Bargain of the Week

Last week I bought for a friend a book, through an reseller, for 1p (plus £2.75 shipping). It is a paperback novel, the kind one might expect to find for 10p at a jumble sale. The reseller had probably received it as part of a clearance lot and was glad to make the pound or so profit on the shipping.

But just now I went back (just for interest!) to look at the availability of another copy of this book. The best price now is £228.40 (plus £2.75 shipping)! That is more than 20,000 times what I paid, or 2 million per cent inflation!

This was not entirely chance. My friend had been looking out for this book to buy as a Christmas present (I won’t name the book in case the intended recipient reads this), and hadn’t been able to find it as it is known to be rare and hard to find. The seller’s mistake was not to recognise this rarity among a pile of rubbish.

Has anyone out there bought a better bargain than this?

0 thoughts on “Bargain of the Week

  1. Naomisu, remind me after Christmas and I will tell you.

    Pam, I’d like to hear the sermon which this illustrates. On the Pearl of Great Price, perhaps? But I didn’t pay a great price.

    Alastair, that’s a thought, but I can’t let down my friend now!

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