Not fooled

I didn’t expect anyone to be fooled by my post about Dr Wayne Grudleman, which was partly a reaction to this post about which I had some advance knowledge. But I did think I might fool some people with my next two posts, about plans for the UK’s largest church and about me standing for election. Apparently not. Eddie, the only commenter so far on either of these last two posts, was not fooled, for in fact both of these are gospel truth. Well, more or less so.

My election plans are completely true, although not my promise not to mention them again!

And the plans for the UK’s largest church building have indeed been put forward. Now I did wonder if the story in my local newspaper was an elaborate April Fool stunt, but there is a real document describing these plans, dated well before 1st April, in the local Council’s database, with real architect’s outline drawings, so if it is a hoax it is a very expensive one! But I think that these plans stand about as much chance of coming to actual fruition as a hoax would have done. For the land on which the megachurch is supposedly to be built is a water-meadow prone to flooding and in a conservation area, as well as in an area which the Council has set aside as a “green wedge”. Now I hope that Elim Christian Centre (with which I am not linked, although I know some of their people) is able to find a suitable site for a new building. And if they have faith for a building as large as this, for the money needed to build it, and for the revival which would be needed to fill it, it is not for me to oppose their plans. But I really don’t think the site they are proposing is suitable.

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