Signing off

I will join several of my fellow bloggers and sign off now for a Christmas break. I don’t expect to be blogging, reading blogs, or using a computer at all to any significant extent until next Thursday evening or Friday.

Tomorrow I am busy at church and then out with friends. On Monday I am taking the train (trying to be environmentally friendly for once) to Taunton in south west England (200 miles west of here) to spend Christmas with my brother and his wife, in their interesting old house (partly 16th century) at which they offer bed and breakfast.

I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, filled with the love, joy and peace which Jesus brings. I expect to be back to wish you also a happy New Year.

Let me leave you with some thoughts from Pope Benedict XVI, quoted by Michael Barber:

I would like to mention an aspect that is strongly united to this mission and that I entrust to your prayer: peace among all Christ’s disciples, as a sign of the peace that Jesus came to establish in the world. We have heard the great news of the Christological hymn: it pleased God to “reconcile” the universe through the Cross of Christ (cf. Col 1: 20)! Well then, the Church is that portion of humanity in whom Christ’s royalty is already manifest, who has peace as its privileged manifestation. It is the new Jerusalem, still imperfect because it is yet a pilgrim in history, but able to anticipate in some way the heavenly Jerusalem.

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