Spring has come to England, with beautiful and quite warm sunshine, and daffodils and other spring flowers brightening up our gardens and streets.

Steph from New Zealand is rude about English daffodils, but has she seen them in all their glory? I didn’t have to look hard for these photos; these are flowers which grew up almost by themselves in my garden, as captured by my mobile phone.



0 thoughts on “Daffodils

  1. No, David, and please don’t think this blog is going to become like The New Lingamish, which I see as predicted lasted only 24 hours before you posted a new (and wholly justified) rant at Facebook.

  2. Oh brother.

    I haven’t been here since last summer/fall. But I’m back, just to see your take on this Bentley mess. At that time you were defending Bentley, telling people not to jump to conclusions (though the conclusions were obvious to anyone with an ounce of discernment), about if there would be a divorce.

    As usual, and I guess I should have expected it, you haven’t a clue.

    As I stated before, your “gentle wisdom” is neither. You coddle sinners, and that is hatred. “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him.” Lev 19.17

    Anyone who cannot see that Bentley and his whole ilk are stoops for satanic practices must be blind.

    I’m just wondering how far down the path of lies and false doctrines you will go to defend a minister of the satan.

    You truly lack discernment.

  3. Hi,
    “Spring has come to England” good for you cause in my part of Center Europe, Winter has come again! 🙁

    You have really beautiful daffodils!
    by Arcadia

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