David Wilkerson prophecy: earthquakes in Japan and USA

I know I said I was ignoring Japan, but that was always meant to be hyperbole. I don’t want to get carried away into interpreting events there as more significant than they are. But I was fascinated to read the following, written by David Wilkerson in 1974, and quoted at The Watchman’s Cry Forum in December 2010 – so well before the recent earthquake in Japan (emphasis added by the forum poster, who is probably also responsible for the grammatical oddities):

Earthquakes coming to United States

The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history.

It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquake ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage.

Another earthquake , possibly in Japan may precede the one that I see coming here. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forthcoming massive earthquake in our continent.

I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes.

This is from Chapter 2 of David Wilkerson’s 1974 book The Vision. This is the same David Wilkerson who is best known for his 1963 book The Cross and the Switchblade. He later founded Times Square Church in New York City. I heard him speak in London in 2003. Although nearly 80, he continues to publish daily devotions (using Blogger software, but this is not a blog as comments are not allowed), but has not mentioned Japan recently.

Wikipedia offers a summary of Wilkerson’s prophecies as published in The Vision and elsewhere. Some parts of this have clearly already been fulfilled. These prophecies include the following from March 2009, published among Wilkerson’s daily devotions:


For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires—such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago.

There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting—including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath. …

How should we react to such prophecies? In the past on this blog I have discussed modern day prophecies by Smith Wigglesworth and Sharon Stone. On my understanding, the gift of prophecy today is not primarily about predicting future events. However, I believe that on occasions God does reveal the future to his people, not to satisfy their curiosity, but as warnings and to demonstrate that he is in control of events.

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7 (NIV 2011)

Such modern prophecies should not be considered infallible. The prophets, however respected they may be as church leaders, are fallible human beings. Their utterances are not inspired Holy Scripture, not on the same level as the writings of the Old Testament prophetic authors – who were only a few of the many prophets operating in their time.

But when specific prophecies are made and come true, that tends to confirm the prophet and give greater credibility to his or her other prophecies. So it would be right for the people of the USA to take heed of Wilkerson’s warnings for his home country: a massive earthquake following the one in Japan, and major rioting in New York and elsewhere.

These prophecies should be taken as conditional, if the nation does not repent, as was Jonah’s biblical prophecy of the overthrow of one of the greatest cities of his world (Jonah 3:4). Also we don’t know the time scales involved: if the Japan earthquake was nearly 40 years after the prophecy, the US one may be even further in the future. It is wise to be ready, but not to panic. Wilkerson’s 2009 advice is good:

I will say to my soul: No need to run…no need to hide. This is God’s righteous work. I will behold our Lord on his throne, with his eye of tender, loving kindness watching over every step I take—trusting that he will deliver his people even through floods, fires, calamities, tests, trials of all kinds.

We should also avoid giving these events too much significance. They do not mean that Jesus is about to come again. He clearly warned:

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. … 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Matthew 24:6-8, 12-14 (NIV 2011)

These things are not so much signs of the end as warnings that Christian believers should stand firm, and that those who are not should listen to the gospel of the kingdom and start to follow Jesus.

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  4. The temtation to panic is human, however, to remember God IS in control is faith in action. Hab 2:3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. 4 “See, he is puffed up; his desires are not upright–but the righteous will live by his faith– God’s living Word always bares out the Truth.

  5. I find David Wilkerson’s vision exciting. We are so close to the coming of Jesus Christ. I pray that when Jesus Christ comes I am ready so that I can go home to Heaven to live with Him forever and not stand before Him ashamed at His coming. I want to hear Jesus Christ say to me, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” I pray that by the power of God’s Holy Spirit I will hear my personal Savior and only Lord Jesus Christ say this to me and that I will have fulfilled my course by the times He comes for us, in Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

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  8. One only has to read the Word of God to be certain the time is near. Jesus said “Matthew 24:32-33 “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. [33] Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. ” WHen we see ALL these things we can be certain the time is near. I am not sure what world your living in but I can clearly see ALL these things. God Bless and I too pray continually to be found worthy! Exciting times!

  9. I fully agree what David Wilkerson had shared, without fear of man but in obedience to God. He had been diligently sharing the rhema Word of God, warning the church, encouraging the church with the full truths of God.
    May God bless his soul and keep his family with His peace.

