Sarah Palin Fulfils Prophecy

Today I have had drawn to my attention an astonishing prophecy given by Sharon Stone in Glasgow. Here is the text, as recorded and annotated by the Elijah List, with their varied emphasis:

The following is a prophecy given by Dr. Sharon Stone in Glasgow, Scotland in the summer of 2008. The notations in RED are fulfillment of the word, but are not part of the word given.

September is a Turning Point

“September is a turning point and a sign of the times. It is all about those who have made Godly alignments in this season being blessed with revelation and information in the midst of world crisis.

“I see more banks will suffer: a USA world bank’s shares are in trouble (Lehman Brothers files bankruptcy, September 15, 2008). I see government in the USA bailing out mortgage giants (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Federal takeover, September 7, 2008) and the government in England cutting house purchase taxes for the sagging housing crisis (Stamp Duty Tax change announced, September 2, 2008) to no avail.

“I see a European airline failing with no notice (XL files bankruptcy, September 12, 2008). I see the eyes of the world looking to see, ‘Who is this coming out of Alaska?’ (Sarah Palin announced as McCain’s running mate, August 29, 2008). And I see smoke coming from the Chunnel (Fire in the Chunnel, September 11, 2008).

“As I see these things, I hear the encouragement of God to His Isaacs in the earth who sow in the times of famine and reap 100 fold in the year. I’m not a prosperity preacher, I’m a prophet. And God is saying that September will convince you that you must connect to His economic system. There are always the few that are greatly blessed when the majority are shaken, threatened and fearful.”

God says, Have you positioned yourself for THE NEW? Your storehouse is not an earthly bank. Hold on and I will bail you out of your mortgage issues. Am I not better to you than any government? I will not leave you stranded on foreign soil, and I will carry you above the circumstances better than any plane or jet. And your hope is not an Alaskan saviour, but Me.” I know that sounds strange, it does to me also.

England, the smoke I saw coming out of the Chunnel is a warning for your intercessors to arise and cut off the enemy’s plan to sabotage and siege England’s favour in trade. Let him who has ears hear….

“God, I release an Isaac anointing upon us now!”

The Isaac reference, by the way, is to Genesis 26:1,12.

I note here six quite specific prophecies which were fulfilled in September, including that the eyes of the world would look to Sarah Palin (announced as a candidate in August, but infamous only in September). One or two of these might have been guessed at, but not all six. Can anyone possibly claim that there is no Christian prophecy today?

As for Sarah Palin fulfilling the prophecy, it is perhaps significant that her emergence from Alaska is listed with five disasters! Anyway, as the prophecy continues, our hope is not to be in an Alaskan saviour, nor for that matter in a Hawaiian one, but in God.

But prophecies like this are not given for entertainment, nor primarily to convince unbelievers that God speaks to today, but as warnings and encouragements for his people (1 Corinthians 14:3). The warning here is to the intercessors of England to pray. A day of prayer for the world’s economies has been announced for 29th October, with events being planned in London (I can’t find online information) as well as New York. My church is considering how to get involved.

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  1. Unfortunately this doesn’t really convince me that this is real prophecy since some of it is rather vague and only makes sense after the fact where you can interpret certain event as fulfilling the prophecies. It’d be nice if they could really pinpoint something of worth ahead of time instead of months later looking back over all their prophecies and saying “ah hah! here’s something”.

    Do you know of any prophecies they have out right now that are a bit more specific and that might prove to be more helpful in the near future?

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan, I consider these prophecies rather specific, especially considering there are so many of them together. But yes, it would have been good to have this pinpointed in advance. In fact I don’t think this was even published until after the event.

    But there are specific prophecies for the near future on the Elijah List, for example this one. I have never heard of this Kim Clement before, so have no idea if he is trustworthy.

    In 2007 I personally heard prophecies of bank failures and stock market collapse in 2008. So I know these things were being prophesied, at least in general terms, before the secular pundits were issuing anything more than generalised warnings about harder times ahead.

