Adrian's apostasy

Adrian Warnock writes that the Christian blogosphere is beginning to apostasize, and shows how he has been drawn into this “apostasy” himself, to the extent that he has ordered a MacBook.

Of course he is not the first Christian blogger to stray from the right path in this way. He mentions that Phil Johnson has just bought one, but long before that Rick Mansfield was blogging with a Mac, and tempting others to do so by singing the praises of a piece of software which looks very nice but can only be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Here is what I wrote to Adrian in a comment on his blog:

Brother Adrian, I am beginning to be concerned about your salvation. 😉 If you fall away from the true gospel that we can be saved only through Windows into heaven which have been opened for us, then you are in danger of being lost eternally. At least you have not given up completely on Windows, and so there is hope for you. But it seems that you are planning to locate your Windows on one of the enemy’s platforms and to indulge in some kind of syncretism with “parallels”. This is spiritually extremely dangerous. Don’t you remember how Adam and Eve were lost by taking a bite from the Apple? If you take from that Apple, with the original bite still missing, not just one bite but two billion of them, what chance is there for you?

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  1. Well, Tim, at least (unlike Adrian and Rick) you are an Anglican and so not a double apostate. If there’s a back window into heaven, you just might get in!

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