Tim Chesterton, a Canadian Anglican priest on sabbatical in England, has written the thought-provoking (especially in the last third) first part of a review of the book Post-Christendom by Stuart Murray. It leads me to ask myself and my church leaders, how far are we keeping up with vestiges of Christendom and how far are we disentangling ourselves from it? Do we “concede that Christendom inoculates people against real Christianity rather than evangelizing them”? I look forward to a review of the strategy suggestions in part two.

UPDATE 27th April: part two is now here, concluding the book and still well worth reading.

UPDATE 1st May: Tim has now posted his own reflections on this book.

1 thought on “Post-Christendom

  1. Thanks, Peter. Strictly speaking it’s not a review, but simply a summary of the argument of Stuart’s book. Hopefully the second part will be up in the nxt day or two.

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