Prof Charlie Moule

I just received news of the death of Prof C.F.D. Moule, “Known to all as ‘Charlie'”. He passed away yesterday, aged 98. I knew him when I was an undergraduate at Clare College, Cambridge, and he was a famous professor near to retiring age. Nevertheless, he was an outstanding example of Christian humility and gentle wisdom, so much so that it was impossible for me to get him to walk through a narrow doorway ahead of me. He regularly served breakfast to us students in his rooms after services in the college chapel.

There is already a short obituary on the college website. I have pointed out to the college a couple of minor errors (which may be corrected later): he was still supporting the Dean in the time (also my time at the college) when Arthur Peacocke was his successor; and when he retired from his university post he moved initially to nearby Ridley Hall, Cambridge, where I remember visiting him, and presumably only later to Pevensey. The obituary notes his scholarship and particularly his important role in translating the New English Bible. It does not mention his 1959 book “An Idiom Book of New Testament Greek”, which remains influential – I still see it referred to from time to time, and it is still in print from Cambridge University Press.

Although I had had no personal contact with Prof Moule for nearly 30 years, I was sad to hear of the loss of a man who was in many little ways a role model to me of the Christian life.

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  2. Thanks for posting this, Peter. Professor Moule’s book ‘The Origin of Christology’ had a profound impact on me. Thank God for his life and witness.

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