  10. Be praying for the family of David Wilkerson as they deal with their grief. I’m very familiar with Teen Challenge & I presently have a relative in attendance. It is a God filled & wonderful organization.

  11. I first met David Wilkerson through his book, “The Cross and the Switchblade”. I thought he was a wonderful with a great vision. I later subscribed to his daily devotional mailing list. His teachings were forthright. He does not tolerate the ‘world’ in the church as shown by his sermons on HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS. I was shocked to learn of his ‘graduation’ this Wednesday (27/04/11). That was 80 years of a fruitful life for the King. I revisited probably his very last devotional, sent on the very day of being taken to glory, and felt his encouragement to WAIT upon GOD with revence and child-like faith. We thank brother David for a life well lived and a fruit to show the Lord for his labours. Fare thee well, till we meet across the bridge…

  12. Was in attendance at Time Square Church in the late 80s and was on a worship team with some of his deacons; he also gave me a Word of Wisdom which I remember to this day to have been accurate and regarded him as a prophetic voice for this day and time. Jesus is literally standing at the Door because He is the Door (i.e, the Cross and the Blood) through which we must go and is the only way to the Father and the Life to Come with Jesus.

  13. Strangely, I saw a video of pastor David Wilkerson for the first time before the accident. I had heard of pastor David Wilkerson through the book and the movie in Spanish, La Cruz y el puñal in 1969. I new then that he was a man after God’s heart.

    The news on his death brought sadness to my heart, but I see this as his final cry to awaken the world to the eminent tribulation and the return of Jesus and also, to awaken a sleeping church. I have read as a result of his death, many many of his writings and heard audio and have seen many videos on his prophecies and words for the church. No doubt that he is a true prophet of God. I have been blessed, ironically, by his death but I rejoice knowing that he is face to face with the One he loved so much. I believe that through his death, pastor Wilkerson will bring even more people to our Savior Jesus Christ for many more years.

    I bless his wife and family because they truly have been part on his ministry.

    Praise God, for speaking to us through this wonderful man!

  14. My heart breaks for the family of David, but I rejoice that he has been taken to stand in the presence of the most high, and his Lord and Savior. I have been greatly blessed for many years by the words of encouragement that has always poured forth from David. I was unsaved when I saw the movie, “the cross and the switchblade” but it left an impression on me that I never forgot. I always have prayed that I would be found faithful as David lived out his life faithful to the Lord. A great voice for the people of God has been silenced, but his prophetic words have been written for many more to read and see the truthfulness of God’s sovereign control of all that takes place. Thank you Father, for raising up such a man that would not give up the truth for gold or silver, but endured all heartache through his undying love and faith in you. No, none of us live our lives perfectly, but his heart towards God was without falter.

  15. Gotta wonder why rense.com is willing to publicize this information but is NOT willing to publicize anything in reference to the Visions and Prophecies I have received over the past 36 years.

    Apparently, there are ‘politically-correct’ Prophecies and ‘politically-incorrect’ Prophecies.

    So let me say just one thing: the ‘politically-incorrect’ Prophecies I have received will result in a loss of life orders of magnitude greater than the ‘politically-correct’ Prophecies will result in.

  16. Michael, I am happy to see the visitors coming to this post from rense.com – nearly 2000 hits in less than two hours! But I have no connection with rense.com and am not endorsing the site. So I would only be guessing to suggest that the reason is that David Wilkerson was a well known figure, certainly in Christian circles and perhaps elsewhere, but you, as far as I know, are not.

  17. A thousand prophets tell a thousand prophecies, only to realize this is how the world works. No one is coming people, we are already here.

  18. I think the reason Jeff Rense linked this article is because despite his LACK of absolute faith in Christ, Jesus is currently calling hard all truth seeking people. God will tap everyone on the shoulder from time to time, even the faithless and the ‘spiritual’ sorts who believe in a kind of new agey Christianity. Even if Rense doesnt heed to the call to Christ we will be seeing alot of amazing turn arounds from people soon, Ive been seeing it and feeling alot the past two weeks, we’ve rounded a corner in end times prophecy and most people can feel it, but they all arent sure what it is that is firing up this passion in them so suddenly. I wont guess exactly WHICH stage we are at, or say the day of the Lord is tomorrow or 2015, but we are impatient so we think it all has to happen tomorrow but it really doesnt. A decade or an age for man passes quickly for the Lord, just be ready always. God bless.

