Deadly Sins of the Credit Crunch

Anglican vicar David Keen wonders, Is the Crunch a Catholic? The Seven Deadly Sins and the Credit Crunch (also posted at The Wardman Wire). David starts:

Though the Catholic church seems to have recently mislaid its moral compass, it was not always so. Long before they were linked to the churches own financial scandal, the Seven Deadly Sins were commended as a medieval precursor of PSHE. Since nothing else seems to be working, gimme some old time religion….

(Don’t ask me what PSHE is, follow the link!)

Then David runs through these seven sins and shows how each one of them has played its part in causing the current chaos in the world economic system. In other words, the credit crunch is a matter not so much of economics and politics as of morality, or lack of it. Read the rest of the article for yourselves.

In his last paragraph David writes:

And here are the 7 virtues: Faith, Hope, Love/Charity, Courage, Restraint, Justice, and, um, Prudence. It would be interesting to sit down with this list and Obama’s inauguration speech and tick them off, one by one, but that’s another post.

That other post will be interesting! I hope he writes it. But for now he finishes with:

If the debt crunch is at root a moral problem, then how do we fix that?

0 thoughts on “Deadly Sins of the Credit Crunch

  1. Thanks Peter. I figured if I wrote Personal, Social, Health and Emotional education people would have stopped reading before they got to the interesting bit. It’s also a slightly sarcastic comment about how we’ve replaced character formation in our educational system with ‘information’ so that children can make ‘informed choices’ about things. That too, is another post!!

    Interesting that Obama specifically named Greed in his TV address today. 1 down 6 to go!

  2. My brethren,count is all joy when you see or hear all things beyond you,blessed is the man who endures temtation, for when he has been approved,he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him, example we are in a small island in bali we facing with many horouble things,many childrens are un education,unemployee,a way from parenths,suffering from day to day.those are I was facing with them now.
    Thank you and God may give youe peace and joy. Br.Thom

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