It's never too late to say "sorry"

Another story from the BBC:

Sorry is often said to be the hardest word but Andrew Hawkins felt compelled to apologise to a crowd of thousands of Africans.

His regret was not for his own actions but offered on behalf of his ancestor, who traded in African slaves 444 years ago. …

It’s never too late to say “sorry”, or at least never so late that it is not worth saying. Individuals and nations may be trapped by the consequences of sins of past generations, even from centuries ago. Saying “sorry” releases those who say it, as well as those they say it to, and enables them all to move ahead in a positive and beneficial relationship. Andrew, who seems to be some kind of Christian, has realised this and set himself free from any kind of bondage to this slave-trading heritage in his past. And hopefully his actions, and those of the group he is part of, will help to extinguish the remnants of racism and promote full reconciliation between the descendants of slaves and the descendants of those who profited from slavery.

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