  19. The following has been sent to many people all around the world over the last eight years.


    Do you believe “Moshiach” is…

    (a) A tasty Polish stew best served in the depths of winter.
    (b) An irrelevant, archaic concept with no relevance to today’s world.
    (c) A metaphor for an age of world peace and does not imply an actual person.
    (d) Alive and breathing right now on Planet Earth and is doing his work.
    (e) Has already lived and will return one day.
    (f) Not born yet and is not physically present on earth yet.
    (g) Best represented by the collective Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.

    Malachi 4 means the following…

    The Day of the Lord

    Day here is not a literal 24 hour day. The time of the redemption is a process. It commenced approximately fifteen years ago.

    “Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them.

    The best approximation to this is by seeing the movie “The Never-ending Story”. Where the nothing is counter-balanced and redeemed. It also alludes to turning people’s minds on fire by getting them to confront unpalatable truths as part of the healing process. The Jews being a group that is eternally curious and prides itself on intellectual investigation will be stimulated first by these sparks. They will not be able to fulfil their role of being a Light unto the nations if they haven’t got their heads around a few things.

    “But for you who revere my name,”

    Those who really do believe in the Twelfth Article of Faith will be on the lookout for a certain person’s appearance.

    “…the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.”

    Healing takes people back to feelings of purity, innocence and freedom which feels like a re-birth. As children we feel that the universe is based on justice and we hope for a better world quite easily. The true self remains in all people no matter how calcified their soul.

    “Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things, says the Lord Almighty.”

    The bad guys will lose their power and be defeated over time.

    “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel.”

    Pretty straightforward advice. Don’t sexually abuse children, murder, rape etc.

    “See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

    This is another badly misinterpreted part of the Tanach. So many commentators have got the Elijah bit wrong. Elijah is just an allusion to Moshiach. Everyone must remember that the prophets like Isaiah, Ezekial, Jeremiah and Malachi glimpsed pieces of the divine jigsaw puzzle. They didn’t get a fully clear picture. In the TV Screen of all potential sometimes things get blurred. Many of the sages thought they were on the same wavelength as the prophets when they were not even in the same continent let alone radio station. But even the most arrogant of sages will admit, in Messianic times all things would become clear. The desperate need for guidance led many people to take advice from those who misinterpreted the Tanach. Moses was smart however because he knew the practise of the mitzvot would be like a rail track for his people. His boss also knew that as long as he could keep some of the Jews on the right track for a period of time, no matter how long it would take and no matter how rickety the carriage things would come together and a new world would emerge.

  20. David Wilkerson meant the world to so many with his timely words of truth and encouragement. He was mostly a prophet to the church encouraging a return to holiness in his later years. I will miss him. As for calamity on the horizon, it seems something is on the way. God has been sending warnings to his prophetic types about a great earthquake to hit the U.S. Watch for the fall when we are pushing to split Israel. In particular note that the U.S. government has officially said it does not recognize Israel as controlling Jerusalem! That is not a good sign for us, as God says in the later days he will be jealous for Israel belonging to the Jewish people. Any attempt to thwart his word will result in punishments I think.

    On prediction is that an earthquake along the New Madrid would split the country and flood a vast section from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Michigan.

    We must realize that repentence will be the order of the day … without it we are lost personally and as a nation.

  21. Dear Brother Kirk,
    I was led here by the Jeff Rense site which I’ve just started to visit again recently due to the Japanese event.
    Mr Wilkerson was a man of faith for sure and of inspiration by the Holy Spirit. Back in March of 2009 he predicted an imminent “earth-shattering calamity” centered in New York City that will spread to major urban areas across the country and around the world – part of what he sees as a judgment from God.
    Perhaps that is the earthquake that may follow this Japanese one?
    I have to confess that I’ve said to myself the last month or so that these could easily be the End Times. Never before has the earth groaned so.

    As far as Mr Rense he appears to be a decent human being and there is more truth on his website than I find on American television and so-called “mainstream media”
    God bless you and may He keep us from evil.

  22. Adam, none of those. Jesus, the Christ or Messiah, is alive and doing his work, but not currently breathing on planet earth, but he will come again and breathe here. Also I would say that the Day of the Lord began approximately 2000 years ago. But in general terms you are on the right track.

