Anglicised NIV 2011: the secret uncovered

Last night I suggested that the Anglicised NIV 2011 was “a secret publication”. Today, I am happy to uncover more of that secret, courtesy of Claire Portal of Hodder & Stoughton. In reply to my e-mail yesterday morning, Claire wrote to me:

Dear Peter,

I am afraid we have been experiencing technical difficulties with our website for a long time now and a complete rebuild is being planned.

We will very shortly have a new website which will host all the information you could need about the new NIV edition for 2011. We are planning for this site to go live towards the end of this month.

In the meantime, I have attached some information on the new NIV translation that I hope you find useful.

Best wishes

NIV 2011 trade mailing presenter p1The attached information is a trade mailing dated 24th January 2011, a four page and nearly 5 MB PDF of high resolution images. The image on the right is the first page of this presentation – click for a higher resolution version, fully legible, but not as good quality as the full presentation.

Here is most of the text of the presentation, to which I have added purchase links from – at lower prices than the recommended prices in the following text. I have also added all of these editions to the Gentle Wisdom store.

The world’s most popular Bible translation

The perfect blend of accuracy and readability, fully revised and updated for 2011

Includes the latest advances in biblical scholarship and language use

The UK’s broadest range of editions means we have the right Bible for everyone


  • The NIV Bible has been fully revised and updated for 2011.
  • The chief goal of every revision to the NIV text is to bring the translation into line both with contemporary biblical scholarship and with shifts in English idiom and usage.
  • The majority of what has changed involves comparatively minor matters of vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation. Other changes reflect the advances in biblical scholarship over the last three decades. All of these changes aim to move the NIV from the English of 1984 to the English of 2011.

Some examples:


  • The NIV 2011 edition avoids outdated language use by replacing the 1984 edition’s ‘alien’ with the more accurate ‘foreigner’.


  • To accurately reflect the original writer’s intention to include both men and women, the NIV 2011 edition uses ‘brothers and sisters’ instead of ‘brothers’.


  • The NIV 2011 edition takes account of advances in Biblical scholarship and translates ‘kataluma’ accurately as ‘guest room’, where the 1984 edition used the word ‘inn’.


NIV Popular HB Bible 9781444701500 May 2011 Hardback £14.99

NIV Popular Burgundy HB Bible 978 1 444 70148 7 May 2011 Hardback £15.99

NIV Popular PB Bible 978 1 444 70152 4 May 2011 Paperback £11.99

NIV Popular HB Bible with Cross-References 978 1 444 70153 1 June 2011 Hardback £20

NIV Popular Cross-Reference Black Leather Bible 978 1 444 70154 8 June 2011 Leather £30

NIV Schools HB Bible 978 1 444 70155 5 June 2011 Hardback £12.99

NIV Popular Burgundy HB Bible 20 copy pack
978 1 444 70149 4 | May 2011 | Hardback | £180

NIV Popular HB Bible Pack of 20
978 1 444 70151 7 | May 2011..| Hardback | £160

NIV Schools Bible 20 Copy pack
9781444701562 | June 2011 | Hardback | £200

The NIV is the people’s Bible for 2011 just as the KJV was the people’s Bible for 1611.


  • National print and broadcast media campaign
  • National print and online advertising campaign led by major
    creative agency
  • Social media campaign
  • Unparalleled Christian market exposure
  • Wide range of point of sale material available
  • High profile partnerships with Biblefresh (Evangelical Alliance), Soul Survivor, David Suchet, Andrew Motion



HODDER FAITH SALES OFFICE: Contact Lucy Avery on 020 7873 6051 or

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