North America here we come

My wife Lorenza and I are getting ready for an extended trip to North America. We will be there from 25th May until 18th August, nearly three months. For much of that time we will be based in Monroe in northern Louisiana, where Lorenza has friends and a church. We will also spend some time touring around – in the south west USA from Colorado to California and perhaps further north, also possibly in New England and to the Niagara Falls area of Canada where I have relatives. This is in some ways a delayed honeymoon, as our trip to Italy at Christmas was not so much that as a chance for me to meet Lorenza’s friends and family.

If any of my blogging friends are interested in meeting us, especially but not only if you live in the areas we are already planning to visit, then please let us know in comments here, or by e-mail to peter AT gentlewisdom DOT org DOT uk.

I’m not sure how much blogging I will be able to do during this trip. It may depend on what Internet access we can get.

After we return to the UK we expect to be moving to Warrington in north west England, between Manchester and Liverpool, where Lorenza intends to complete her training as a dance teacher. But our detailed plans are still uncertain.

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  1. Yes, we should be in California. We have friends to visit somewhere near Hollywood, and would also like to see the Bay area and perhaps some more of the state. But we don’t yet know when.

  2. You know my email, so if you change your mind and come to Western Canada, I can offer you suitable accomodation.

  3. Thank you, Brian. I look forward to meeting you and your family, and I hope we can bring you some encouragement. The dates for our trip west are now likely to be late July or early August.

  4. Captcha: tertius. Ha! In my own hand, I type…

    Peter, I hope you’re enjoying North Louisiana. You are Lorenza are warmly invited to spend a night at our place in DFW, and maybe have some great Texas BarBQ, on your way further west. I hope it works out, and I know some other Bibliobloggers nearby might love to use your coming as an excuse to meet up. Just let me know when, and I’ll try to organize something. It will be great if we can finally meet in person…

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