    Truthisgolden, I agree with what you say about David Wilkerson. See also what I wrote In memory of David Wilkerson. People may be right about a New Madrid earthquake, but I see a large part of that area is currently flooded from regular floodwaters quite apart from an earthquake. It is interesting that Bob Jones has warned Christians to flee from the west coast. Has he got the place wrong? Or is there earthquake danger in both regions?

    Terence, I don’t think Wilkerson suggested an earthquake in New York City. His March 2009 prophecy, which I quoted above, doesn’t mention an earthquake. But his 1974 prophecy, also quoted above, mentions how a major earthquake “will cause widespread panic and fear”. That may well be the trigger for financial meltdown and serious rioting in New York. As for Jeff Rense, as I wrote before I am happy that he linked here but do not endorse him or his site.

  23. All this with the locations was already predicted by America’s true
    psychic EDGAR GAYCE. ( +1943)

    Myself received a divine warning
    with PROOF included
    which you can red in my song ON YOUTUBE

    Also was given how to protect yourself and your children from the horror

    Peace & Read it.


  24. I’m sorry, this is NOT prophecy, it’s COMMON SENSE! Of course this is going to happen at some time, it happens everywhere eventually.

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  26. Hi i came here after cfollowin a link from the Jeff Rense show. I find rense.com anti semite but do keep an eye on what they’re doing and Im from New Zealand! I have Davids book: The jesus person pocket book 800 promises from the word of God”
    Shalom shabbet

  27. I’m so tired of hypocritical so called christians waiting for jesus to save them from their own spineless behavior.
    Christ drove out the moneychangers as alesson to yu but I’m sure you’re too afraid to follow it or you yourself are connected to the money system too much to speak out.

  28. To Deborah Hazelip says:
    Monday 28 March, 2011 at 11:30 pm
    “I find David Wilkerson’s vision exciting. We are so close to the coming of Jesus Christ. I pray that when Jesus Christ comes I am ready so that I can go home to Heaven to live with Him forever and not stand before Him ashamed at His coming. ”

    If you voiced your dislike for three and more wars based on the liars claims or did you blindly accept the liars excuses for war? The shame will depend on that.

  29. Hey 400 Chevy: I guess rense is an anti-semite because he dares to critsize the sacred nation of Israel?

  30. The prophecy of Jesus in Matthew 24 regarding earthquakes had nothing to do with the “end of the world” and the second coming of Christ. It was a prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Romans, which he said would take place in one generation – and it did, in AD 70, fulfilled to the very detail just as Jesus described.

    So it is quite wrong to say that earthquakes and tsunamis (which happen all the time – especially in places like Japan) are “signs of the soon coming of Jesus” as some commenters here are implying.

    The problem is that many contemporary Christians are totally untaught about the historical background of Jesus day, (and John’s day – when he wrote Revelation) and so interpret all of those prophesies as if they are about our day. If you read Jesus whole speech in Matthew 24 & 25 you will see that he is contrasting two separate things – the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple will happen very soon, in one generation, during a time of trouble & tribulation, accompanied by many warning signs, and that will be the sign of the “end of the age” (the Old Testament age – not the end of the “world”). On the other hand, the return of Christ and the final day will not happen “for a long time”, during a time of peace & prosperity (not trouble & tribulation), without any warning sings, and when people are least expecting it.

    Many Christians love the “sensationalistic” approach to prophecy – both Bible prophecy and contemporary prophecy – which seems to lead them down the path of conspiracy theories (like those on the rense sight), which is the exact opposite of what Jesus was saying and what he was all about.

    [Incidentally, for those interested in conspiracy theories, I think it should concern you that the home page on the rense sight – to say nothing of the articles – is a hoax. Compare this: http://www.rense.com with this: http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/barackobama/ss/welcome_to_kenya_sign.htm ]

  31. Thank you for the various comments today. Sorry I can’t respond to each individually. Just to clarify, I have clearly condemned on this blog the war in Iraq, but I am ambivalent about the action in Libya.

    Martin, thank you for your clear explanation. I have tried to be careful to avoid suggesting that these prophesied earthquakes etc are signs that the end of the age is close. I don’t think Wilkerson suggested that either. I know some people commenting here have suggested it, but I do not endorse every comment here, nor every point even in comments that make positive responses to.

  32. I have read and reread “The Vision” (in paperback) many times since 1974 when it was first published, and I always remembered the reference to a major earthquake in Japan preceding a massive earthquake in the U.S.