  3. Joel, I looked but could not find one. I doubt if Sharon Stone would deliberately lie about something which can clearly be checked on by anyone who was present at her Glasgow meeting. She has an old out of date website and a new one under construction (all I can actually find here is a nascent WordPress blog), also a page at her ministry’s international website, but none of these has any information about this particular prophecy. The earliest reference I can verify is that David Stark had already seen it on 15th September. According to Alice Smith, the youth adviser for my diocese (whose blog I just found), the prophecy was given in August, and she gives more background details, including how it was distributed on 12th September (after most of the fulfilments) in an e-mail from Lisa Gibbs, also referred to by David Stark. To be honest, we don’t have confirmation that this was not made up after the event by Lisa Gibbs. One would expect Sharon Stone to have complained if words like these had been put in her mouth, but I would like to see something from her personally.

  4. Hi Peter,
    i first came across this prophecy a few weeks ago, and nearly posted it on my blog. However, i was concerned about verifying the date and place of delivery and preferably find an MP3 for it.

    So i have done research, asking some people i know, if they could shed some more light on it. As yet, I can’t find any verification. From what i understand, this prophecy hasn’t come directly from Sharon Stone, but is supposedly the annotations of a Lisa Gibbs. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know who she is. This is second or third hand information (from a respected church leader in Scotland), but apparently Sharon Stone remembers saying something to effect of this, but no more than that. No one can find a recording either.

    It all leaves me in a bit a quandary. I do believe in prophecy, and yet so often, it either lacks weight, scriptural warrant, or in this case verification. I want to believe it, but find it hard to be sure. It is so specific, why can’t Sharon Stone be more specific? Why can’t anyone tell us where and when this was delivered, rather than the slightly obscure summer 08? surely there were others there who could confirm or deny what was said? and why oh why was it not recorded in this age of technology?

    Too many questions for my liking.

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  6. This doesn’t really surprise me at all, to be honest. Levels of discernment within the church seem to be at an all-time low…any urban myth or half-truth seems to be passed around as if its the words of Jesus himself 🙂

    Some points concern me here:

    “From what i understand, this prophecy hasn’t come directly from Sharon Stone, but is supposedly the annotations of a Lisa Gibbs.”

    – Since the claim is that Sharon received an email from Lisa, it should be easy for this to be produced and have the real Lisa Gibbs come forward to help authenticate this.

    – How many conferences was Sharon at this summer in Glasgow? Who hosted them? Surely those hosting the meetings must have recordings, and if not, must have heard what was spoken. And all those in the meetings themselves would have heard as well. Again, if no-one can even be found that was there, this looks like an urban myth. In fact, all the evidence points towards this being an urban myth, until some proof comes forward to the contrary.

  7. “From what i understand, this prophecy hasn’t come directly from Sharon Stone, but is supposedly the annotations of a Lisa Gibbs.”

    I probably wasn’t that clear. The prophecy was supposed delivered by Sharon Stone, but the report of it came from a Lisa Gibbs, who reportedly emailed Sharon Stone with the fulfillment of the word. I am sure Sharon could verify if this is the case, but at present i don’t know if anyone actually knows who this Lisa Gibbs is. I asked someone i know with a similar name if it was her, or she knew but she didn’t.

    Here is one site with the report>:

    I have done a wee bit of research about the conference in Glasgow but haven’t found any information, on where or when.

    I would think that Sharon Stone herself would be able to clear up both these points relatively quickly. Hope you get an answer Peter.

    Personally, until there is some verification, i neither want to proclaim this from the rooftops, nor dismiss it.

  8. Rupert, thanks for the report you linked to. This is interesting in that (assuming this is a genuine letter) Sharon Stone is herself apparently endorsing Lisa’s record of her prophecy. It also states that the prophecy was given on a Sunday morning, and so probably while Sharon was speaking at a Sunday service rather than a special conference – it would be good to know what church and on which day. It might well have been Glasgow Elim, but they don’t keep a record of past services or sermons. Most but not all of this was in David Stark’s account which I linked to before, which is probably based on the one which is earlier – 13th September.

    I guess you and Alastair are wondering if anything good can come out of Glasgow! 😉

  9. Yeah, I noticed that the viral “email” going around is from Sharon, not Lisa, as if Sharon has forwarded Lisa’s email into the public domain. That being the case, in theory this should prove straightforward to verify. Peter, if you don’t here anything after a few days from Sharon, perhaps one of us should call her ministry and ask for clarification?

