George Warnock, Latter Rain Pioneer

Update 5/24/16: I have just heard that George Warnock passed away yesterday, age 98. More to follow.

George H. WarnockI have heard quite a lot, recently as well as longer ago, about the teachings of George Warnock. He is best known for his 1951 book The Feast of Tabernacles, which is featured by Wikipedia among others as one of the main sources for the controversial charismatic teachings about Latter Rain and the Manifest Sons of God.

I had thought of George Warnock as a person from church history. So I was a little surprised but very pleased to discover that he is alive and well and living in his native Canada, or at least he was in 2007 at the age of 90. I also discovered that he has a personal website, which includes complete texts of all his writings, which “may be copied and pasted, reprinted and distributed – without charge.”

It seems from his biography on that site that George has spent most of the 60 years since he wrote his book working as a carpenter. He offers some interesting Reflections Along the Way, which explain why he did not continue to be involved in the Latter Rain and Charismatic movements.

This George is not to be confused with Adrian Warnock’s son, born in 2007, who may in the future take after his father and the older George as a Christian author, but is a bit young for that at the moment. I don’t think the Canadian George is related either to Adrian or to to the Methodist minister blogger Dave Warnock.

The Feast of Tabernacles: The Hope of the ChurchGeorge Warnock’s website includes the text of his 1951 book The Feast of Tabernacles: The Hope of the Church, with a preface by the author from 1980. I have only skimmed the book, and I will not attempt to defend all of Warnock’s exegesis. But in many ways it seems ahead of its time, a forerunner of the charismatic teachings of the last 20 years or so. Here are some extracts:

The Church of Christ is literally filled with carnal, earthly-minded Christians who sit back in ease and self-complacency and await a rapture that will translate them out of the midst of earth’s Great Tribulation at the beginning of the Day of the Lord. To this generation of world-conformers God speaks in no uncertain terms: “Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? the day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.” (Amos 5:18). In the vast majority of evangelical circles we are taught that any moment all God’s people shall be caught up, raptured, to be with the Lord in the air–to escape the Great Tribulation which soon shall visit the earth. It is not true. The saints shall be “caught up” all right; but “every man in his own order.” (1 Cor. 15:23). What that order is does not concern us right now; but the fact remains, we are nowhere taught that the saints are going to escape the hour of Great Tribulation by way of rapture. …

Sudden cataclysmic judgments shall fall upon the earth, the ungodly shall be “taken” suddenly as in a “snare,” but the righteous shall be “left” in a place of safety. (From Chapter 6, The Blowing of Trumpets)

This is exactly what I have been saying.

Then, apparently outlining the teaching on the Manifest Sons of God:

We are sure of this, however, that the Church is being robbed of her glory in not knowing that there is rapture for her even now, while waiting for Rapture, and there is resurrection here and now while we wait for Resurrection. There is no doubt whatever that God holds many secrets for future revelation concerning the order of events and the nature of the Resurrection. But in this we are confident: before this cherished rapture or resurrection takes place, there is to arise a group of overcomers who shall appropriate even here and now their heritage of Resurrection Life in Jesus Christ. God has placed His only Begotten at His own right hand in the heavenlies, until all his enemies have been placed under His feet. (Ps. 110:1; 1 Cor. 15:25,26.) There He shall remain, in obedience to the Word of the Father, until there ariseth a people who shall go in and possess their heritage in the Spirit, and conquer over all opposing forces of World, Flesh, and Devil. We are not inferring that the saints will go about in glorified bodies. But we are speaking of the saints reaching out and appropriating even here and now in their earthly temples the very Life of Christ, of entering into their heritage in the Spirit, of participating in the Melchizedek priesthood and kingdom, and of living the very spotless, immaculate life of the Son of God Himself in virtue of His abiding presence within. (From Chapter 14, The Feast of His Appearing)

Warnock goes on to suggest that these “overcomers” might be preserved from physical death, but avoids making this a definite teaching. He perhaps gets a bit carried away when he describes how “They shall be completely triumphant over all the powers of darkness that are arrayed against them”. But it seems clear that he is teaching, as I do, that this overcoming life is not for a select few but for any believer who lays hold of it.

