Steve Jobs did not change the world, Bill Gates might

Bill GatesWell done to Eddie Arthur for putting Steve Jobs’ achievements in their proper perspective with his post Steve Jobs did not Change the World, but Bill Gates Might. Why? Not because of Windows or any other Microsoft software, even if it is still far more used than anything from Apple:

But there is one way in which Gates might truly change the world; he is giving his money away. For years, he was the richest man on the planet, but through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he is donating the vast bulk of his fortune to good causes around the world and encouraging other gazillionaires to do so, too. One thing they are investing in is malaria vaccines. If a cure for malaria can be found, this will change the world in a way which no shiny white telephone could ever do!

14 thoughts on “Steve Jobs did not change the world, Bill Gates might

  1. Learning that Gates has donated the bulk of his fortunes really rocked my world. I love it when things like this happen. It makes me say “That’s a part of what the kingdom of God is about”! Now I don’t mind Microsoft making so much money…but I still want to get myself some Mac hardware someday (iPod and Macbook). 😉

  2. Krish Kandiah asked on his Facebook profile today what people thought the church could learn from Jobs. To my astonishment, Marijke Hoek claimed, ‘The focus on the poor.’ I queried this, and she pointed me to Bono’s tribute, in which he lauded Jobs’ commitment to the RED campaign against HIV/AIDS in Africa. But that’s about all I’ve come across. Of course, he could be keeping his piety secret, as per the Sermon on the Mount …

  3. Interesting, Dave. But then (RED) (sorry I can’t change text colour in a comment) claims only that “MORE THAN $175 MILLION HAS BEEN GENERATED”, so Jobs’ personal contribution, only a part of that, would hardly have dented his multi-billion fortune. But as you say we don’t know what he has given away in secret. I trust at least that cancer charities have benefited well.

  4. Thanks for the link Peter. Like @Dave, I’ve been more than a little bemused by the comments on Krish K’s facebook page. Some British Christians need to get out into the big wide world a bit more!

  5. You forgot to mention that the money Bill gives away deduct from the tax.
    And also, why is Microsoft software so expensive even on the long run. Why did Bill so many things to get rich, catch so much money even when it was not fair? Kill companies, people lost there job because he want to be the greatest.

    Because he now gives his money away, he is a good guy. Are you a christian? Something like: In the past you were evil (for example kill people) but now you have seen God and changed your life – Please, enter heaven.

    That’s stupid, keep ity real please.

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  6. Erwinus, if you think Microsoft products are expensive, have you ever bought Apple products? I’m not claiming that Bill Gates is an angel, but at least he has done something to make the world a better place.

    Sorry the captcha causes trouble. But when I get it wrong I get a warning screen allowing me to copy the text of my comment.

  7. @peter: late reply on your reply. I understand what you are saying and i agree that there is a difference in Gates and Jobs products. But when you are saying “Jobs has something done to make the world a beter place” you are going nuts (i’m sorry to say that). Indeed he influence the way we look at products (how to implement successfully) but does he change the world to make it a better place with it? I don’t think so. Maybe it have change YOUR world, that’s possibile but you and others are not the world. Do you need the products to able to live. Nope. When it was not there and you don’t know about it, do you miss the non-existence of, for example an iPhone. Do you need it for living on this planet. Nope. In other words, most of the products tell you that you will need it and you must have it, for example to stay in touch with your virtual friends (and it’s stupid because you cannot drink a beer with them). You can call with an iPhone but you can also call with a Nokia, Samsung, Sony/Ericson etc. Most of the techniques are invented by other companies. The power of Apple is to design interfaces to access the functionality in a easy way, make it simple, make it more accessible for everyone. On the other hand it is has some major restrictions. It is easy to use but not easy to change because the Apple folks does not allow you to that. An ambiguous strategy.

    Off-topic: The form issue irritates me because i make websites that doesn’t have this issue.

  8. Erwinus, please read what I wrote before replying. I did not write “Jobs has something done to make the world a beter place” but completely the opposite. Yes, I did say that GATES “might truly change the world” (actually quoting Eddie). But that was nothing to do with his products, but by “donating the vast bulk of his fortune to good causes around the world” including “investing in … malaria vaccines”. In fact I would say more or less the same as you say about Jobs, that his allegedly world changing products are just rich people’s toys, and are innovative mostly in their design and essentially trivial user interfaces.

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