Newfrontiers elder condemns Driscoll, Virgo silent

What Mark Driscoll wrote on Facebook a week or two ago was shameful. Indeed even Driscoll himself seems to have realised this it was inappropriate, as, without apologising properly, he has admitted “I need to do better” and “I’ve erred”. Indeed about the only person who has mentioned Driscoll recently without condemning his words was Terry Virgo of Newfrontiers.

Among those who defended Virgo in comments here, perhaps out of loyalty to their leader, was Newfrontiers elder David Matthias, otherwise known as Blue, with a hint of amber. So it is good to read in David’s latest blog post a clear condemnation of Driscoll’s words, and of his failure to say “Sorry”.

It would have been better still if Terry Virgo had written at least a little of the same, on his blog (now working again) or in any of the his dozen or so tweets since his one about Driscoll. Then perhaps other Newfrontiers members would understand that their complementarian position is not a licence to express sexist or homophobic sentiments. And maybe even outsiders like Dave Warnock might start to be convinced that they are serious in wanting to welcome radical feminists.

0 thoughts on “Newfrontiers elder condemns Driscoll, Virgo silent

  1. I maintain what I have said about your initial post on Terry Virgo all along.

    His tweet was in no way a reference to this situation with Mark Driscoll. You linking the two is simply not an accurate representation, as atested by other commenters on that thread.

    Implying I only hold that view out of loyalty is a very real insult to my integrity.

  2. David, I didn’t mean to suggest that out of loyalty you wrote anything that you did not sincerely believe. I would suggest that you expressed your belief as strongly as you did because of your loyalty, and that is not a bad thing.

    I also accept that very likely “His tweet was in no way a reference to this situation with Mark Driscoll.” But, in view of the serious misunderstanding this has caused and to avoid further such issues, he really should personally clarify the issue.

  3. I suspect that at least part of the problem is that the picture clearly shows a younger, not an elder.
    Remember, Paul clearly thought of Timothy as a younger even though he was in his late forties as far as we know. The type of flailings you are discussing are common among people who haven’t lived long enough to mature yet. I suspect that is what we are seeing in Driscoll also (though I do not know that [and really don’t care much]). My hope is that the youth worship of the mid- to late-20th century will be replaced by a proper sense of the use of true elders with a great deal of human relationship experience as well as a lot of experience with the Lord.

  4. David B, what evidence do you have that Timothy was in his late forties? What you write is personally insulting to my friend David M, who, whatever his age, I know to have “a great deal of human relationship experience as well as a lot of experience with the Lord”.

  5. As a gay Christian I found Driscoll’s comments incredibly insulting. It was the example of many effeminate, likely gay, worship pastors that helped remind me what loving God was really about even after I had tried to reject him. I’m not surprised by Driscoll’s comments honestly, but it is amazing to see how many people, even those who likely wouldn’t agree with much I have to say on the issue of sexuality, have stood up to him on this issue.

    I imagine I’m not the only less-than-macho man who has been inspired or encouraged by an “effeminate anatomically male worship leader.” So here’s an idea, why don’t we all talk about those positive experiences as an antidote to the kind of attitude Driscoll has espoused?

  6. John, thank you. I am not gay but I too have been inspired by “effeminate, likely gay” worship leaders. Musical tastes may vary but Driscoll has no right to mock such people.

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