I wonder, how many of the people who use the phrases “Latter Rain” and “Manifest Sons of God” as brushes to tar their fellow believers with have actually read books like George Warnock’s? If they did, they might discover that these doctrines are not major demonic deceptions, but good biblical teachings, which may at times have been exaggerated by the over-enthusiastic, but remain important for God’s purposes today.

38 thoughts on “George Warnock, Latter Rain Pioneer

  1. Thanks for posting this, Peter. Our church recently had the privilege of hosting a pioneer of the Latter Rain movement, also from Canada and in her 90s, Ps. Violet Kitely. She preached quite vigorously despite her age! It was very encouraging to see a living piece of our spiritual heritage. I can imagine what it must have been like for Papias, who wrote of delighting to her from the second-generation disciples: “But if I met with anyone who had been a follower of the elders anywhere, I made a point of it to inquire what were the declarations of the elders. What was said by Andrew, Peter, or Philip. What by Thomas, James, John, Matthew or any other of the disciples of our Lord. What was said by Aristion, and the presbyter John, disciples of the Lord; for I do not think that I derived so much benefit from books as from the living voice of those that are still surviving.” (Quote from Eusebius’ Church History, Book 3, 39:4)

  2. i have read many of george warnocks sermons, and was so thrilled at the common sence and down to earth understanding I got from his insight!!!
    I have read hundreds of thousands of sermons, and many were wonderful, but none to compare to brother georges articles and sermons!!! I loved the one on the Tabernacles, and the beautiy of it to come, and how he explained it, yet never condemned or threw dirt at anyone religion, or people. i am not into the word religion anyway. I scan the internet trying to make sure I have Not missed anything he has written!!! I needed ministered to, and hope. He gives that. I see soo
    many scared people in churches, and life, people feel like biggest sinners, or are arrogant, and it is depressing! swing to far one way of another! At times as I read on Tabernacles, and other articles,
    tears would well up. The saints are struggling, and many lack alot of knowledge, and do not even know it! I thank YAHSHUA for finding this mans ministry,
    cause I know I was meant to find his sermons. I pray bro. Warnock keeps feeding us and giving us insights that we were not aware of!!!
    please Bro. Warnock keep going!
    thank you!!!
    Rosie and family.

  3. No, King Melchizedek, unfortunately not.

    You write as if he has passed away. Do you, or does anyone, know if he has? If he is still alive he will now be about 96. His official website bio doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2007. He now has a Facebook fan page, but there is no sign of direct contact with Warnock.

    I did find two letters from Warnock written in 2009, along with evidence of how cruel some so-called Christians can be to a gracious old man, hinting that his granddaughter had died because of his alleged false teaching which is compared to toilet waste. I am reluctant to link to such material, and do so only because it cannot be separated from these rare writings of the then nearly 92-year-old George Warnock.

  4. Dear Brother,
    I wasn’t implying anything in particular. I have known his books since 1986 and him personally since 1997. He is one person that I have known who emanates the sweetness of our Lord Jesus Christ, reminding me of the old hymn – Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me…….. George truly has the beauty of Jesus Christ radiating through him. He turned 96 in September this year and is doing well, by the grace of God.

  5. George, thank you for that information. Where did you get it from? I read the passage in the other George Warnock’s biography as implying that his father’s name was David Edmond Warnock. Indeed there may be a photo of him and his wife Alice Pearl here. But do you have information about this independent of George’s published bio?

    In any case if his mother was a Warnock by birth he would still be related by blood to other Warnocks.

    Meanwhile please put a working link, or none at all, on any further comments.

  6. Hi Peter,

    I believe Bro. George comes from a long line of Warnocks and his mother’s maiden name was McCann. I first read his 1951 book, “Feast of Tabernacles” in the mid to late 70’s and my grandfather said he felt it was a book written ahead of its time. We also stayed in their home a couple of times in the early 80’s and were fortunate to see them again a few times on the east coast in the 90’s.

    I was always impressed how he personally replied to every letter he received over the years, and often with treasures of thought mined from his own devotions and prayer. This was still true just a couple of years ago as I interviewed him and we corresponded for an upcoming book. On one of those occasions, as I was closing the call, I thanked him for taking the path he had chosen and I let him know what he and his wife Ruth meant to us.

