Lambeth: the Secret Plan

Dave Walker has clearly been working hard as cartoonist in residence at the Lambeth conference. In this cartoon (part of his Lambeth series) he seems to have uncovered and portrayed Archbishop Rowan’s secret strategy for getting the bishops to talk to one another.

UPDATE: Ruth Gledhill confirms the story with real pictures of bishops queuing, not for dinner but for a bus.

But there have been no new cartoons since this one which was Monday’s. I hope that Dave hasn’t been so distracted by his legal issues that he has been unable to do any new drawing. He has at least managed to post direct from his mobile phone a picture of bishops marching in London this morning, with Rowan in the front row and the slogan “Keep the Promise – Halve Poverty by 2015”.

0 thoughts on “Lambeth: the Secret Plan

  1. Peter you seem to have a real issue with Dave Walker. I want to distract you just a little bit and ask you to read a comment psted by squiggle jones on my blog on Brewers Challenged in Court. Squiggle jones points as to the Houston newspapers. Just have a look and you might begin to understand what Mark Brewer is all about.

  2. Asingleblog, I’m not sure what you mean by “a real issue”. In this post I was showing how much I appreciate Dave.

    It would help if you gave the right URL for yourself, but I found the post you are referring to. Mark Brewer is (or at least was in 2000 – was he already Orthodox then?) clearly a bigger fish than some of us have realised. But I don’t think that will gain him any sympathy in British courts.

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