Justin Bieber's unlikely hero: Job

Justin BieberWhile researching my last post about Justin Bieber, I came across these remarkable words in an interview with Justin and his film’s producer and director after the London premiere of the film. These are Justin’s words:

Who is my biggest role model? Does it have to be in this day and age? OK, Job. Seriously! Do you want to know why? Job from the Bible… So, he got tortured, he got his family killed, everything was taken away from him – his job, his cattle, everything – and he still remained faithful to God and still trusted God after everything was taken away. He didn’t know why it happened but he still put his faith in God and remembered that everything happens for a reason. So, that’s why. Read the Book of Job.

What other (then) 16-year-old young man would choose Job as a role model, and for that reason?

I can’t help wondering what this might reveal about Justin’s inner struggles. In his film Never Say Never he is shown on a visit back to his small home town in Canada and meeting up with his old friends. I wonder how painful it had been for Justin to be taken away from his home and friends, and from all he had known except for his mother, at the age of 14. Perhaps this was when he felt like Job after he lost everything.

But does he now feel like Job at the end of the book, when everything was restored? Having earned $53 million in the last year, according to Wikipedia, he clearly has material resources, which he didn’t have before. He also has a celebrity girlfriend. But have these things brought him happiness? Does he have a real home and real friends? Or does he still feel like Job in the midst of his travels?

Money and fame can’t bring him, or anyone else, happiness. But faith in God can. I hope and pray that Justin holds on to that faith through bad times and good, and continues to speak out openly about it.

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