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For various good reasons I don’t write much about my work on this blog. But I do put a bit about it in my occasional newsletters, which I put on my personal website with links from my home page, which is I am afraid rather basic in design. I have just uploaded and added links for my latest newsletter, which explains my current work situation. I have also linked to two more articles of local interest which I have written for Baddow Life newspaper, about which I blogged in June.

I have also at long last updated my blogroll, the list of links to other blogs on the right hand side of my blog page. I have added several blogs which I read regularly, and some others which I would like to. I have deleted a couple which are no longer active (nothing personal with those whose blogs I deleted) and one which I have not read for some time. And I have updated the name of Tim Chesterton’s blog. The blogs are listed in no particular order. I hope you can also find something interesting there. As will be clear to any of you who have been following my recent posts about Adrian Warnock’s interview with Dr Wayne Grudem, I by no means agree with the content of all the blogs which I link to; but I do find them interesting, and sometimes provocative.

0 thoughts on “Updated website and blogroll

  1. Thanks for the link, Peter. Like you, I need to reorganise my blogroll, but I haven’t got round to it. I have posted a link to Speaker of Truth though. One day, I’ll get more organised.

  2. Thanks, Codepoet. No, I don’t think you are spam.

    Technorati replied in a few days. I had also put a comment on a blog about Technorati, which they may have noticed and responded to. I think a lot of blogs have the same problem. I don’t know why Technorati can’t do these updates automatically, at least on request. But I guess they are working on the problem.


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