged that Todd has committed adultery, implying a real physical act. But there is no evidence of this. Todd has admitted only to an “inappropriate relationship”, and in the circumstances him just being alone with the woman in question could be considered inappropriate.

    Todd did have a large number of meetings, probably more than was wise. But he did attempt to keep together with Shonnah. As I understand it Fresh Fire bought a house in Lakeland for Todd, Shonnah and the children to move to, but Shonnah chose not to live there but to return to Canada with the children and refuse further contact with Todd.

    So you can’t accuse Todd of not trying to keep the family together. He was of course in the same position as so many Christian ministers, trying to balance family responsibilities with his calling from God. It didn’t work out, but I’m not sure that anything he could have done would have worked out.

  14. Thank you, Peter for responding to me.

    You are so right, it is a very difficult balance, and not a new one.

    I used to sit under a very wise, old pastor who is well known in some circles.

    He made his family priority and once told the story of Billy Sunday, a famous evangelist. Billy Sunday accomplished great things for the Kindgom of God, but sacrificed his family on the alter of his success.

    After Sunday died and was buried, his own children went to the cemetary and desecrated his grave.

    Spiritually Sunday gained the world, but lost his own family. These things should never be. No man is so important, no spiritual gift is so great, that a family can be sacrificed for it.

    I don’t know how much of this applies to Bentley. Maybe none of it. He may not have been anything like Sunday. I only write this to make people aware that this sort of thing does go on. It is nothing new.

    Thanks again Peter.
    Again I admit I know nothing of Bentley. I wish him and his family God’s best. And you too.

  15. Susan, I just restored from my spam box one comment from 24th January. Also in that spam box was a second comment dated today which I am not approving because it contains unsupported allegations. However, I am following up the links in both these comments.

    One of those links led me to an interesting update from Fresh Fire, dated 23rd January, which announces the return to ministry of Shonnah Bentley! She and her son Elijah will be visiting the Uganda Jesus Village in the spring. This has prompted Miriam to redirect her vitriol from Todd to Shonnah.

    There is also the following interesting, and in part surprising, news:

    The first news item that we wish to bring to your attention is that Todd Bentley has resigned from his involvement with Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and will continue a process of restoration under the capable leadership of Rick Joyner and his association. Because Todd founded Fresh Fire Ministries, we feel it appropriate and honorable to give FFM’s name to him to use as he chooses when he starts ministering again in the future. We here at FFM are in the process of changing our name to reflect our present and future focus as we continue with the God-given mandate for this ministry. Check back with us soon to see our new name, logo and image.

    So FFM is clearing the way for Todd to be restored to ministry and return with a new Fresh Fire organisation. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

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  17. The first news item that we wish to bring to your attention is that Todd Bentley has resigned from his involvement with Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and will continue a process of restoration under the capable leadership of Rick Joyner and his association.

    Just because FFM said something doesn’t mean it’s true unless we hear and see from Todd Bentley that they were his words and he has started a process of restoration

    The following is a quote from Rick Joyner Treads All Over Word of God To Promote Todd Bentley
    http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/rick-joyner-treads-all-over-word-of-god-to-promote-todd-bentley/ Could you explain why Revival Alliance has done nothing for Todd or his family?

    It was for this same reason that when the situation with Todd Bentley happened and I was asked to help restore him, I did not hesitate.

    {Yet Todd was aligned to Che Ahn, Bill Johnson and John Arnott of the Revival Alliance. A huge fuss was made over the fact that now he’d been aligned, these were the men who had authority over him blah blah blah. But then it quickly switches to Rick Joyner showing the alignment and the accompanying claims was as much bunkum as I thought it was.

    And Todd, of course, is unrepentent and still with his mistress.

  18. Thank you, Susan. I trust that in quoting the term “mistress” you are not intending to imply a physical relationship. It seems to me that the Revival Alliance is trying very hard to help Todd and his family, with Rick Joyner taking the lead on their behalf in restoring Todd. But I agree that we don’t have confirmation that the restoration process has actually begun.

  19. It seems to me that the Revival Alliance is trying very hard to help Todd and his family, with Rick Joyner taking the lead on their behalf in restoring Todd.

    Hogwash! There is no proof to back up your false statement!

    And of course it’s Todd Bentley’s sex mistress whom he has done more things than just holding hands according to Peter Wagner!

  20. Susan, my evidence is the statements of intention by the Revival Alliance and by Rick Joyner. I accept that their intentions have not yet got very far, apparently because Todd has yet to start his restoration process.

    Thanks for reminding me of Peter Wagner’s words, which I quoted before:

    Their marriage has been torn for years by his emotional attachment with at least one other female whose physical contact went beyond hugging and kissing and holding hands. Enough said-maybe more details will be revealed later-but it was clearly immoral.

    As I wrote at the time, I wonder if Wagner actually had reliable evidence for this or was relying on the same rumours that you have heard:

    There is at least the possibility here that Peter has given too much credence to some of the hostile accounts which have been circulating.

    But note that he is not referring to Todd’s current, or 2008, female friend, but to a previous relationship. There is still no evidence that the current relationship has gone even as far as holding hands.

    So please withdraw your words “sex mistress”. This is your final warning. I allowed this comment only because you at least tried to offer some evidence.

  21. Brad, I have removed your comment because it contained an accusation of serious sin for which there is no evidence. Are you the same Brad I warned for this four days ago? If you repeat such accusations I will ban you permanently from commenting on this blog.

    Susan, sadly even leaders like Peter Wagner and Benny Hinn are not omniscient. I believe that Hinn got this one wrong. But if he did so it was because he listened too much to the complaining voices and apparently did not check out what was happening at Lakeland for himself.

  22. I am permanently banning Susan from commenting on this blog. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Susan. To paraphrase part of the comment that caused this: Woe to the woman who makes up her own truths (or passes on unsubstantiated accusations from others) and doesn’t want to hear the real truth about Todd Bentley!

  23. Brad, if you are actually a different person from Susan although using the same IP and e-mail addresses, you are also banned for the same reason, and not only because for technical reasons any comment from that IP address is caught.

    Please, both of you, stop trying to comment here, or I will report you as spammers, which will make it hard for you to comment on any blog and might get you into trouble with your ISP.

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  25. I don’t remember what comments I made here. I don’t think I posted anything beyond the first few at about the same time. Delete away if you want. 🙂

    All were of the essence as noted above. I agree that a man cannot force a woman to stay, but he can do a whole lot more than just leave and seek after other affections.

    I do think the latter is likely for someone rejected by his wife, but my reading of Scripture is that this does not excuse the problem and allow for continued ministry.

    As was noted elsewhere, too many ministers make “the call of God” an excuse for many stupid things.


  26. Brad, I think you must be a different person. You are using a different IP address, and your tone is so different that only a major repentance could have led to your latest comments. Sorry for the confusion.

    I will just add that there is little evidence, just a lot of malicious rumours, that Todd has actually sought after other affections, after his wife left him. Yes, there was something inappropriate, which he has admitted to, but as far as anyone knows he has put that behind him and moved on.

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