    Misplaced the book over the past couple of years, but that prophecy has always stood out in my mind (among many others which have eerily proven to be true, particularly concerning meteorological irregularities, entertainment media liberalities, and worldwide economic scenarios).

    GOD IS IN CONTROL…no doubt the other predictions will come to pass “in the fullness of time” and “will not tarry.”

    Watch, Listen, and Pray.

    Deception is the Keyword for the End-Times!

  33. To Doug P.

    No. I’m the person prophesied about for the last two and half thousand years or so. sometimes you just have to stake your claim in a crystal clear fashion. I set up World Peace 2050 in April 2000 after an incredible five years. Lots has happened in the last eleven years.

    P.S. Jesus of Nazareth failed to fulfil the messianic job description. i.e. Usher in an age of world peace, male heir, Third Temple etc. No amount of rationalisation or devious misintepretation of the Tanach will suffice. To clarify this I will repeat the following offer here.


    I have a little game I would like to play. It is completely up to the Christian reader whether you want to join in. I have offered the same deal to quite a few people in many parts of the world at different times over the past eight years.

    The game is called the “Second Coming 2012 Futures Contract”.

    This is how it works. As a Christian you will no doubt adhere to the belief that Jesus is returning to earth at some point in time for a second visit to terra firma. Because you hold this belief and that is why you are a Christian, you may be prepared to commit to something. Now I don’t believe in the idea of the second coming, even though I believe Jesus was real and was one of the most important people to have ever lived. Now I will bet that he will never return. You can take a position and quite rightly profit from your belief. Jesus had a reasonable problem with the money-changers but he wasn’t completely against the stuff.

    For every dollar you invest I will pay you an amount = Your Stake x A Multiplier of 100 x The Number of Months Expired from the Start of the Contract when he Appears.

    If he doesn’t appear by the year 2012, you lose your stake. If you would like to bet again then we can renegotiate another “Special Carpenter Futures Contract”. It is a very generous offer. To make things worthwhile the minimum bet you can make is $100.


    Jesus of Nazareth reappears descending from the clouds with his donkey at the gates of Jerusalem via YouTube in December 2012. (Just to shut those silly mayan pagan worshippers up and those smart-arse film directors aswell.)

    Your bet $100 x 100 x 19 months = $190,000 HOLY JACKPOT !!!

    A good return in any stockbroker’s language.


  34. mr neira,
    christ did not leave earth without completing his task. U may not understand it, but his job was to offer himself to the hebrews, they said let his blood be on us and our children. has that not been so past 2000 yrs? His next job is to claim all believers on his name for a disappearance act which will soon shock the world. afterward for 7 years a false messiah will control planet earth, then atomic wars will destroy over half the population. Look at the stars on a bright night mr neira, think that was an accident? Only a man void of reason can reject the messiah who came since he was prophesied to come for 2000 yrs. he did come, and he himself said he would come again. think about it…gator

  35. Doug P. so you agree that the palestinians have a right to shoot anti-tank missiles at school buses, ambush pregnant women driving with their children, and shoot her and her girls at point blank range, teach their children to become living bombs and they will get their own amusement park in heaven? Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel were all created out of the Ottoman empire yet you want to deny legitimacy to the only Jewish one? In 6 decades 40,000 Arabs and 22,000 Jews were killed in Arab/Israeli wars & palestinian terror attacks, at the same time, 11 million Muslims were killed, mostly by other Muslims.

  36. Martin, it’s probably best to ignore them and expect them to go away. I’m not sure if Adam is trying to be serious or trying to make us laugh. Either way, when Jesus does come he won’t be in a position to pay out on his wager. Adam has clearly been too busy for the last 11 years to set up a properly accessible website for the organisation he set up in 2000. Gator can read what I have to say about the rapture, and your book.

    mjazz and Doug, I don’t want a debate on the Israel-Palestine issue here.

  37. They do that because they had thier land STOLEN from them….they dont have an army,navy,air force,etc. so they do what they have to do.Obviously you are a dispensalnist christian who makes up excuses for so-called”Israel” so you can get brownie points with God for doing so…”Bless those who bless you,etc…”…LOL….I spent 5 yrs in a fundalamentist church that put the Jews on a pedestal….luckily I woke up right around the time they did the Gaza Strip massacre.

