Not Brown, but blue and orange

At least here in Chelmsford even the sunset sky was painted in the colours of the two parties of the moment, blue and orange, as David Cameron took over as Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown faded away much more quickly than I expected, apparently because his own Labour party was not behind the suggested “progressive alliance” with the Liberal Democrats.

So we will have a coalition instead between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. I wish the new government well. I hope its colours will turn out to be not so much of the sunset as of a new dawn for our great country.

0 thoughts on “Not Brown, but blue and orange

  1. I don’t know much about UK politics but I hope the Cameron-Clegg coalition can hold it together for a while for the sake of a good stable government. It’s nice how LibDems will work together with Conservatives to cut the deficit spending. I thought they were a left of centre party.

  2. Kevin, the Lib Dems aren’t really left of centre any more, especially on economic policy. They agree with the Conservatives on the need to roll back some of the excesses of Labour. But they have managed to tone down some of the more extreme Conservative ideas e.g. reducing taxes on the rich, instead they have agreed to phase in what is in effect a flat rate tax reduction for all taxpayers. Yes, we can hope for some stability, although there may yet be some hiccups on the way.

  3. It is good to see some change in government. When one party stays in power for too long (like the Liberal Party in Canada) it becomes too comfortable, they stop listening to the people.

  4. Yes, Kevin, I think that is a lot of what has happened. It seems quite typical of recent (and perhaps not quite so recent) British history that after a decade or so in power parties lose their popularity. I guess part of it is that they have run out of new ideas which are popular, and so bring out some of the less popular ones.

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