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who Lisa Gibbs is, we just need
    a) confirmation from Sharon of the place/date where this prophecy was given
    b) independant confirmation from one or two others that where there at the time, unaffiliated with Sharon, that heard this prophecy.

    If we cannot get the above, the only other explanation is that the whole thing is a hoax, perhaps a joke by a Christian which has got out of hand. At the moment, all we have a is a viral “chain letter”, nothing more. We need sources!

  10. Sharon Stone was in Scotland in August (not Glasgow itself but close enough that a visitor might describe it as such) to give teaching on the prophetic.
    The prophesy was not given during this teaching but *may* have been given on the Sunday – during the church services.

    Unfortunatley, this being Scotland, only the ‘sermon’ was recorded, and not the prayers/prophesy. Frustrating I know, but quite typical!

    Sharon Stone did forward the email from Lisa Gibbs but nobody seems to know who Lisa Gibbs is… I believe Dr Stone doesn’t have the original email anymore either.


  11. David, thanks for the clarification. This makes sense. Here in England we also usually record only sermons, not prayers etc.

    Would it be fair to assume that the Sunday in question was not 31st August which was after Sarah Palin was announced as VP candidate?

  12. Hi again. Sharon Stone was in Hamilton, near Glasgow, 15-17 July. My wife was at the conference 15-16 July and this particular prophecy was not spoken then.
    The “Lisa Gibbs” who originated the email mentions “…on the Sunday morning you were with us…” so that would be the church service.

    However, the minister of the church doesn’t seem to know her, which is odd.

    Anyway, “Lisa Gibbs” sent the email to Sharon Stone on 12/09/2008 at 15:03 GMT and Sharon Stone then forwarded it a few hours later.

    I quote from what I received from Sharon Stone.

    Whatever the circumstances, the main thrust of the prophecy isn’t (IMHO) some sort of ‘fortune-telling’ prediction re. Sarah Palin. Instead it is an enouragement “that the Lord is faithful to His Word and He has made both provision and a way” for the month of September.

    It certainly encouraged me, during a period where personal finances and my old ways of viewing them, were significantly challenged – if not radically transformed.

    As things get progressively ‘worse’ in the Western economy, are we, followers of Jesus Christ, really ready to align ourselves with different economic models – as the early believers did??

    PS I have nothing further to add on the origination of the prophecy debate: I have no affiliation with the churches in Hamilton, have no idea who Lisa Gibbs is and have very little interest in Sarah Palin. But I do trust that this was a timely word for God, emailed by Sharon Stone… and worth sharing amongst a few folks on my little blog.


  13. Thanks, David. Do you mean August, as in your previous comment? That would tie up with 17th being a Sunday. My guess would be that Lisa Gibbs was a conference attendee, not from the local area so she wrote “Glasgow” for “Hamilton”, who stayed on for the Sunday morning service. Some of the matters prophesied could have been predicted, using merely worldly wisdom, in mid-August, but not Sarah Palin or the Channel Tunnel fire which were surely genuine predictive prophecy.

    I agree with you that the important matter here is not the predictive prophecy but the call to faith and prayer.

  14. Some of the matters prophesied could have been predicted, using merely worldly wisdom, in mid-August, but not Sarah Palin or the Channel Tunnel fire which were surely genuine predictive prophecy.

    If in fact this can actually be verified – the doubts only seem to surface in this thread after Alastair commented, until then you reported it as verified fact.

    Do we assume that only Lisa Gibbs was in fact present at this meeting?

    I agree with you that the important matter here is not the predictive prophecy but the call to faith and prayer.

    The call to faith and prayer is always a good thing, but as Christians the means used to do so matter also. This sounds a bit like preemptive backpedaling just in case this turns out not to be verifiable.

  15. No, I presume that Lisa Gibbs was one of a congregation present at the (unidentified) church in Hamilton on that Sunday morning. I suppose that others present could verify that this was said. David Stark has been in contact with the minister there – perhaps he or she can verify things if really necessary.

