A wedding break

I am getting married to my wonderful Lorenza on Saturday. This afternoon her mother and sister are arriving from Italy. So I expect to be too busy to blog for a bit, at least until the beginning of November. I will still be monitoring comments for the next few days, but perhaps not in the week after the wedding. When I’m back I hope to be able to post some photos.

23 thoughts on “A wedding break

  1. Peter,

    Please do not monitor comments in the week after the wedding; enjoy your life instead. (I think the two are mutually exclusive.)


  2. All the best to you and your wife to be Peter. Have a good look around on the day and soak it up, it all goes very quickly.

  3. Thanks for all the congrats. No, I won’t be live blogging from the ceremony, and certainly not from the honeymoon! As for posting photos, I will if I’m allowed to. But since I have preached mutual submission, I’ll have to submit to my wife!

  4. Congratulations and best wishes, Peter and Lorenza. I was phoned yesterday by our local Registrar to ask me to decipher the names on the most recent marriage return that I’ve sent in. So I wish you a wonderful day, a happy marriage, and a legible Vicar 😉

  5. Thanks for more congratulations.

    T.C, that wouldn’t work as sadly Lorenza doesn’t know Greek. We could have gone for Italian vows – but I think by law they have to be in English here.

    Martin, our vicar is an Arab and his written English looks like Arabic. But I think the church administrator keeps him in order on things like this. Anyway it’s his problem and the registrar’s, and I’ve got enough little things to worry about without that one!

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  7. Congratulations. You should take a year off like the ancient Hebrew men did. But whatever you do, take everything David Ker says with a grain of salt!

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