16 thoughts on “Tea Party Jesus: Is This Your Jesus?

  1. I suspect I would like to respond, but I guess my sound card is shot as I have no audio for the video.

    Maybe you could give me a synopsis in print?

  2. Well, how creative… a hit piece on a popular political movement. This blog is now a ‘must avoid’ for me. If I wanted to be insulted, I’d hang out at my mother-in-law’s house.

  3. Galveston, the sound works fine for me. Make sure you haven’t silenced all sound on your computer, or in the YouTube settings. If you click the YouTube icon you will find a link to http://teapartyjesus.org/, where you can find the full script.

    Nickie, thank you for the endorsement. And I will avoid your appeal to “VOTE NEWT”.

  4. Nice one. It has echos of the “drill baby drill” approach. Not to mention, from this side of the pond, the Mrs T approach take off Alan B’stard (New Statesman) in the 80s.

    How others see us!

  5. This video has so many false premises that it would take a fair sized pamphlet to address them all.

    The Tea Party wants to bring the USA back to its foundations. The Progressives want to destroy the quality of personal initiative that brought this nation out of a wilderness. Nearly half of our citizens now pay no income taxes, (lots of other taxes, though). Why is it compassionate to destroy the economy to the extent that jobs are not available for all?

    The US could be an exporter of oil and coal in short order if it were not for the obstruction of people who believe that our Creator is no longer capable of managing His own creation.

    The fight here is not whether the citizenry gets its needs supplied, but by what method will those needs be supplied. Will it be jobs, or government hand-outs. If hand-outs, just where will what is handed out come from?

    Margaret Thatcher put it so well when she said that the problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.

    Free men are not equal, equal men are not free.

  6. Galveston, I don’t dispute your account of the Tea Party’s basic ideals. But they are widely perceived as agreeing with the kinds of sentiments put forward by the Tea Party Jesus. If they don’t really hold these sorts of ideas, they clearly have a public relations problem.

  7. You are viewing the Tea Party through the lens of the liberal media, apparently. The Tea Party is a grass roots movement more than a party. It has been consistently smeared by every media outlet except Fox. It has been called racist, bigoted, hateful, ignorant, and tea baggers, just to name a few. They have been equated with the Occupiers, but there is no comparison.

    Now, if you believe the alphabet news ourtlets, I understand your opinion of the Tea Party.

    I live here and have attended some of the rallies, and the views expressed by the phony “Jesus” are as phony as he is.

  8. Galveston, you may be right about the Tea Party. But I don’t believe a word on Fox, because it is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has been proved to operate without any regard for journalistic ethics. Anyway my point was less about the Tea Party and more about certain people’s view of Jesus.

    But I do want to take up your point in the previous comment about “people who believe that our Creator is no longer capable of managing His own creation”. On the contrary, I know that God can and does manage his creation, in much the same way as I manage my property. If I find little creatures damaging my house, I put down poison or call in the exterminators. Even if the one causing the damage is not vermin but a beloved pet, if it cannot be trained to behave I will have to get rid of it. God can, and if necessary will, do something similar to those who are causing deliberate harm to what he created in order to make a quick buck or billion. Do you want to be among those he has to exterminate?

  9. Peter, your and Doug’s comments about Murdoch, his having no journalistic ethics seems extremely odd. Over here, I have watched for decades as the former “mainstream” media lied to us by omission. If you read the outrageous comments against any and all conservatives by the liberal media, you might view Fox slightly differently. I assume you are referring to the episode in England by a news outlet owned by Murdoch using illegal means to obtain information. You do know that those who did that lost their jobs, right?

    As to your thoughts about those destroying the planet, yes, God will destroy them. That doesn’t mean we can’t utilize the resources that God placed here. I don’t know what the environmentalists over there are doing , but here many of them have gone out of their minds. If we implemented everything they call for, we would be back to the pre-industrial age. There are even some fringe groups that think Earth is a living entity; sutiable to be worshipped!

    They don’t want to use coal or oil; too dirty. Nuclear is too dangerous, only solar and wind will do. Unfortunately, those technologies are not even close to being adequate for our needs. Now the same people are complaining that the windmills are killing birds and bats!

    I know it is uncharitable, but I do wish those nincompoops had to sit in the dark and hug a tree to keep warm, at least for a little while.

    Cutting down on pollutants is a good thing, if we don’t starve ourselves in the process. Our air in the big cities is much cleaner now than it was decades ago.

    All I am plugging for is some level of sanity. I do think I am in line with the majority in this country.

    And btw, Jesus ain’t a Socialist.

  10. Galveston, a detailed discussion of the environmental movement is off topic here. As for Murdoch, it wasn’t just rogue journalists who were acting highly unethically, it was proved that at least James Murdoch, the son, and probably also his father, knew what was happening and allowed it to continue. The other news outlets may be just as unethical, but I have not made any claims about them.

  11. Murdoch aside, the whole “Tea Party Jesus” thing is really distorted. It makes me think the news in UK is as slanted as ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC are over here. They do hit pieces on conservatives all the time, but are loathe to report anything negative about their allies. As a result, their ratings are in the toilet.

    When people who claim Christ say or do things contrary to the teachings of Jesus, then it is proper to call them to account, but to smear a movement on the basis of a few individuals is just plain wrong.

  12. Well, I think it is quite reasonable to judge a movement on the public statements of its perceived and acclaimed leaders. But my point was not really about the Tea Party, it was about Jesus.

  13. Peter, your statement about Jesus is well taken.

    What I am saying about the Tea Party is that what you are hearing and reading about it is not a true picture. The lying media have taken a few signs and comments and portrayed them as being representative, when they are not. Example: TP is portrayed as racist, but before Herman Cain dropped out of the primary campaign, he had strong TP support.

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