    I have done no backpedalling, because I wrote in the last paragraph of the main post that the prophecy was primarily a call to prayer, which is indeed how the prophecy itself ends.

  16. David, thanks for your input on this. However it seems we are still no closer to confirming the authenticity of this prophecy. The prophecy was not given during the conference you refer to, right? And no-one knows if the prophecy was given the following Sunday? I suppose at least we could call the minister and ask. What was the name of the church that hosted the conference?

  17. Oh dear, I’ve got the dates all mixed up. No the conference was definitely July. I’ll need to check the diary as to which weekend it was.

    I haven’t been in contact with the minister, we heard from Sharon’s office that they were in contact with the minister: to find out if the recorded it and to find out who Lisa Gibbs was. I believe that both questions came back blank. I agree with Peter that it sounds like Lisa Gibbs was a guest at the conference who stayed for the Sunday services, hence using “Glasgow” instead of “Hamilton”.

    Anyway, I’m not comfortable with this because all I’m doing is muddying the waters here – reporting things that I’ve heard…

    If you’re really keen to have this dotted and crossed then its going to have to be the church in Hamilton (I’ll try to find this out) or Sharon’s office.

  18. Thanks David.

    Far from muddying the waters, it seems you have provided the best “lead” for the source of this prophecy, as a number of pastors/bloggers have been trying to track this down. The purpose its not just to be pedantic, but to ensure that this is a genuine prophecy that we can boast in the Lord about, and dismiss the possibility of it being a deliberate hoax, joke, or an inaccurate report. As recent events have shown (Lakeland), its important to properly assess the accuracy and validity of claims such as this, before passing them on to the wider world.

    If you could provide the name of the church, I am sure that someone here will be able to place a call and attempt to confirm this prophecy once and for all.

    Kind regards,

  19. David, I’m sorry your comments were caught as spam. I can only suppose that that church site has been blacklisted for some reason. Thanks for your research. If this prophecy was indeed given on 13th July there must have been supernatural revelation in it. I would still like to see some verifiable response from Sharon Stone or her ministry.

  20. Hey Rupert,

    do you want to call them up since you are recognised pastor?

    New Life Christian Centre
    16 Haddow Street
    ML3 7HX

    01698 477744

    Otherwise I don’t mind doing it.

    Peter, anything from Sharon’s ministry yet? Perhaps we need to give them a call as well?

  21. I have today seen printed copies of several e-mails sent out by Sharon Stone’s ministry, to a lady in leadership in my church who is on Sharon’s e-mail list but is very unlikely to have received these from anyone else. One of these e-mails is the one referred to by David Stark in comment 118890, sent out by Sharon on 12th September. Another, dated 17th September, is an update on the situation written by Sharon including quotes from and discussion of the prophecy. If we discount the very small possibility that both of these messages were sent out by someone else purporting to be Sharon Stone (why would anyone do that?), we have to conclude that Sharon is accepting as her own words the prophecy as recorded by Lisa Gibbs. This is not of course proof that the record is accurate, but it does make it superfluous to seek any further clarification from her ministry.

  22. interesting comments.
    Alastair – i am holiday at moment, so not in a position to phone church. but i think it would be good – sill looking for confirmation of the word, from my perspective.

  23. Hi there
    Found this blog and wanted to let you know that Sharon Stone was the morning speaker at the King’s Church, Motherwell on the morning of Sunday 13 July. We did record her messsage and all of the words she had for people but the prophecy that is in q

  24. Hi there

    Sharon Stone was at the King’s Church, Motherwell on the morning of Sunday 13 July. All of her message and words for people were recorded. The prophecy that is in question was not given on that Sunday morning.

  25. Thanks, Dave. It seems that that Sunday morning Sharon Stone spoke at two churches, only a few miles apart. New Life in Hamilton has its service at 10.30 am. King’s Church, Motherwell has its main service in the evening, but it does have an 11.00 am Family Service. Dave, are you sure Sharon was at the morning service, not the evening one? Or could she have spoken at both morning services in turn?

  26. Hi Peter, we only had a morning service over the summer months which started at 11.00am and Sharon Stone was there for 11.00am at the King’s on the morning of the 13th July.

