The Prodigal God

James Spinti has got me thinking with a series of posts about Timothy Keller’s book The Prodigal God, recently published in the USA and soon to be here in the UK. Each post consists of a quote from the book and one of James’ “idle musings”. These posts start here, then here, here, and here, with probably more to come as James seems to be less than a third of his way through the book.

Keller, and James, manage to put their fingers on some raw spots in today’s church life and perhaps also in our personal ones. Here is an example of Keller’s writing, from this post:

We see that the elder brother “became angry.” All of his words are dripping with resentment. The first sign you have an elder brother spirit is that when your life doesn’t go as you want, you aren’t just sorrowful but deeply angry and bitter. Elder brothers believe that if they live a good life they should get a good life, that God owes them a smooth road if they try to live up to standards.


0 thoughts on “The Prodigal God

  1. The parable of the prodical son has always been especially convicting in my life. I have been all of the characters more than once in my life. I think all Christians, if they have been around long enough, have been the younger son, the older son, and even the father. People are the same today as they were in Jesus’ time.

  2. I just had a call to say that my copy of the book can be collected from the Resources Centre – I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  3. I now have it. It’s shorter than I expected, but I’m looking forward to spending a eurostar journey to Paris reading it!

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