Harold Camping silenced

Harold CampingHarold Camping, the infamous preacher of the Rapture, has suffered a stroke which has affected his speech, according to the Christian Post (thanks to Joel for the link) and the Daily Mail. It seems that he has not exactly been struck dumb (UK) or mute (US), just that his speech “appears to be slurred”. So this may not mean a complete and immediate end to his radio ministry. But perhaps it should serve as a warning to him that at 89 it is time for him to take things easy, if he is to survive even until his predicted date for the end of the world, 21st October.

Did God have a hand in this? Did he strike Camping dumb, like Zechariah father of John the Baptist (Luke 1:20)? Well, it is clearly part of the divine design that the human body is frail and prone to sickness after nearly 90 years. Camping has very likely been under more stress in the last few weeks than is good for him, especially at his age. It would be wrong to suggest that this was a direct divine punishment for Camping’s false preaching, arrogant claims to know what God has not revealed, and more general heresy. But maybe this stroke will make him reflect more deeply on his life and on who is in control of it.

I pray for a quick recovery for Harold Camping. I pray also for a genuine repentance and a return to the true gospel message with which he started.

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  1. It would be wrong to suggest that this was a direct divine punishment


    pray for a quick recovery for Harold Camping…..


  2. And thank you, Chris. These issues are always difficult. I don’t believe that God intervenes to punish individuals in this life, except perhaps in exceptional circumstances like that of Ananias and Sapphira. Occasionally, but probably only very rarely, he may intervene in ways like this to warn people and also to prevent them from doing something which could seriously damage his purposes. I don’t think this really applies here, but anyone should take health setbacks like this as an opportunity to reflect on their mortality and that God is so much greater than they are.

  3. Peter
    I agree with your theology of this situation, and join in praying for HC’s recovery. Recalling my father’s final 3-4 weeks following a massive stroke late in 2004, I could not wish that on anyone.

    And on the issue he raised I will stick with Jesus words that it is not for us to know the times and places. And the apochryphal story of Spurgeon, who when asked what he would be doing if he did know the parousia was next week, produced his diary and read out his various engagements. I am not that confident!

  4. Camping did enormous harm through his acquisition of Christian Family Radio, with its 40 stations across the U.S. teaching the end of the church age, encouraging listeners to leave their churches, tithe to his radio stations and come to his gatherings, where a “glorious time will be had by all,” and finally having devout followers take their kids out of school and move to Montana because of the world’s ending in 1994. I’ve seen first hand one family who followed him, and the children – 8 of them – are ill-educated by an overwhelmed mum who tried to home-school them, suspicious of outsiders and damaged. Of course, what infantile need for comfort in certainty fueled the parents to follow him so slavishly? It’s a less-extreme version of Jim Jones or the Koran-burner in Florida. One wonders that a seller of such nonsense finds such committed buyers.

  5. King Cake, I don’t dispute that Harold Camping has done enormous harm. See my post, linked to above, about his heresy. But I don’t think that is a good reason to wish him harm. After all, Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

  6. Thanks for the reminder, Peter, that the Lord really did mean us to forgive trespasses. The way I do it is, when I think of them at whom I’m angry, pray, “Lord, may they win the lottery, have surcease from their sufferings and be with me in heaven!” That seems to cut off the angry musings in my head that will develop into full-blown Mel Gibson revenge movies unless cut off by forgiveness. And I had not said that prayer for Camping, until now. Thank you.

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