Bill Johnson and Mark Stibbe on Todd Bentley

Just a quick link to a few more statements about Todd Bentley which I have just come across:

Bill Johnson, one of the “apostles” who commissioned Todd at Lakeland on 23rd June and who is scheduled to meet with Todd next week, writes his latest thoughts on the matter here. I note that he states that Todd “has filed for divorce”, the first time I have seen this information from a reliable source. Here is part of Bill’s statement:

I did not go to Lakeland and stand on the platform with Todd Bentley because he was perfect in character or because we agreed with every aspect of how he conducted the revival in Lakeland. … It was my intention to bring a deflection into the mix so that he wouldn’t take all the heat by himself. Little did I realize it was too late. He was at the place of burnout again, abandoning his marriage and pulling out of all public ministry. While I will never blame Todd’s opponents for Todd’s bad choices (Todd alone is responsible for them) their opposition had a greater effect than any of his critics will likely own up to in this lifetime.

Now what? Pray for Todd and Shonnah for complete healing in their marriage and personal lives. Pray for those giving counsel to them that they would use great wisdom.

Please know that while we may not give details of our efforts, we are doing everything possible to help bring healing and order to this tragedy.

I found this account of the 23rd June commissioning service, with details of who was present and involved and summaries of what they said.

I also found this message from Rev Mark Stibbe of St Andrew’s Chorleywood, along with Trevor Baker one of the main UK links with the Lakeland outpouring. There is little new information here, except for some interesting testimonies. Here is part of what he writes:

The right and Biblical response in this situation is not to sit in judgment over Todd and Shonnah but to pray fervently for them and their three children, for a miracle of restoration and for God to be glorified in that miracle. Compassion not condemnation is called for. …

Just because Todd’s marriage is in trouble, that doesn’t mean we give up our desperate pursuit for revival fire to fall where we live and work! We have always been about pursuing God not Todd! …

I wrote and expressed my concern for Todd many months ago – on Day 40 of the outpouring in fact – because I sensed there were some major issues that he needed to take time out to address. Sadly this warning came to nothing. We must understand that high-profile, charismatic leaders are often wounded, flawed people. We mustn’t put them on a pedestal and idealise their character because of the potency of their charisma.

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  1. We must understand that we ALL are wounded and flawed people, even non charismatics. We must not put ANY man on a pedestal….they will always disappoint. FOCUS should always be on Jesus, and HIM alone, remembering God can use a donkey if HE wants to, and GOOD can and will come out of each situation….lets dwell on that and stop the infernal rock throwing.

  2. I think that many people are missing the point of this whole ordeal concerning Todd Bentley. The things that concern me and have concerned me for many years now as a person who believes in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, is the core problems in the Charismatic movement. I know that we are all human, and have our faults, no one is exempt, but when you set yourself up to speak for God, and you are a so-called, self-appointed Apostle, and claim to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and claim to have the mind of God on so many issues, as the “Apostolic” organization seems to lay claim too, it is indeed alarming to see the continuing failure of these “Apostles” to see what real revival is. I think that they all need to stop speaking and start seeking God’s forgiveness for spiritual pride, and not living humbly at the foot of the cross. One of the main things wrong is they have left the basics of the gospel and have majored on the sensational. God is a miracle working God, but he is more concerned that I get sin out of my life and lead people to Jesus Christ as their savior. You can go to heaven blind, but you can’t go to heaven lost. The think that the “Apostles” need to quit seeking “moves of God” and seek for God to move on them. They receive a lot of financial support from the people of God, and God is calling into account those who have set themselves up as “speaking for God”. There is a lot of sin in the Pentecostal movement, and has been for many years now. Why do you not speak about holiness, and living right, and forsaking sin, why must it always be about prosperity, healings, gifts, etc. I believe we all need to examine ourselves, and maybe do like Todd Bentley, Get off the internet, shut our mouths, and just live right before God and man. Paul said that we are “living epistles”. I’m afraid that what the world is reading on the charasmatics now is not bringing glory to God. We need to get back to the basic doctrines of God’s word, quit seeking the sensational. When God is ready, he will do what he said he would do, and he won’t need any of us to try to jump on any band wagon and spread the word. It will spread, but it want be by the “Apostles” that I see today. May God deal with all of us, including myself also. We must consider ourselves also, less we be tempted also. May we realize that we are nothing, and that he is everything! He said if “I” be lifted up, I WILL draw all men unto myself.

  3. Iris, I’m not sure who you are calling “a so-called, self-appointed Apostle”. Certainly not Todd Bentley who makes no such claim. Do you believe that Ephesians 4:11 is part of the word of God for today? If so you must believe that there are apostles today. You must also believe that there are prophets today and so should accept that some people are truly speaking for God. There are people who are widely recognised, at least by others, as having this apostolic or prophetic gifting. You accuse some people of spiritual pride, but do you have any evidence for this other than their acceptance of a label which in most cases others have given them? Do you similarly condemn bishops and archbishops for spiritual pride in accepting such titles?

    I agree that God is “more concerned that I get sin out of my life and lead people to Jesus Christ as their savior”. But don’t you see that that is what Todd and others have been trying to do, to get the church to wake up to its responsibilities? You don’t have to agree with everyone’s methods to accept that their intention is good. There is a lot of talk about repentance and holiness if you would only listen for it, and not base your ideas of Todd on soundbites selected by enemies of the Holy Spirit.

