Having a great time in North America

Sorry that I have not been blogging for some time. My wife Lorenza and I are having a great time visiting North America. But we have been too busy with friends and churches, and sightseeing, to spend much time blogging.

We have been taking quite a lot of photos. I have put the best of them into two Facebook albums, North America summer 2010 part 1 and North America summer 2010 part 2. I think these albums are accessible to anyone, not just Facebook users, but please report to me any difficulties. Meanwhile here are a couple of sample photos.

We return to the UK on 19th August. But we will then be busy moving house, so I am not promising to start blogging again straight away.

With this post I have at last made it to a total of 900 on this blog. I might yet make it to a thousand!