  38. Doc Martin: You are right on!!! P.Kirk….ok no debate from now on…I can see whose side you take anyways.

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  40. Peter- I went to Wikipedia today to search David Wilkerson’s list of prophetic words, and they are no longer listed there. Do you have another link that offers his prophecies? Isn’t it interesting that they are no longer there? And the page is not available to edit.

    Thanks for your time.

  41. April, thank you for the warning. The prophecy information is still available in the “Talk” section of the David Wilkerson Wikipedia page. The reason given is that citations are needed, but it should be obvious that these citations are from Wilkerson’s book The Vision.

    Here is the full text that was removed from Wikipedia, less the notes, sorry the formatting is not properly preserved:

    Wilkerson claimed to have received a vision in 1973 regarding the future of the United States and subsequently gave a sermon on the vision and published a book called The Vision. He has said that God revealed to him a great calamity which was going to befall America due to increase in “sins” such as homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and greed.

    Some of the details of this reputed vision were:

    1. “Worldwide recession caused by economic confusion”
    “At most a few more fat flourishing years, and then an economic recession that’s going to affect the life style of every wage-earner in the world. The world economists are going to be at loss to explain what’s happening. It’s going to start in Europe, spread to Japan and finally to the United States.”
    There will be a move toward a worldwide, unified monetary system. The US dollar will be hit bad and it will take years for it to recover.
    The only real security will be in real estate (until a somewhat later stage, at which point this apparent security will also disappear).
    2. “Nature having labor pains”
    Environmentalists will come under heavy criticism.
    There will be major earthquakes.
    There will be a major famine.
    Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will increase in frequency.
    “A new kind of cosmic storm appearing as a raging fire in the sky leaving a kind of vapor trail.”
    3. “A flood of filth and a baptism of dirt in America”
    Topless women will appear on television, followed by full nudity.
    Adult, X rated movies will be shown on cable television. Young people will gather at homes to watch this kind of material in groups.
    Sex and the occult will be mixed.
    There will be an acceptance of homosexuality, and the church will even say that it is a God-given gift.
    4. “Rebellion in the home”
    “I see the new number one youth problem in America and the world as hatred towards parents.”
    5. “A persecution madness against truly Spirit filled Christians who love Jesus Christ”
    There will arise a world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church, using Christ in name only.
    There will be a hate Christ movement.
    There will be a spiritual awakening behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains.
    6. Others
    There will be another wave of riots.
    There will be a fall in moral conduct.
    There will be a new drug that will be popular with teenagers that will break down resistance and will encourage sexual activity.
    Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and this will be heralded as a new breed of pioneer.
    There will be occult practices in churches.

  42. To Gator, yes I have been incredibly busy the last sixteen years actually. My life story has been interesting to say the least. The mission of fulfilling World Peace by 2050 is a multifaceted one. A bit like solving an incredibly compled Rubik’s Cube.

    P.S. Did you know that scientists recently discovered that a Ruhik’s Cube no matter how diabolical it’s configuration can always be solved in 27 moves ?

  43. Greetings of peace and salvation through Yahshua the Son of Yahweh!
    I came here because you were mentioned on http://www.rense.com. I do not believe that it is right to leave without a witness for Bible truth. Rense has many articles about current events. However, many are tainted with antisemitism. This is possibly why his site and others are allowed to continue in operation. These sites publish very little about the Vatican which IS controlling the world through the war loving British Monarchy and the 30 year Bush Senior White House under them. The Bible says to bless the Jewish people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. All (I mean ALL) of us have been deceived about truth at one time or another. Yahshua said, “The truth shall make you free,” So, at this late date please open your heart to it!
    Yahshua said that there would be earthquakes in different places perplexing us all. Matthew 24:7, Mark 13:8, Luke 21:11 Because He was also a Jew, He would have understood perfectly the words in Leviticus 18, the command to keep Yahweh’s laws and commandments so that the land does not “vomit” out its inhabitants, verse 25. Earthquake protection guaranteed! Yahweh does not cause these earthquakes but he does permit them. Rumors abound about their cause! One is H.A.A.R.P. a weapon of war against our planet also for weather control formed by this U.S. Government. Another is that some form of orbital body given the recent name of Elenin (but earlier called Nibiru by the ancient Babylonians) is wrecking havoc on earth. The greatest havoc will be caused on December 21, 2012. It is my prayerful opinion that we are living in the final days of Revelation 13. The first beast in this chapter is the Vatican. The second beast in verse 11 is this country of America circa 1776. Some of my white ancestors were here long before 1776. I personally believe that John saw a buffalo. He describes its government in the following verses. It turns its power over to the Vatican. I firmly believe that Martial Law here will mean “The Mark of the Beast” What is that mark?? Greek Diaglott (free on the web) for Revelation 13:18 The three Greek symbols for the #666 are a name and a number which is also a mark! The Greek name sounds like Ezeus Christos and one of the symbols is a cross (X as in Xmas!) This name over the centuries has morphed into the name Jesus Christ, the image (idol) of the Roman Catholic Church! Those who escape “The Mark of the Beast” choose to be sealed with the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua), Revelation 14:1. You can be, too, by praying to Yahweh asking to believe on His Son Yahshua for your redemption! They will take care of the rest! You do not need a middle person, priest, or pope! (Sadly, most are corrupt!) By His grace, I have been a servant of Yahweh and Yahshua for over 38 years. Even when I am all alone, I have the peace of the fellowship of His Spirit! I pray that you will, too! Yahshua is returning SOON ~ and no New World Order can stop Him! HalleluYah! (This ancient Hebrew word means “Praise ye Yah”. ) Peace in Them!