    You tell us to shut our mouths, but if so how can we lead people to Jesus and get others to? God is ready and is doing what he said he would do, through people like Todd. He has chosen to use human instruments, and who are you to tell his chosen instruments to stop doing his work because he doesn’t need them? He is drawing all men and women to himself, and people like you are opposing his work and likely to reap the consequences.

  4. Mr. Kirk, in response to your comments, first of all I do need to apologize for the tone of many of my comments. I do not wish to come across as a judgmental,and harsh person. So I do acknowledge that my tone in places seemed very sharp, and do apologize for that. I certainly want to be able to admit my error and I do receive correction for being
    so sharp with my comments. But again, maybe it is because I do not understand the purpose of the the apostolic organization that is headed by Mr. Peter Wagner, and many other that are called Apostles. I am very much aware of Ephesian chapter 4 and the five fold ministry that is spoken of in this chapter. It is my understanding that an apostle means, “one sent out”
    to do the work of the Lord. I haven’t read, nor do I understand the establishment of an organization for apostles and prophets. I know that at the time Paul wrote this, there was not a Bible as we have today. They had to depend upon those “sent out” to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. But we have the whole word of God today in our Bibles. I am not trying to be contentious, but why would we need a word from God, when he has already given his word? It’s called the bible. All else should be as this scripture says, for edification, not telling dates of when the spirit is aligned with the whatever to move, and they know when this is taking place and what God is doing- where. Where is the word alignment in the bible anyway? I have heard it in the new age movement, and in the song, this is the dawning of the age of aquarius, (when jupiter aligns with mars) it all sounds a good bit like new age to me. Again I’m not trying to be critical, I am just endeavoring to point out what I see as error. It is my understanding that the full revelation of Christ has been given through God’s word, that if a person is a prophet, that their prophesy would agree with God’s word completely. There are no new revelations. When we read that chapter, a little further down Paul writes that the above ministries were given so that we would no longer be children, tossed to and from, carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ. I am sorry that you feel that I am hindering the cause of Christ, but I feel that there is a lot of deception that is doing real damage to the body of Christ. I know that I am not right in everything, I would never be that arrogant, for I do not consider myself a prophet, nor do I think that I have ever really met one. I was taught by the Holy Spirit to study the word, not to look to man, only to listen to what his word has to say. I do respect and regard men and women of God, but I do not depend on them to give direction to my life. When the teacher, pastor, or any other ministry operating in the church speaks, I have learned to always make sure that it is in agreement with
    God’s word, and if his word does not confirm it, I dismiss it as opinion. We as people, are way over-rated, and I have found that his word will lead, guide and direct your life. I am sure that you believe the same regarding God’s word. I just feel deeply that there as many problems in the charasmatic church, but God will judge us all according to his righteous judgment. God does speak to me, but it is always by his word. At 4:30 early Tuesday morning, I woke up and I heard this scripture speaking loudly in my spirit man, “the axe is already laid at the root of the tree”, all that does not bear good fruit, will be cut down and thrown into the fire”. I believe judgement is here, but it must first begin at the house of God. All that is not God speaking will be uncovered and revealed. It has already started with the Juanita bynum, Paula White, Ted Haggard, Richard Roberts, Todd Bentley, on and on it can go. I only pray that my doctrine is firmly established in the word of God, and I covet your prayers that it will be so in my life.

  5. Thank you, Iris. Apology accepted, I’m sorry if I was harsh in response.

    I don’t know much about Wagner’s organisation, and don’t want to endorse it, but I understand it to be for those who have been widely recognised as carrying out an apostolic ministry, not for those who proclaim themselves as apostles or set themselves up as special people. That doesn’t mean they are all perfect.

    Wagner uses the term “alignment”, if I remember correctly, not at all in the astrological sense, but in relation to the biblical concept that leaders in God’s work should have proper relationships of mutual submission and accountability – which had been a weakness with Todd’s ministry.

    Indeed there are no new revelations of truth. But, unless you hold to a strict cessationist position (which I have discussed in the past on this blog, try a search) – and your last few sentences suggest that you don’t – you should accept that God today guides his people through the gifts of his Holy Spirit, in ways which are always in accordance with the Bible. This is not new revelation but it is guidance in new situations. The church has not yet grown perfectly into Christ and so still needs the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit, including apostles and prophets.

    I accept that the word you had about judgment beginning with the house of God is a genuine one from God, for today. But, if so, it was the Holy Spirit who led you to these words and not ones of pure blessing which are also in Scripture. Indeed God is already and will continue to bring to light what is wrong among those who claim to speak for him and establish his holiness as he revives his church.

  6. Mr. Kirk, thanks for your explanations, I appreciate your instruction. I pray that God will look upon us all with his continued love and mercy, and that we can all grow in the knowledge of his word. May God bless you in all that you are doing to bless the body of Christ, and minister love and healing in these very
    difficult days. Thank God for his word, “where sin abounds, grace does much more abound”. That is truly good news!

  7. dEAR all whom are interested in the discussion above. I found what you both said so helpful as a rather bemused on looker to the Todd Bentley issue. I just feel so privileged to be a part of the Body of Christ where we have the freedom of speech to discuss openly and honestly about how we feel. And this discussion prompts me to pray more fervently for the suffering church across the world. Also this discussion also confirms to me how important it is to make time to talk, share and support one another in the things that are happening around us on our TV, U tube, tablets, smart phones and credit cards or if you like me debit card. lov M

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