Walking on Water

Peter walks on waterAt the Revival Days conference I was at last weekend I felt some of the time that I was walking on water! Not quite in the literal sense, despite this picture of me taken at a nearby ford. But it was certainly a wonderful time of being close to the Lord and feeling his refreshing presence.

I mentioned this conference in my posting a couple of weeks ago on the Toronto Blessing. Yes, some of the Toronto manifestations were still happening. It is sad, perhaps, that Blogger does not support video clips, as I have a great one of some friends of mine rolling on the floor laughing in the Spirit – but then, although the conference venue had been declared a “Fear Free Zone (1 John 4:18)”, my friends might be a bit embarrassed to see this on the Internet.

But the focus of the conference was not on manifestations. In fact it was on God the Father’s love. The speakers (the two pastors of the church, who both happen to be women) encouraged us to reject a caricature of the Trinity, that the Father is the stern one, the Son is the loving one, and the Holy Spirit is the fun one! They reminded us that the Father is also the loving one, and that even if our earthly fathers were stern, or worse, and not loving, our heavenly Father is not like that. This led to some powerful prayer ministry for people who found it hard to experience the Father’s love because of past hurts.

For me this conference was mainly a time of confirmation of things which God had said to me before and encouragement to continue in the same directions. I am being led into serving him in new and deeper ways, and should expect to see signs and wonders. Who knows, I may really find I can walk on water – so that Jesus may be glorified.

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