Quiet here, busy elsewhere!

I have been too busy posting and commenting elsewhere, as well as with real life, to post much on this blog this week. And from tomorrow until Saturday night I am away at a Christian conference, Revival Days which I mentioned in a previous posting. So things may be quiet here until next week – although I would welcome comments, and would not be surprised to receive some on my controversial posting about whether Hindus and Jews can be saved.

The discussion of “Did God kill Jesus?” continues on Adrian Warnock’s blog, and there are now more than 100 comments on one posting, including several from myself, and follow-up postings from Adrian. Some people have picked up on my suggestion in the long comment thread that another commenter was not “a theological heavyweight“. I think some people thought I was comparing her with myself, whereas I intended to compare her with teachers like John Stott and Martyn Lloyd-Jones who had been quoted earlier in the discussion. Later in the comment thread I apologised for the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile on the Better Bibles Blog I have been posting on an interesting technical issue with the Greek New Testament text.

Next week maybe you will hear how my conference went, or however God leads me to post.

2 thoughts on “Quiet here, busy elsewhere!

  1. Peter,

    Thank you for mentioning the Greek singular ‘they’ to me. I had never noticed it before, even though I did study the text variant’s for lots of other verses. I don’t think the way gender influenced manuscript variants was a hot topic of my Bible School instructor. So I really appreciate your noticing that.

    I was excited to find the entire original Codex Alexandrinus in images without too much trouble. It is fantastic to have images of all the major manuscripts online now. I can’t believe how much this area of research has changed in the last year or so, now that people like us, who are not ‘theological heavyweights’ can study the original manuscripts.

    I see some women are complaining about a comment of yours, but I have not read the entire thread. I remember several years ago when I was in a big fight with someone who really was a ‘heavyweight’ but not in theology, (He had been rather unkind to me, I thought at the time) and you emailed me the correct answer, so I could look smarter than I really was. That was also a matter of Greek variant forms, the stigma. LOL. That was funny. You must really know this stuff!

    Have a good conference!

  2. Thank you, Suzanne. It would be better to comment on the technical issues on BBB.

    The complaints by women you refer to are here, and in the comments. But make sure you read down to my own comment, the 23rd I think, which points out that before Kim posted this I had already clarified what I had written before and apologised for the misunderstanding. I was referring to Kristie as not “a theological heavyweight” only in comparison to John Stott, Martyn Lloyd-Jones etc. See also Suzanne’s kind comment which follows my own, again thank you Suzanne.

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