    He seemed surprised and almost uncomfortable with the praise I had given him, and then he shared a verse that he had read just that morning (he was then 94). It was one that few ever preach from, but he mused over it and shared his heart. It was like freshly baked bread right out of the oven and exactly what I needed to hear at the time. It was a humbling and inspiring experience that I will never forget.

    I know him as a gentle, soft-spoken man and a talented craftsman – their kitchen table and lazy-susan were a work of art. I think both he and his teachings are often misunderstood, but he definitely follows the principles he wrote about – to this day.

    We are richer for having known him and his family and from the many freely offered books he wrote.

    Blessings in Christ!

  7. Happy to find this blog, I’m seeing George Warnocks work coming to fruition. He saw tabernacles and that is when the Lord returns, the feast of tabernacles is the wedding feast, it’s what scripture refers to as the Third Day. All these terms just like Latter Rain have been so convoluted by the harlot system. We can’t throw the baby out with the bath water as is said above. These are solid doctrines but Satan knows the important ones to attack and distort. I’ve been spending my time expounding on much of what George had been given. It is truly coming to the time of the day ofthe Lord, the question is Who can stand? Thanks

  8. Hello my name is Denise. I heard George Warnock as a student at Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY. I was astounded at the truth that flowed from him. He was sweet and humble. I never met his wife, sorry about the death of his grand daughter. I am pleased to know this dear brother is still alive. God bless you, denise

  9. My mother passed Br Warnock’s FEAST book on to me back in early 1996 . . . a truly anointed work, I can remember physical weight lifting from my shoulders as the lies and half truths of Babylon began lifting from my conscience . . . I can recall disturbing my mother and her niece talking the in the kitchen, and reading a passage out of the book, and exclaiming, ‘WHY isn’t anyone preaching thins today?” as the Spirit fell on all three of us . . . Bro Warnock is a precious man . . . I have written to him many times over the years, and while it has been a while since I have done that, he always replied to me . . . I even spoke with him on the phone once! and he had company! but he took the time to listen to what I had to say . . . truly a humble servant of the Lord.

  10. I have had the privilege to download many of his teachings and have been listening to them. They have ministered to me in unspeakable ways. My only regret is that I never had an opportunity to meet with him. I would have lavished the opportunity to have coffee with him as he poured out the different gems that he has collected throughout the years. In a generation where people are more concerned with instant gratification and self promotion we find that people such as Mr. Warnock are very hard to come by. Thankfully they have left us with their own written land maps on how to navigate into the journey of holiness with God. I gleam from these men such as George, Art katz, and others. Thank you for this website that encourages us that there is much more than meets the eye. God will continue to have special bottles of wine in His winery for those that are willing to pass by the cheap imposters. Come unto me you that are thirsty and I will give you drink. God bless you– Timothy Proffit

  11. Thank you for your kind words about my father, George H Warnock. There are web sites devoted to slandering him, and it is refreshing to see one that honours him as a man of God – though Dad would never take any of that honour for himself.

    I can confirm that Dad is alive and well at the age of 97. All of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren love and respect him. His memory is failing, but he can still recite long bible verses word for word. At one time, he had committed several BOOKS of the bible to memory and actually typed the old and New Testament from cover to cover. That labour of Love is a family treasure (along with the many pieces of ornate woodwork that were crafted by Dad’s hands).

    I will be visiting Dad next weekend and will try to read some of your encouraging words to him.

    God Bless You,

    George Warnock (Jr.)

    (BTW – I’m not sure where the strange comment came from about Dad not being a Warnock by blood (as if that matters anyway). Dad’s hand-typed bible has a hand-written family history that traces our history to five Warnock brothers that emigrated to Canada from Ireland – originally from the McWernicks of Scotland).

