Benny Hinn writes of "broken heart" at divorce

Thanks to Kevin Sam, in a thoughtful post Pastors and ministers are not immune to divorce, for a link to a letter Benny Hinn has written to his supporters about how his wife is trying to divorce him (to see this, you need to scroll well down the page, and you may need Adobe Reader). I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, but at the time there was only a brief initial reaction from Benny’s side. Now he has written an emotional letter about how his wife’s divorce action came as “a total shock”, and about his “broken heart”. Here is part of the text:

I come to you with a broken heart.

You may have heard by now that my wife, Suzanne, whom I love very much and always will, filed for divorce on February 1. Even though Suzanne has been under great stress, the children and I never expected this to happen.

Divorce was the last thing on my mind and theirs.

It was a total shock when her lawyer called me the morning of February 17 to inform me that she had filed 16 days before. Suzanne never gave the family even a hint that this was on her mind. Even to this moment, the children and I don’t know why she did it.

I also want you, my very dear partner, to know that there was absolutely no immorality involved in my life or in Suzanne’s, ever. We both kept our lives clean and were totally committed to each other for 30 years of marriage.

My wife has no biblical grounds for what she has done.

We both have kept our covenant with God and stayed pure before Him, and I am praying with all my heart that our precious Lord Jesus will heal my family and protect His work for His glory.

I have no reason to doubt the truth of this. But Kevin is surely right that Benny’s ministry schedule, even facilitated by his infamous private jet, has left him inadequate time to spend with his wife. Todd Bentley seems to have had the same issue, as indeed do so many Christian ministers of all kinds. We can only hope that high profile divorces like Benny’s and Todd’s will act as a warning to others to make sure their marriages are on a firm footing.

35 thoughts on “Benny Hinn writes of "broken heart" at divorce

  1. A very sad and unfortunate development.. And you are quite right that whose of us who are married can never be complacent. I also suspect it is another example of the importance of those especially in high profile high pressure ministires having good support, providing prayer and oversight, so danger signs have perhaps more chance of being picked up before there is irepairable damage

  2. ?

    Where do you find that Todd’s busy schedule impeded marriage. It seems clear that his increased stature gave him access to younger, more attractive women, and he “leveled up.”

    His immediate marriage to his mistress the moment his divorce finalized supports this also.

    Let’s save our sympathies for the victims shall we?

  3. Thank you, Colin.

    Earthmann, Todd Bentley was away from his wife and family at Lakeland for several months. Don’t you think that had something to do with the breakdown of his marriage? If he had been with his wife he probably wouldn’t have been attracted in unhealthy ways by other women.

  4. So, money can’t buy you everything. Even that sharp suited snake oil salesman has had his cumupance. Who could live with a man who is in love with himself? Mrs Hinn obviously can’t. How many more self proclaimed miracle makers and people “charmers” will will fall from their pulpits, or should I say their mega-stages?

    Well all you gay folk, everytime you encounter homophopic christians, or was that a tautaolgy, (homophobic/christian interchangeable?) just remember the behaviour and private lives of, Tod Bently, Benny Hinn….., the list is endless.

  5. I thought it was very plain that I was in now way, or intended to imply about anyone’s sexual imorality, let alone Benny Hinn – why are you christians so obsessed with sexual behaviour, expecially the sexual behaviour of other peoples.

  6. Art, thanks for the clarification. I thought that you were linking Benny with Todd, who has been often accused of sexual immorality and not without good reason, and also with the homosexuality issue. But I’m glad you were not making such suggestions. Indeed we Christians are often too concerned with sex and not concerned enough with other kinds of sins.

  7. Thanks for the link Peter. Handling and rightly dividing issues and accusations about people takes takes some finesse (re: Art). Well done 😉

    High profile spiritual leaders get the attention but what’s more sad is that this is a reflection of all people of all profiles.

  8. I would not consider it finessing, clever or otherwise, by deliberating deflecting a point about “people in glasshouses” – moralising christians – by looking for issues that are not there. Indeed, it was not surprising that the morbid curiosity about sexuality was the phantom issue that Peter Kirk dragged to the surface, which he admitted was a clear problem for christians. I seem to remember someone by the name of Ted Haggard, as having certain problems in that area. The list is endless. No one is immune from relationship problems, of one kind or another. The repungancy of homophobic christianty and the frequently fierce manner of its expression leaves its proponents wide open to well deserved similar public “fierce” lack of sympathy when they find themselves being involved in difficult relationship situtions of their own.

