Is God our Systems Architect?

Archdruid Eileen of the Beaker Folk proclaims today Dodgy Analogies Sunday. In her celebratory message she discusses how our life is like a computer program (that’s the correct spelling even in the UK, Eileen) with God as our Systems Architect. In the way she presents it, the analogy is indeed dodgy, and very funny.

Is this analogy in fact necessarily dodgy? I think I could redeem it into something really useful. But I won’t ruin today’s celebrations by trying to do so here.

Husborne CrawleyMeanwhile a message to any cyclists who might take advantage of this glorious weather and venture on the road anywhere near Husborne Crawley (yes, it’s a real place, a village near Milton Keynes): watch out for a homicidal lycra-hating Archdruid! I have already warned long-distance cyclist blogger Dave Warnock, whose route home from London might well take him nearby.

3 thoughts on “Is God our Systems Architect?

  1. Dear Mr Wisdom

    I shall continue to spell “programme” the correct way. The World may one day notice its spelling mistake.

    And I can assure you that I have never seen Dave Warnock wearing Lycra so he is safe.

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