  44. Adam, I’m sure you can be kept busy for a lifetime trying to establish world peace on your own. Have you tried making peace with some of the others trying to establish world peace and working together on the task?

    4Yahshua, I am sceptical about some of your claims, but I can agree with your appeal for people to be saved from disaster in this life and the next “by praying to Yahweh [God] asking to believe on His Son Yahshua [Jesus] for your redemption”.

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  46. In the light of discussion on the talk page, I have reinstated the prophecies section of the Wikipedia page on David Wilkerson but with the content cut down to a couple of sentences. This means that the link in the text of this post works again, but shows the cut down material. I hope this will be allowed to stand but I cannot be sure. The full material on Wilkerson’s prophecies can still be read on the talk page, and in a previous comment here.

  47. Peter, that is good because Yahshua said to prove ALL things! Here are two baby steps to possible understanding. Our Saviour was never called “Jesus” by His mother (whose name was Miriam in Hebrew) or anyone else during His life. It is a Greek name NOT Hebrew! In fact, there isn’t a “J” in the Hebrew language. (This fact also knocks out the name Jehovah!) HalleluYah means “Praise ye Yah” and those who are sealed with the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) will be singing it when Yahshua comes! May that be SOON is my prayer!
    Peace in Them!

  48. 4Yahshua, I am aware that “Jesus” is not what his mother would have called him. I could argue that “Yahshua” is just as unlikely, and that there isn’t a “Y” in Hebrew either, only a yod. But my point in quoting the form “Jesus” is that that is how his name has generally been spelled in English for many centuries. I don’t see any good reason to change this. If you do, that’s fine, as long as we can agree that it is the same person we are talking about. I don’t want to discuss this further on this comment thread.

  49. Alot of Christians claim to be “pro-life”….If yer so pro life then why do you clap and cheer when A certain MidEast country slaughters another ethnic group…you ppl will NEVER get the victory over abortion until you stop supporting war and be TOTALLY pro-life!!

  50. Peter, if you do not want me to discuss the Saviour’s True Name Yahshua, sadly I will not. However, everyone reading this thread may have these words in the back of their minds: “How can I survive the end of this age?” It’s ALL in the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua!), Revelation 14:1.
    Here is a side note and personal testimony. During my 63 years I have been hit in auto accidents at least 15 times without any injury (except s small whiplash that turned up weeks later.) None were my fault and I am not afraid to drive as I do every day. From my own experience I state that belief in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua is the GREATEST auto insurance that you can have! Shalom and salvation in Them.

  51. To Peter Kirk,

    I have been working with many, many groups for a long time now. If you know how group dynamics work influencing and changing certain people in a group or organisation can have a major trickle down or ripple effect. You have no doubt heard of the butterfly theory. I used the idea in April 2000 on the original World Peace 2050 website. See “Waybackwhenmachine”. The point about Jesus of Nazareth stands though. He was/is not Moshiach. I have been pointing out the same things to the Lubavitchers who believe M.M.Schneerson was/is Moshiach. To paraphrase the Talmudic dictum Avos, you and your readers should “Make for yourselves another teacher.” With your continued promotion of the myth of Jesus’s messianic qualifications you are reinforcing a conditioned frame of reference to people who visit your site. You are not elucidating, expanding consciousness or sparking any new insights to your audience. Thus you are not really fulfilling your purpose on the Planet through your writing and activism.

