Happy 90th birthday, John Stott

John StottTim Chesterton, newly returned from a Lent break from blogging, has reminded the world that today is John Stott’s 90th birthday. Tim gives a moving tribute, including the story of how they met in the Canadian Arctic.

I have never met John on a personal level. I think the only time I have heard him speak was at a mission at Cambridge University. But I well remember, and still own, his 1970 book Christ the Controversialist, which, a few years before that mission, played a major part in bringing me from a nominal Christianity to a living faith.

Like Tim I disagree with Stott on some issues, but still greatly respect him as one of the major evangelical leaders of the second half of the 20th century.

Happy birthday, Uncle John!

0 thoughts on “Happy 90th birthday, John Stott

  1. Thanks for the link, Peter. I think the story is an important one because I don’t think younger evangelical Christians are aware of how much we owe, under God, to the ministry of John Stott.

  2. It was c 4-5 years ago I attended a celebration, and plug, for the Langham Trust in Northwood. John Stott preached. He looked frail and needed support to go to the lectern to preach. But once he was there, Wow! The strength in his voice, tand he clear grasp and exposition of the great hymn at the start of Phil 2, meant a sermon of enormous power and conviction. “Logic on Fire” to quote Lloyd Jones.

    It is the only time I have heard him in the flesh, though I have read some of his books. What a gift from God to the Church he is.

  3. Colin, that’s a precious memory indeed! Fortunately, if we go to the All Souls Langham Place website, we can find a wonderful sermon archive of many fine preachers, including over 400 sermons by John Stott going back to 1966.

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