    Just in case I am again accused of misrepresenting Peter Kirk’s christian heroes, who have mesmerised thousands of other personal worshippers, I was making the simple point that their lives have been to be shown as not being as squeaky clean as presented. Hoping for genuine humility is probably a hope too far, especially for people who create their own empires.

    However, I never lose hope, especially that all humans eventually learn to respect and tolerate each other, something that, curiously, seems to be difficult for people that believe in a god.

  9. Peter, maybe it’s all semantics, but it seems a little off to ascribe the geographical space distance between Todd and his wife as being a fundamental problem.

    Unless going to the Third Realm was Todd’s metaphor for getting drunk with the live-in mistress, the geographic space between he and his wife or his strenuous schedule are not the root of the problem.

    It’s like using a bloody scene at Sharon Tate’s house as a reminder to scotch guard the carpet. It turns the obscene into the banal.

  10. I think, earthman, you need to come back down to earth. Your jumbled up syntax and lack of liguistic knowledge and ability gives rise to incomprehensive non-sense, if you will forgive the pun, or even understand it? Far be it from me to speak on behalf of Peter Kirk, both of us being miles apart on many, usually religious issues, but his itellectual and thoughtful contributions, leave you looking foolish in your muddled up thinking and modes of expression. I suggest you read your contributions several times before going public.

  11. Earthmann and Art, I don’t want to turn this thread into a discussion of Todd’s sexual misdemeanours, still less into allegations about any by Benny. Indeed many Christians leaders have been shown up as less than “squeaky clean” and lacking in humility, but which of us would pass those tests if all our secrets were revealed in the press or the blogosphere?

  12. The point is not finesse or deflecting the point. It’s about discerning and separating the different issues rather than conflating or confusing them. If it wasn’t for grace, we’d all be condemned to eternity. But being recipients of God’s grace doesn’t mean that we must relinquish our call to preach what is law and gospel.

  13. Don’t worry Peter, I have said all I need to say on the subject(s) I introduced. I would hope that my comments stand without need for any further addition, subtraction or clarification.

  14. I have to say that I’m finding it hard to feel any sympathy for Benny Hinn (and maybe this is something I need to pray about). For many years, he has polluted the church with his lies and heresy, and he has brought shame on the name of Jesus. For example, I remember his false prophecies that, during the 1990s, Fidel Castro would die and that God would destroy the homosexual community of America with fire. I’m more concerned about the thousands of people he is deceiving, and I hope that his marital problems will open their eyes to his real nature.

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  16. To Jones and others alike, your writings are not unexpected. Job was tormented by his very own friends during his period of trial. They came as his consolers. However, God proved Job blameless in the end. If I were you, I would use this time to embrace Christ so that I could do better than Benny and Todd. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by. There may not be another tomorrow. Everything happens for a purpose. We only pray for wisdom to leave judgement unto God who sees without bias. Take a wise unadultrated advice from. It comes from the heart. From Goodness.

  17. I like the comment from Goodness, which i think should be the approach of all of us in such circumstances except of course for the enemy who rejoices when bad things happen to certain people. i never mean to vindicate anyone, if you are Christian, you will always pray that such never happen to the body of Christ but since we are still human in this fallen flesh, it happens. my prayer is that God reveals the truth for all of us to know. Since neither Benny nor Todd is God, we still have a reason to pray that we live better lives and not to give room for the devil to bring such shame on the body of Christ. its not time to lift stones on Benny or Toddy but to cry for them and if you can find time to pray why not say a word for them.

    Jesus is still on the throne and He reigns!!