  27. Thanks, Dave. Well, if you are right David Stark seems to have got misleading information from the pastor of New Life in Hamilton. I wonder, could Sharon Stone have visited the Glasgow area on another Sunday in the last summer? Here, as a reminder, is the start of what Lisa Gibbs wrote to Sharon Stone on 12th September, as reported by Alice Smith but I have seen this in several other places:

    I thought you might be interested in seeing this prophesy you gave in Glasgow this summer. While I was in prayer this morning God reminded me that I scribed this on the Sunday morning you were with us.

    Alice writes that Sharon gave this prophecy in August, but gives no evidence for this. Was Sharon in or near Glasgow in August as well as in Hamilton and Motherwell in July? If so, I would be interested in more details.

  28. Curiouser and curiouser. As many have said already in this thread, only a conversation with Sharon’s office is going to finally put this to bed for those of you are looking for clarification.

    By the way, as I said previously, I haven’t spoken with any minister in Hamilton or Motherwell. I think I made an assumption as to which church the Sunday morning service was in – and obviously got it wrong.

    I live in Glasgow and wasn’t aware of any other visits to Glasgow in August by Sharon, but that shouldn’t be taken as meaning anything. As had been proved already on this thread, my contributions are sketchy at best!!

    Best Wishes on the continuing hunt!


  29. David S, thanks for the clarification. Where did the information come from that some minister denied recording the service or knowing Lisa Gibbs? Was that the Hamilton one? Surely he would have said if Sharon had not been in his church that Sunday. If you can get information from Sharon in November, that would be great!

    Dave R, is Lisa Gibbs (apparently not known in Hamilton) a member of the Motherwell church, or otherwise known to you?

  30. Peter, Lisa Gibbs is not a member of the King’s Church in Motherwell and I had never heard of her until seeing the e-mail she sent to Sharon Stone.
    Sharon Stone may have spoken at the Hamilton church in the evening of the 13th July, I don’t know, all I know is that she was holding a conference in Hamilton and had agreed to speak at our morning service. I have e-mailed Sharon Stone and asked her to confirm where and when this prophecy was given but have not had anything back. I do hope someone has an answer to this somewhere.

  31. Peter,
    I didn’t report that a minister denied recording the service. All I’ve said is pretty much what Dave Ramage has said, except that Dave Ramage is part of the Motherwell church, whereas I heard my info from Sharon’s office – who were probably getting their info from the Motherwell church anyway! (And this was a while ago, before all these blog conversations started!)

    In other words, Dave Ramage’s information comes from a more direct source than mine.

    At that point, they knew as much as Dave Ramage has reported – that no-one knows who Lisa Gibbs is, that the the prophesy was not recorded (NB – Peter you say that I reported a minister ‘denying recording the service’ – I haven’t said that at any point).

    And, as Dave Ramage has pointed out, the church we’re talking about is Motherwell, not Hamilton. I threw in the red herring about Hamilton because I made an assumption that because the conference was in Hamilton, the service was there too.

    Gosh, I said that I was bowing out this conversation ages ago!!

  32. David, sorry if I misunderstood you. You did imply in comment 118890 that Sharon remained in Hamilton after the conference your wife was at, and in comment 118789 that the prophecy “*may* have been given on the Sunday – during the church services”, but was not recorded. It was Rupert, not you, who suggested that this information came from a church leader. Thanks for clarifying that the mention of the Hamilton church was an apparently false assumption rather than hard information.

  33. 1. What was the Glasgow prophecy about?
    2. Was it predictions or simply an encouragement?
    3. Can you validate it?
    4. And where was this prophecy given?

    My opinion for question #1 and #2 is: God is declaring Himself the Hope and the Promise through crisis and confusing times. Also there is no circumstance that happens that He is not aware of and has made provision for. I believe this prophecy was not focused on foretelling only, but signs of the times and a release of an anointing of Blessing rather than an opportunity to fear.