  12. I have read bro. george’s tabernacles afew years ago as well as many other articles he wrote, and they have much insight churches do not have or insight i believe this man of abba has. so much knowledge that no one else has had and insight! and he encourages us instead of making us feel like useless junk that abba could never want or use.
    i can never express my joy in his books!!! i have downloaded tabernacles again after downloading it afew years ago. lost my other taabernacles download, so downloaded it again! he finds things and disects them that are overlooked by most priesthood, and explains it so we can understand it!!! i am so glad for his anointing in scriptures, that has blessed me and many others! words fail me brother george!

  13. Thank you, Rosy.

    George Jr, it is good to hear from you, and all the better to hear the excellent news that your father is still alive and well. Please pass on to him the encouragement that so many people are still reading and valuing his books, and seeking to live by the principles he put forward in them. Although there is still much false teaching and false practice in churches, we are starting to see what he predicted:

    the saints reaching out and appropriating even here and now in their earthly temples the very Life of Christ, of entering into their heritage in the Spirit, of participating in the Melchizedek priesthood and kingdom, and of living the very spotless, immaculate life of the Son of God Himself in virtue of His abiding presence within.

  14. Thanks to God the Father, who blessed us through Warnock’s ministry, i like reading his books likeThe Feast of tabernacles and beauty for ashes.
    May the Lord reveal his glory in him.

  15. I am so excited to tell a friend of mine that brother Warnack is still with us. He had met him a few times, spoke on the phone with him and exchanged letters. Brother Warnock affected my friend deeply over the years. My friend does not have a computer so i will let him know the latest. I too have recently read some of the writings on the website and have been convinced by faith that there is a deeper relationship with the Lord that is available. I am pressing in the best way I know at this time. Bless you brother Warnock, we will rejoice together in eternity. May God grant you all the time needed to finish your call upon this earth which has drawn us in to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in a more blessed way.

  16. WOW! All of this brought tears to my eyes of such peace, love, and joy.
    Someone handed me the book the Seven Lamps of Fire aprox. 13 years ago. I read it and was amazed at it’s depth, truth, and revelation of The Truth within The Word of God.
    I located and called George in Canada and was so excited to reach him asking him what he was going to do about all of this. He simply and humbly responded something like “son I am 85 years old, you go and do it”.
    Well to make a very long story short I sense went to an lived in Finland for years teaching and warning about The Beastly governmental, numerical, religious, legal, socail, 666 Babylonian system that is on top of this world today. “Come out of her my people”
    I have learned and gone through so very much sense first speaking to George i would just love to be able to Thank Him personally for his wisdom, understanding, and gentleness he shared with me over the phone the several times we spoke.
    I remember I did not speak much which is rare for me but seem to know when to shut up and listen to a man of such wisdom.
    I “Praise Jesus” for George and hope and pray I can mature and become more gentle, soft spoken like him.
    Please pray for me for I most surely need it.
    Am now in Colorado Springs Colorado dealing
    with the Ecumenicism of The Second Vatican Council as it is so very quickly rising to fruition and power.
    I teach against the Church and state being combined through any form of tax status and warn others to come out of this position.
    I teach The Biblical Church being termed for only it’s local as opposed to man made doctrines and theology’s causing division terming themselves after anything but there location according to the Word of God.
    God Bless GEORGE THE WARNOCK and his family and friends.
    Amen and “Hallelujah”

  17. Yes and Thank You for this sight.
    Just reread The last chapter of the Seven Lamps of Fire. Have not read it in years and was amazed how ever so how true it still resonates even the more as we draw closer to the trials and tribulation we now face and The Blessings of Coming out and coming into the True Church, Body, and Bride of Christ which I have eagerly awaited for years for I so love the fellowship of the true unity of the brethren as opposed to the Sunday two hour a week concept of The Catholic Cult.
    Blessings Brothers and Sisters, Mothers, and Fathers and keep on press’n on for Jesus and His Glory to come.

  18. How wonderful to hear endearing comments of appreciation and love for this dear brother in the Lord Jesus. His messages still inspire us daily, as we experience in and amongst us the reality of his prophetic words – uttered years before.
    We love you dearly beloved brother George and anticipate the soon coming gathering of the saints of God – and you included in that glorious presence!
    Daniel (South Africa)

  19. So interesting and timely to here of Georges death. Most timely.

    15 years ago when I was handed The Seven Lamps of Fire after reading I contacted George via phone. I asked George what he was going to do about the situation concerning The Church and he basically told me that he was 80 some years old and for me to go and teach the truth.

