Michael Reid loses unfair dismissal claim

The Daily Express reports that


This is of course a reference to Bishop Michael Reid, formerly of Peniel Church in Brentwood, near my home town of Chelmsford. See this post of mine for background, and this more recent one for an update.

For the moment the story seems to be only in the Express, but it confirms the latest update at this site. The Express is perhaps not the most reliable of newspapers, but I assume that at least the basic facts of its report are accurate. But there is tantalisingly little information in the article. These are the only parts which will be new to my readers here: Reid

has lost his claim for unfair dismissal after admitting to an affair with his choir mistress. …

Tribunal chairman Michael Haynes described the bishop as “forceful” and “abrasive” as he refused the claim saying his behaviour was utterly contrary to his church’s teachings.

I look forward to more details, including confirmation of the report that

reid has lost his employment tribunal claim ‘on all points’.

I will keep you, my readers, posted on this matter.

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  1. The ‘on all points’ phrase was in the initial message that was sent out early last week when the Tribunal had ruled against reid.
    Now we know that Reid’s claim has been refused, it has not been accepted in part, so it would seem, at this stage, that the initial information being circulated was right!

  2. Michael, I’m not doubting what you wrote at Michael Reid Miseries, just waiting for a more detailed report. I’m not sure what the various points are, all of which have been dismissed, but I thought there might have been claims other than for unfair dismissal which your brief report covers but are not mentioned by the Express.

    There is now also a report at Buzz 7, but this is clearly dependent on the Express article. There is also a very brief report here, probably also based on the Express And there is a report at the blog Victims of Bishop Michael Reid, which adds the detail that Reid

    will in due course be required to vacate Testimony House.

    I hope that is true, but that is the kind of matter for which we may need to see the more detailed court report.

  3. Just in case there is there is any confusion, there is no connection at all between Michael Reid, sometimes called “the bonking bishop of Brentwood”, and the man who has actually held for nearly 30 years the (Roman Catholic) title Bishop of Brentwood, the Rt. Revd. Thomas McMahon. There is no suggestion that Bishop McMahon is not a faithful celibate Catholic priest and bishop.

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