Honest Scrap award

Honest Scrap awardIt is two weeks now since Kevin Sam nominated me for the Honest Scrap award. I have been too busy blogging about communion to respond to his nomination. But I will do now.

To quote Kevin,

I’m supposed to tell you 10 HONEST things about myself and then nominate 7 other blogs that I think deserve to receive the Honest Scrap Award.

Well, here goes. My answers are deliberately modelled on Kevin’s, but of course changed to what is true about me.

1. I drive a 1995 Astra, pictured hereCar-Astra (as it looked just before I bought it, in 2002). That is, a Vauxhall Astra, which is almost the same car as is known as the Opel Astra in continental Europe, the Saturn Astra in North America, the Chevrolet Astra in Latin America, and the Holden Astra in Australia. After 14 years (but only about 66,000 miles) this is now nearly a piece of scrap, but at least it will be “honest scrap”! And then I may well go for another Astra.

2. I very rarely watch TV, largely because there is so little worth watching on the limited range of terrestrial channels I can receive. Yet for some reason I collect TV sets that are given to me or left at my house. Not long ago I took two to the dump/tip to be “honest scrap”. Perhaps I should do that with the remaining one.

3. This will probably have to be the last item in my list directly about “honest scrap” – but I own an entire garage full of assorted furniture, mostly unattractive or in a poor condition, which I don’t think I can even sell as “honest scrap” – although I am open to offers.

4. I can quote Kevin on this one:

I’m a thinker-type, as opposed to a feeler-type and so admit that I don’t have a lot of patience for people who don’t make any sense when they get angry or flustered.

I too try to have patience, but I’m not a pastor so I don’t have to try so hard!

5. I spent 16 years training and working as a Bible translator, including seven years living in a former Soviet republic. But now I am back in my home town.

6. What really turns me on in a Christian setting is not preaching (although I appreciate a good preacher) but worship in music, if led with both technical skill and a real heart for worship, and if there is genuine response from the congregation. When that happens the style of music is largely irrelevant, although I do struggle with hymns accompanied on the organ.

7. Where I most differ from Kevin is that I am not at all a Calvinist. Well, I might accept about half of one of the five TULIP petals. All I can clearly agree with is the “T” if defined properly, i.e. in agreement with this Wikipedia point:

Total depravity does not mean, however, that people are as evil as possible. Rather, it means that even the good which a person may intend is faulty …

8. Politically, I am a Liberal with a capital “L”, a member of the Liberal Democrats party here in the UK, and I have been their candidate in a local election. But don’t blame me for the bad policies of many so-called liberals around the world, even those of Barack Obama.

9. I have lived in turn to the south west, the south east, the north east, the north west, and now again the north east of London, but never within the boundaries of Greater London (except for two years at London Bible College which was just inside the border) and also never more than about 50 miles from London – with the exception of the seven years that I lived in a former Soviet republic for my Bible translation work.

10. Unlike Kevin, I am by no means a city slicker. I was brought up in a country village and still prefer that lifestyle. I am happy to live on the edge of a medium-size town, so I can easily get into the countryside but also easily access the town’s facilities. But I rarely go into London, and don’t miss it.

Well, as usual I have written quite a lot. Now for seven other bloggers to tag:

David Ker

Sam Norton

Doug Chaplin

Dave Faulkner

John Meunier

Rachel Marszalek

Mike Aubrey

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  1. I too try to have patience, but I’m not a pastor so I don’t have to try so hard!

    I love the excuse 😉

    It must have been an interesting life living behind the iron curtain.

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