Bishop Michael Reid arrested on suspicion of rape

Last year I reported on the fall of Bishop Michael Reid. He had been the controversial pastor of Peniel Church in Brentwood, Essex – a highly controlling leader who ruled over his flock in a way which was a complete antithesis to how Jesus taught church leaders to behave. But Reid resigned when it was revealed that he had for eight years been having an affair with the music director of the church.

Since then, I understand that Peniel Church has been putting its house in order. But apparently Bishop Reid has not. It has been reported today, as the lead item in the Brentwood Gazette (sister newspaper to the Essex Chronicle which last week made its lead item the resignation of another church leader), that

THE founder and former leader of the Peniel Church, Bishop Michael Reid, has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

It is understood that the controversial Bishop, 66 – who split from the Peniel Church after admitting to adultery – was arrested in the early hours of Thursday August 27 following an allegation of rape.

I have no information beyond what is in this newspaper article.

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  1. There is a little more on this story at Michael Reid Miseries. I think it was one of the owners of this site who tipped me off about the story. The site also says

    I am told that Reid has gone to India.

    Surely this would be a breach of normal bail conditions?

    The report in Metro newspaper referred to at that site is here. Does anyone know, does “historical rape”, the accusation (apparently not a formal charge) against Reid as described in this report, imply rape carried out a long time ago, perhaps when Reid was at Peniel?

    There is also a short article in today’s edition of the London Evening Standard. This also uses the words “on suspicion of historical rape” but adds nothing to the Metro article.

  2. hi peter
    don’t you love how the LORD reveals iniquity?
    just came across your site to discover truth about ” bishop” reid
    met him today at one of his meetings to discover he is a false preacher
    when i heard him declare that JESUS is not returning that was que for me to leave
    i admonished him with scripture and was acused of being a JW and biblically iliterate
    it was saddening to see he has 10 mesmerised acolytes
    this is indeed the last days
    i shall endeavour to warn people of this cult
    thanks for exposing

  3. Thank you, Steve. Out of interest, where was Bishop Michael Reid ministering? Was this at What God Can Do Ministries, apparently now in Basildon? (This link is NOT an endorsement.) That site includes a Statement of Faith which, while not explicitly listing the second coming of Jesus, references the Apostles’ Creed which states that Jesus “will come to judge the living and the dead”. But then it would hardly be a surprise if Reid’s preaching contradicts his Statement of Faith.

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