Bishop Michael Reid sets up a new church

The Ilford Recorder, a local newspaper for the Ilford area of east London, reports today that

A CONTROVERSIAL bishop has set up a new church in Ilford and hopes to “break down barriers” in the community.

Bishop Michael Reid’s new church, What God Can Do Ministries, meets twice weekly …

This is the first I have heard of this – and the first link to it that Google Alerts has given me. But I’m not sure if it is in fact something very new. The events calendar at Michael Reid’s own website implies that these regular meetings at a sports centre have been going on since 9th May, but this could have been backdated unintentionally.

This is of course the same man who

stepped down from [his previous church] after admitting having an affair with a church member.

Although Bishop Reid does seem to be back with his wife Ruth, who is in fact named as the contact for these new meetings, he has shown no sign of repentance for his adulterous affair.

Our last few days in North America

Lorenza and I are preparing to fly home from North America to England, on Wednesday. We have had a great time here. But we are rather tired, especially after our four week road trip to the west coast. We are now relaxing for a few days before our journey home.

I have now put together four Facebook albums of my photos (which should be accessible to everyone). The first two are the same as I linked to in my last post, except for some minor updates and comments:

The following are two new albums of our trip west:

When we get home on Thursday we need to get ready to move house within two weeks. So don’t expect an immediate return to regular blogging. In fact I will be rethinking everything I do, so my blogging may stop or may branch out into new directions. Watch this space!