    In reply to question #3 and #4: Myself together with others that traveled with me to eight meetings in the areas surrounding Glasgow remember and validate this prophetic word. We recall the feedback conversation of this revelation. Knowing that we prophesy in part, we queried what these pictures could mean? We spoke of the picture I had of a person dressed in cultural Alaskan garments. We are still trying to find out the exact date and location of where this revelation was released. I am not attempting to be evasive we have requested recordings only to discover everything was not recorded. We still pursue with integrity for the prophetic!

  34. Sharon, thanks for your comment, and especially for reinforcing the point that this was not just about foretelling. There does seem to be some mystery about this prophecy, but thanks for the further details and explanation of how you see it. And I am glad that the USA has not put its trust in an Alaskan saviour.

    (In case anyone wonders, I cannot verify that this comment is from the real Sharon Stone, but it was supplied with her real AOL e-mail address and an IP address belonging to AOL in London, which would be appropriate for her.)

  35. While I applaud a former post, apparently by Ms. Stone herself affirming the legitimacy of the prophecy referring to Sarah Palin, what many people really want to here is Sharon Stone say, before God, that she had no knowledge of Sarah Palin or her imminent selection to VP candidacy before the summer Glasgow prophecy. I believe in prophecy, but I am simply not going to feel comfortable endorsing this as an example of the gift in operation without at least a clear statement of the date the prophecy was given and of Ms. Stone’s having had no information about the Alaskan governor before her selection. I think this is reasonable and that it would actually encourage the further dissemination and reception of the content of the word.

  36. Papazulu, I agree with you. But I also accept that Sharon genuinely does not remember the details, also that she does not want to set herself up as a predictive prophet as that is not the main purpose of her prophetic ministry.

    We should note that even if this prophecy was given shortly after the selection of Palin, during the time the world was indeed asking ‘Who is this coming out of Alaska?’, it is still a valid message, particularly in God’s reported response “And your hope is not an Alaskan saviour, but Me.”

  37. God is declaring Himself the Hope and the Promise through crisis and confusing times. Also there is no circumstance that happens that He is not aware of and has made provision for. I believe this prophecy was not focused on foretelling only, but signs of the times and a release of an anointing of Blessing rather than an opportunity to fear.


  38. I’m sure you guys are well meaning but you need to get out of the no spin zone. The way the prophecy was promulgated was in the form of a foretelling. It was even annotated point by point in this fashion, showing the prediction, then the fulfillment. It is simply unethical to present it that way, with the intent of leading folks to believe that it was a supernaturally inspired oracle if, indeed, Sharon had information about the Alaskan governor prior to the giving of the word. She doesn’t need to give an exact date, just inform people about whether it was given BEFORE or AFTER the announcement of Sarah Palin bid.

  39. Papazulu, the annotation was not by Sharon Stone, but I think by the Elijah List. If this “prophecy” was in fact made on 12th September, the day it was first distributed, and the annotations are ignored, it still makes a coherent message but not a predictive one. But in that case Lisa Gibbs was lying (12th September was not a Sunday, although it could just about be called “summer”) and Sharon was at best being extremely forgetful. So if we discount that possibility, there is a predictive element here at least about the Channel Tunnel fire and the collapse of the airline XL. It would be good to know the exact date when the prophecy was given, but even without that date being known we can be sure that there are some predictive elements in it.

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  41. I am going to go ahead and assume, because of the spin I am seeing, that this prophecy was give AFTER AUGUST 28th, the day before the Palin bid was made public.

  42. Papazulu, you can assume what you like, but there is no evidence for what you are assuming. If Sharon Stone had given this prophecy in Belfast on a Sunday after 28th August, which means either 1st or 8th September as it was made public on 12th September, then surely she would have remembered this on 12th September. And if it was given before the Channel Tunnel fire on 11th September, there was a clear predictive element to it, so you can’t even use the argument that you don’t believe it could have been a predictive prophecy to date it after 28th August.

  43. This is being made far more complicated than it needs to be. Here are some simple constitutive statements that end the discussion. 1. Lots of people want to know if the Alaska prophecy was given by Sh. Stone before she new anything about Sarah Palin. 2. This is a very reasonable and I would say important inquiry. 3. If Sharon Stone is aware of this, it is perfectly within her power to publish somewhere whether she gave the prophecy before or after Palin was made public. 4. That she is reluctant to do this, and apparently refrained from doing so has caused some degree of unnecessary frustration among people who truly respect Sharon Stone’s ministry and would continue to do so regardless. It’s that simple. It’s not complicated. It’s called ministerial ethics. You can spin on, but that’s the bottom line.

