Bishop Michael Reid sets up a new church

The Ilford Recorder, a local newspaper for the Ilford area of east London, reports today that

A CONTROVERSIAL bishop has set up a new church in Ilford and hopes to “break down barriers” in the community.

Bishop Michael Reid’s new church, What God Can Do Ministries, meets twice weekly …

This is the first I have heard of this – and the first link to it that Google Alerts has given me. But I’m not sure if it is in fact something very new. The events calendar at Michael Reid’s own website implies that these regular meetings at a sports centre have been going on since 9th May, but this could have been backdated unintentionally.

This is of course the same man who

stepped down from [his previous church] after admitting having an affair with a church member.

Although Bishop Reid does seem to be back with his wife Ruth, who is in fact named as the contact for these new meetings, he has shown no sign of repentance for his adulterous affair.

10 thoughts on “Bishop Michael Reid sets up a new church

  1. Oh dear, I’ll be frank with you, I pity any Christians that get mixed up with him, given his very public history. This message was left on my blog back last December:

    Tribunal continues until Friday. Don’t know how long before they make a decision.
    The unexpected admission by a second woman of a long term affair was possibly a mortal wound to winning his case!

    Reid also has to go back to the local police station next month to answer bail regarding an accusation of historic rape. The newspaper gives the new date as the 23rd December. I am under the impression that it is a week or so earlier!

    Reid is a controversial character. He ran the church in a very controlling manner. If people left (or were thrown out) then their relatives and friends were not allowed to contact them. This resulted in family break ups and broken marriages. The fear of being excluded was enough to keep most people under control!

  2. Thank you, Stuart. I agree with you, from what I have heard at second and third hand. I wanted to report this news in a reasonably neutral way. But if you look back at my past posts about Bishop Reid you will find more of what I think about the issues. It seems that he hopes that by moving (church, but so far not house) ten miles down the road he can get away from his past.

  3. Welcome back.

    This sounds like the ecclesiatical equivalent of company directors whose companies are put into liquidation and who set up a new company often with a name that looks or sounds like the old one.

  4. Dru, indeed. But there are no laws to restrict pastors from setting up new church where and when they like. That’s probably a good thing – in such matters I prefer to trust not in the law but in Matthew 7:20 and Acts 5:38-39.

  5. Nazaroo, as I wrote in a previous post, Michael Reid was consecrated bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches. He later left that “denomination”, but since it is generally recognised that once a bishop, always a bishop, he continues to use the title. I would be surprised if he now has any kind of denominational or “apostolic” oversight. Thus probably his new church is completely independent – but if anyone can offer further information on this I would be interested to read it.

  6. Blure (is that a typo, or a change of name?), thanks for the links. That looks like an interesting book. But I fear that people reading it will think this is typical of what churches do – I hope it is not!

  7. It was a typo!

    I understand her journey of faith did not end with leaving Peniel so I hope there will be a clear distinction between what happened to her at Peniel and the thousands of Churches that may look similar from the outside or play the same songs etc but are massively different.

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