A Room with a View

Lingamish tagged me with this meme, and then in a comment dared to suggest that there are not many sunny days in England. In fact this month has been unusually sunny, and as I write the sun is shining through the window and in fact on to my computer screen. So I can offer this picture dsc00338_00.JPGof my desk with the view outside. I took this at about the same time yesterday, when my computer was not on (as I had just come in) but the sun was again shining on its screen. I had also temporarily taken down the net curtains so that the houses across the walkway are visible.

Given the trouble I got into from the one person (so far) who didn’t actually ignore the last set of tags I posted, this time I will refrain from tagging anyone.

0 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. Yes, a bit cosy, but nice. There is a large bookcase and a filing cabinet on the other side of the room. In my last house I had a larger office and the extra space filled up with junk, so this time I deliberately chose a smaller one.

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