"I send no cards and give no presents except to children"

This was C.S. Lewis’ custom at Christmas, as quoted by Ben Witherington, and the reason was because of “the horrid commercial racket they have made out of Christmas”. If it was good enough for him, it is good enough for me. Indeed in the 44 years since he died (I remember the day, but only because it was the same day that JFK died!) his reason for this has only become stronger.

Well, I do give presents and/or cards to my immediate relatives – but not to anyone else. So, sorry to anyone who is expecting a present or card from me, perhaps because they gave me one. I don’t want to be like Scrooge, but I don’t believe in wasting my time and money buying gifts for people who probably won’t appreciate them, when the real beneficiaries are the shops.

But I do wish all my readers and everyone else a very merry Christmas.

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  1. Have a blessed Christmas, Peter!

    I can identify with not Christmas shopping….
    only I think my reasons are different (I hate shopping and I hate it more when its crowded!- I think its a form of PTSD from flashbacks of the intense effort involved in keeping track of several young children amid waves of people.)

    The children do indeed love the presents that come with Christmas (“on Jesus’ birthday EVERYONE gets presents!” 🙂 )Isn’t God GOOD to bless me with a wonderful 19 yod who happens to LOVE shopping? All I do is supply money 🙂

    Alas, for the first Chrstmas ever, not all my children will be home. I’m feeling the nest emptying… only 7 will be home 🙁 And my 21 yos said “you know I love you mom. Its not so bad, I’ll be home the day after Christmas”

    My sister who has only one child says she envies the chaos and drama around our place at the holidays.
    Humph- “chaos and drama”? :p
    Peace on earth! 😀

    Oh, Peter, I noticed there was no snow in the photo of your new home. I have plenty to go around. Want some?

  2. Well, to be honest, Charis, my reasons also include “I hate shopping and I hate it more when its crowded!” It just seemed more spiritual or something to quote C.S. Lewis.

    No thanks for the snow! It is cold enough here without it. I’m also glad not to have seven children around – my Christmas with my brother, his wife and their grown up son and daughter will be a strictly child-free zone. Not that I would mind having a few children around, but seven – no thanks!

  3. Peter, you’ve now answered online a question I’ve just asked you in an email – where you will be spending Christmas! Where do your brother and his family live?

    Our Christmas kicks into high gear on December 22nd with my younger daughter Jacqui’s 23rd birthday party to which she always invites a whole crowd of young people – mainly Christian folks, and all people who we know and like, so it’s always a pleasure to have them. Christmas is always full of people for us but we like it that way. Must admit, though, that we tend to expire on the evening of the 25th and keep a pretty low profile after that!

  4. Tim, I just answered your e-mail, and now I see your answers to some of my questions.

    My brother lives in Taunton, Somerset (south west England), in this house which he runs as a guest house but which will probably be closed for Christmas except for family. We will have Christmas dinner in the dining room shown on the “Facilities” page, complete with an open log fire in the probably 16th century fireplace. Not quite as grand as our ancestral home, but worthy competition.

  5. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. But this past Sunday, my family came away with BAGS of presents from fellow church members and I have to say that I feel a bit ashamed. 🙁 Most of the gifts were for my daughter, however. I’m planning to bake banana bread to give as gifts instead of buying stuff.

  6. All the best for the season and on into the new year. By not sending cards or giving too many gifts, you miss out on all the hassles of wandering around shopping centres full of others doing the same thing with music blaring loudly in the background. For quite a few years, the media here in Australia goes on about how people are not spending as much and retailers will suffer and then after each Christmas they announce that spending reached an all time high.

  7. I did most of my Christmas present shopping last night at 10.00 in a nearly empty store – my local Tesco’s (major supermarket chain) which is open 24 hours and has quite a selection of discounted books as well as food and drink items. Who needs to brave the High Street?

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