Church of England Weddings: not one size for all


Church of England’s ruling Synod rejects plans to increase standard fees for weddings and funerals

Good! For more on why this was a bad move, see Weddings R Us by Archdruid Eileen. The issue was not so much the price increase as the attempt to standardise a very diverse product.

UPDATE: For more background see this BBC story, still on the front page although now out of date.

0 thoughts on “Church of England Weddings: not one size for all

  1. My dearest and gentle Peter of the Kirk –

    I’m not here to ask your hand in marriage! Not at your place. Or mine.

    Save that in the marriage of true minds, let there not be impediment …

    … of which marriage, I’m rather marrying you and Doug Chapin together for a little unholy parody.

    Ever, gently. Ever, with gentle wisdom!

    As I wrote to Doug, feel the love.

    @ “To Supernova Dust You Shall Return – The Remnant Lights Up! “

    Fret not, my own Quakerly and Vineyard friends also do not escape – alive – not in life as we know it.

    A wee bit of perspective ….

    And many cheers,


  2. Thanks, Jim. How do I reply to that? By the way, I don’t pray with my hands folded, though a proper Anglican like Doug might. Have you seen the distant galaxy with a cross in the centre?

  3. Just to confuse everyone, the BBC story which I said was out of date has been updated, with the same URL, and now reads

    Church of England wedding price rise rejected

  4. The Circinus Galaxy? Very good redirection.

    Best wishes on the outcomes and practices of the new Anglican fees.

    I thought that I read that Doug too argued against a single and one-size-fits-all policy. But I’m out of my depth in such matters. I shopped at a store for some polarized sunglasses recently, and, I overheard another customer asking the clerk for a “worm shredder.” A device to help him bait his fishing hooks with worms. His friend is getting married at a popular outdoor scenic site overlooking Lake Tahoe (where we have many “Weddings R Us” businesses, as invasive as invasive species) and this customer wanted to do something worthwhile later that day, fishing. That’s about as high-church as I get – for the moment. Maybe I need better friends?

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