    Well that is what I have been doing all the way to Finland and back. Teaching, preaching, warning of what is coming upon this world according to Gods Word which is God John 1:1.

    Our main focus today as The Church, Bride, and Body of Christ must be coming out of this Beastly Babylonian System The Church has embedded itself within through tax exemption which should never have been according to The Word of God.

    We must as in The Book of Nehemiah repent and cleanse the Church from all of the false man made doctrines and theology’s causing divisions doing away with all of the clever denominational and non denominational names and terms going back to The Biblical Church terming ourselves only for our local such as The Church in Ephesus, Rome, Phillipi, from within Priscilla and Aquila’s house greets you Paul wrote.

    Honor The Word of God as opposed to man. Sell all we have distributing as all have need, having all things in common, going from house to house daily breaking bread honoring, The Sabbath, doing away with the singular pastoral platform, for a pastor is the same as an elder, the same as a Bishop according to The Word of God.
    Appointing deacons, with the members being identified by the gifts of the spirit as in 1 Cor. 12.
    Christ as George taught, as The Bible teaches is the head of The Church which we are members of His Body and are His Body.
    We must go back, repent then get and stand corrected as HIS Church, Body, and Bride for He is coming back for His Bride and a spotless one at that.
    We as gentiles must come to our fullness as The Body so the Jews may be provoked to jealousy and grafted back in which Paul wrote at the time was a great mystery but is now most apparent.
    God would not graft His chosen people back into any Church and or denomination that exist today and what is there for a Jew to be jealous of in the very first place for The Body is so far from The Biblical Church it is pathetic and is today unrecognizable according to The Church identified in our Holy Bible.
    This is only the beginning of the correction to bring us to our fullness but we must start with an acknowledgement of how far we have strayed from the truth repenting together as in the Book of Nehemiah then cleansing The Church of all of the forms of idle worship and false doctrines and theology’s then getting and standing corrected accordingly to The Word of God and not man honoring it in it’s entirety not halfheartedly, not double mindedly but whole halfheartedly with single minds in one accord alleviating the divisions among us Paul so strongly warned against.
    If we want to bring any honor and glory to the work God has done through George we must simply read our Bible and honor God’s Word as opposed to Man. We will no longer need George’s writings or any one elses but will become totally reliant on God’s Word and God’s Word alone.
    This is what I believe George would have wanted.

  20. Jeff, thank you for your comment.

    Ron Moore writes on Facebook (and gave me permission to share):

    George Warnock – A Father in the Faith (1917-2016):

    I received word late last night that our dear old friend and teacher George Warnock passed on yesterday morning, May 23rd. He was 98 years old.

    George was present during the great revival of 1948 in Saskatchewan, Canada, and humbly served God and ministered for at least 60 years. He shunned titles and celebrity status and freely shared his writings, yet impacted countless lives around the globe.

    Our prayers go out to all the family. The funeral date is still being planned for later this week [UPDATE – the funeral is scheduled for 2 pm MST on Saturday, May 28th], but it will be held at:

    McPherson Funeral Services
    Funeral Home
    Address: 2200 2 St S, Cranbrook, BC V1C 1E1, Canada
    Phone:+1 250-426-3132

  21. I attended Berean Bible College in San Diego in the early seventies. My wife and I were very fortunate to experience the preaching of many of the Revival Fellowship men and women. In our first year prayer and prophetic words were poured over us from George Even, Leonard Fox, Sister Kitely, David Kitely, and several others whose names escape me at this moment. All but one of the spoken words have come to past. My precious wife died in 2006 and yet I expect that one last work to be fulfilled. Later when experiencing tremendous trials George Warnock came into our lives. He was exactly what we needed at the time. His words of encouragement helped us overcome when all looked lost. Now 70 years old and still my heart desires more of our Lord. I feel that the next few years will be for my final preparation for the work our God has for me in eternity. I encourage everyone to slowly read our Brother Warnock’s books and drink in the simplicity of his love and encouragement.

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