Women as Bishops

This post is not more of my own thoughts. It is an announcement of an opportunity to hear some other thoughts on the subject “Women as Bishops: what next for Evangelicals, what
do we need from each other?” (Here “Evangelicals” should be understood as “Evangelicals in the Church of England”.) This is a meeting of the Chelmsford Diocesan Evangelical Association, like the last one I advertised here, and will be held at the same venue, which is my home church, on this coming Saturday morning.

Again this will be a chance for you, my readers, to meet me. It will also be a chance to meet two leading activists for and against women bishops. But the intention is not so much a debate on the issues as a discussion of how evangelicals can remain united on the fundamental issues while being divided on this one.

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  1. Peter,

    I will not be able to come to this although I would like to attend. Do you know if there are plans to record or publish transcripts of this meeting?

  2. I, too, wish that I were closer to the Chelmsford area so that I could attend – and I hope that any transcripts from this event would become generally available.

    Any meeting between representatives of AWESOME and REFORM must be memorable, such as that epitomised by the meeting chaired by the Bishop of Birkenhead on 26th January 2010. I notice that Rev Elizabeth was accompanied by her husband, Rev Andrew Goddard at that event although no mention was made of the attendance by the wife of the Bishop of Lewes.

    Bearing in mind that “male headship” is not only asserted for “the church” but also for “the home”, has an invitation been issued to the spouses of these “reverends”?

  3. Beryl, I don’t think we will know until the day if we have the participants’ permission to record this debate and/or publish the transcript. We haven’t explicitly invited spouses, but they are of course welcome to attend this public meeting.

  4. We had a very interesting morning, although no fireworks, just polite agreement to disagree on the main issues.

    Beryl, Wallace Benn was with a lady who I took to be his wife (but she took no part in the meeting), but Lis Goddard came alone.

    The sessions were recorded, and we hope to have them up on a website in a day or two.

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  6. The recording is now available at this URL (direct mp3 download). I will announce it more formally when the page has been set up and Lis Goddard’s presentation is also on it.

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