    I want to share on this issues but not for myself INTEREST but for all who have eyes that can see and heart that can fee to all who lare redeemed christians..Every opinion from you people are not right..However, if you will read again the gospel of christ concerning the woman who was caught in adulterous acts you can see the light on there that Jesus forgives her because she was not yet see the light..But when Jesus forgives her sins she eventually changed from sinners to saints(believers like us)..Remember what Jesus said to all people who claimed themselves righteous and thought that they have had no sins.. “Any one who hasno sinned let him first throw the stone”. Listen now what the Lord says to your heart..jUDGE NOT SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED.. We knew that the devil wants the godly people be confused and it is clear that this kind of works are from the devil whose plan is to destroy the faith of all christians in the world. Don’t understimate this situation nor ignores it for it is like a canser that eventually kills the person, likewise this works of the devil shall be exposed so that all who are belong to the light will see what are things in the light….YOU HAVE JESUS THE TRUE LIGHT IN OUR LIVES…If we Walk in the light we not will stumble and fall. Because in the LIGHT all are clean and clears. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

  19. Benny once claimed to be having a revelation that each of the Persons in the Trinity was a trinity. (Benny Hinn, TBN, 3rd October 1990)

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  21. Benny Hinn is all about Benny Hinn. PRIDE! He has given in to the wealth and lusts of this world…Luxury homes, cars, vacations, clothes, jewelry and even a luxury plane. A mistress fits right in with his lifestyle. Maybe he will be saved before he dies.

  22. You see, sometimes Christians just let the devil succeed in their lives – even after Christ Our Lord and Saviour had bound him. For those of you speaking profanity, do not be happy hoping I want to key in to your IGNORANCE by talking about Benny and maybe others, but I am talking in terms of the time you have spent to read these and doing some kind of blabbing.

    There is time for everything; gone are the days when we had to be here, talking but only (just) gabbling. Even so, recall ye not that there is time for everything under the sun? (Eccl 3:1) Recall ye not?

    I feel this whole thing the devil’s strategy for all evil: only trying to destroy the name of the church, the gospel and send people to hell with him! “he is trying to also deprive YOU of the time to read The Holy Bible and to PRAY”

    If there is no one here discussing this thing, then the devil will have his foolishness sipped by just him. This is his strategy: (I here call his agents “servantz”

    I didn’t need to think of it: but now this is the truth of the whole matter, which you must know: the ‘servantz’ are wolfs in sheep’s clothings. They speak like one of us but not one of us. They are more or less possessed by demons. Of course, it can’t be anything better but can, in it’s perfect description, be something worse; they are the devil’s incarnate. Really! These are agents of darkness going round the forums of the children of God, parading themselves as one. They have signed a treaty with the devil. Their target is to destroy the Gospel and It’s effects on people’s lives!!! Of which, Christ have earlier conquered their master and them!!! They have been bound, with the power now under the hands of the children of God (Luke 10:17-20, Rev 20:1-4). Amen for Amened!

    I do not mean to speak odd of them, but tell here the truth. They go from site to site posting links to their demonic websites, distracting forums like this one and converting souls to hell. Remember, they sometimes pretend to be one of us, but having in earnest, the purpose of their missions. As you have seen here, they have done the their message; hoping that the effect will happen. Be informed! (2Cor 2:11). Even so, if they do not hearken to the Message, let them be; they will perish (1Cor13:38).

    Even so, this is the conclusion of the whole matter: Eccl 12:13-14.

    Read The Holy Bible and Pray with your time.

    Take heed!
    Matt. 13:9., Mark 4:23.

  23. Michelle, are you alleging that Benny Hinn has, or had, a mistress, and that this was a cause of his divorce? If so, please back this up with some reliable evidence.

    “Brother”, I’m not sure who you are writing about. But I don’t think it is appropriate to call people who comment here, or for that matter Benny Hinn, wolves in sheep’s clothing or demon possessed. I agree with you in disliking certain websites, but it doesn’t help this discussion to use the kind of language they use against them.

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  25. Stumbled across this thread in a Google search:


    Really did not mean to confuse you. When criticizing another’s use of the English language, don’t misspell “linguistic” and intellectual. Also, maybe “incomprehensible” is the word you are looking for?* “Nonsense” is not hyphenated, but “jumbled-up” probably should be. Also, I don’t think “pun” means what you think it does. Also, my German name is a German has two “n’s”

    But right you are, sir. I am not perfect.

    When I wrote:

    “Unless going to the Third Realm was Todd’s metaphor for getting drunk with the live-in mistress, the geographic space between he and his wife or his strenuous schedule are not the root of the problem.

    It’s like using a bloody scene at Sharon Tate’s house as a reminder to scotch guard the carpet. It turns the obscene into the banal.”

    I should have capitalized “Scotch” for at least two reasons. Maybe three.


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