Cutting down on blogging

My life has been getting busier in recent weeks, as tends to happen in September. And I want to spend more of my limited spare time with real friends. But I have also been finding an increasing number of posts on the blogs I like to read. I don’t have time to keep up with reading them, let alone commenting when I want to, as well as writing my own posts.

So I have decided to cut down on my blogging and blog reading. I will be taking some blogs off my regular reading list, and perhaps also my blogroll. And I will be posting less often here, as already seen this week. But I won’t go away completely.

For the same reason I have also decided not to attend the Godblogs event next week.

I will continue to read Reimagining Church and to report here on anything interesting I find. I will also be keeping up with and reporting any significant developments relating to Todd Bentley.

At least, this is my current intention. We’ll see how things go.

0 thoughts on “Cutting down on blogging

  1. John, virtual friends are what you, Brian, David, TC and many others are. But what do I call the friends I meet in person?

    TC, you have actually been promoted on my blogroll, at least to the extent that I have updated your blog name and the link.

  2. was just joking Pete – I knew what you meant just fine. I see you already put up a new post – so you were for cutting back on blogging before you were against it? Ha!

  3. Well, Brian, I did say I would continue to blog but less often. And the new one is my first since Monday except for the notice above. I thought I owed something to my readers, especially those interested in Todd who must have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

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