  44. Papazulu, I see your point, but it may be true that Sharon simply cannot remember this as she seems to claim. It would be wrong for her to claim that she said this before hearing about Palin unless she can remember this clearly or find some evidence. I think we should assume that she is honestly uncertain rather than suggest she is being unethical.

  45. It would be wrong for her to claim that she said this before hearing about Palin unless she can remember this clearly or find some evidence.

    Wouldn’t it be rather memorable to her *if* she had in fact prophesied along those lines before Palin was announced as the candidate?

    Especially given that her normal prophetic ministry does not focus on fore-telling.

  46. Well, Chris, one might have thought so. But then one might also have expected her to remember a prophecy made after 28th August of which she was reminded less than two weeks later.

    Sharon mentions “the picture I had of a person dressed in cultural Alaskan garments”. Perhaps, before 28th August, these were recognised only as Eskimo/Inuit type garments, and it was only later, after news of Sarah Palin, that Lisa Gibbs made them specifically Alaskan.

  47. I received from Greg Black of CIE (Christian International Europe) a set of three short prophetic messages from Sharon Stone. One of them, now dated to Motherwell 13th July 2008, is the same text as quoted in the post above, without the red annotations and bold emphasis. That seems to conflict with comment 124879 above, but perhaps Greg has further information, and we are not told that the prophecy was given in a large public meeting – possibly in a small prayer meeting.

  48. The prophesy of the “beautiful female US president” might be fulfilled in 2012. By looking at the popularity and charisma of Sarah Palin, she might be on her way to make history becoming the first woman nominated for US president. And probably win the elctions. Susan B. Anthony would be so proud of this lady.

  49. It may be a little late but I’d like to clarify matters regarding the church in “Hamilton” outside “Glasgow” I am an usher and at the time was an employee of New Life Christian Centre, it was this church that held the prophetic conference open to everyone and a special church meeting for church members.
    1) Lisa Gibbs
    I can confirm this prophecy was NOT spoken at our church, Lisa Gibbs was NOT on our conference member list. Lisa Gibbs is not a member of our church and no ember of our church knows this name.

    2) Accountability
    All prophecies during this conference were recorded. Sharon Stone and Christian International: Europe have strict rules regarding the recording of prophecies, all prophecies were recorded,any words given by Sharon Stone to a member of the church were recorded and a copy was given to the recipient.
    New Life Christian Centre now operates in accordance to this rule and all prophecies are documented.

    3) Confusion
    I cannot say I know the origin of this word, but I can tell you Sharon Stone AND Her husband Greg Have worked very hard to locate its origin. They called my office several times to talk to our Pastor (Who was on holiday at the time) and I sent a complete recording of all the church service (they already had copies of the prophecies) to check to see if it was perhaps found there but it was not.

    I no longer work for New Life although I am still an active member, and I can tell you that Pastors Gordon And Lynn Lyon are people of integrity there inability to assist in this matter was due to there absence, Myself and a volounteer checked our audio C.D’s and round no message, although it appears from the above comments Greg may have located where they were spoken.

    I believe My Pastors Absence coupled with a delay in sending our complete church meeting audio (my fault) led to some confusion for Sharon and Greg.
    Although I have personally spend only a short time with Sharon and Greg I can say they operate with the highest regard to accountability and integrity concerning prophetic words Spoken by themselves or during a meeting tied to there name (E.G our summer conference). Watching Greg digitally catalogue every prophetic word at the meetings AND hand a special CD to individuals SECONDS after a word was to me an inspirational sight.

    if you would like more info regarding this matter
    email me:

  50. Ian, thanks for the clarification, and for making it so clear that this prophecy was nothing to do with your church. I am glad to hear that Sharon and Greg take such care about their prophecies. It is unfortunate that this one got into circulation without a properly documented origin.

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