    P.S. If you haven’t noticed there are quite a few big things happening on the world stage at the moment. The narrative is fascinating. G-d’s timetable will trump all others.

  52. Fascination with prophecy is no bad thing – but discernment needs to be applied.
    Without a strong prophetic message – the church speculates and looks at trends and listens to the opinions of the uninspired and over-educated. This is like forgetting the “but God” bit, that has seen the nation turn around many times with ordinary people at the forefront. Without prophetic vision and hope, intercessors cannot call into being the revival which is not yet manifested.

  53. Geoff, thank you for commenting, and sorry that your comment was delayed as it was caught in a spam trap. I agree that discernment needs to be applied. But I have serious reservations about the kind of discernment I often see on blogs, which seems to depend more on presuppositions on doctrine and about what kind of people God will speak to, rather than on the spiritual gift of discernment.

    Are you the same Geoff who commented earlier yesterday on my post Is the Smith Wigglesworth revival prophecy genuine? ? If not, and as your site suggests that you are an expert on these older prophecies, perhaps you can help to answer my question about its genuineness.

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  55. In 1997, I, a believer in the only true Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, was given a revelation – that the Rapture would occur in my lifetime. In 2008 the Lord showed me that Jesus was coming back in the next 25-30 years. And in 2009, the Lord showed me that we are about 7 years away from the beginning of Tribulation. I am not well-known and that is fine. God is not a respecter of persons. I can only hope that the impending disasters will serve as a wake-up call to millions of lost sheep. And I can only hope that the Rapture occurs before the last 3 1/2 years of Tribulation, when torment on earth will be unprecedented. Stand fast in the faith. That’s all we can do. Gird ourselves with the armor of the Lord and be ready!

  56. Jim, we are blessed if we love His appearing. However, the Holy Spirit does not give revelations of false belief. We have true understanding if we prayerfully study the Bible and Yahshua’s own words. The word “Rapture” is not found in Scripture. However, the word “sealing” is, Revelation 14:1. The seal of the True Names of the Father and Son will protect the saints through the times of trouble that we are now in.
    False preachers and teachers completely ignore these words because they involve “keeping the commandments of Yahweh (including His 7th Day Sabbath) and
    the faith of Yahshua” Revelation 14:12 (Original Hebrew)
    Yahshua’s coming will be according to Yahweh’s calendar ~ not man’s! Matthew 24:32-34 gives an indication of the timing. When the fig tree (long symbolizing Israel) begins to bud, that generation which is alive will see Him come. Israel was reborn in 1948. In my prayerful study, it seems that this “generation” is not 20, 40, 50, or even 60 years. It’s 70 years, or as King David said, “man’s days are four score and ten”. At least I pray so! If not, any of those who were alive in 1948 will not live long enough to see Him come! Yahweh may also shorten the time in order to save His saints. If it’s 70 years, the final 7 years started last “Day of Atonement”. 2017 ~ 2018 is the final Jubilee year. Yahweh told Moses, “Man’s days are 120 years.” 120 x 50 (Jubilees) =
    6000 years. He will come at the end of this time.
    Yahshua possibly may come Day of Atonement (all Jubilee years begin on this day), 2018. I was born on 1~12-1948 and did not know anything about modern Israel until my later years.
    Planet Earth is already in sorrows and the “birth pangs” of Yahshua’s coming are constant and getting worse. Please have your salvation in Him so that you, too, can be in the palm of Yahweh’s Hand! Shalom (Peace) in Them!

  57. Sorry,Pete,I didnt mean that as a personal attack…I was at a prayer meeting at a church during the Gaza Strip massacre…The ppl there were praying for victory for the Isralies…when victory came they said…”1400 Palestinians killed but only SIX Israelis died during the massacre…that PROVES that God is on the side of Israel”Im sorry but I disagree with that…It only proves that the Israelies have superior weapons and they went against a ppl who have NO army,navy,or air force.”Blessed are the PEACE-makers”.

  58. What all of you end-times christians are failing to comprehend, all of this end time nonsense is predicated on something that has been falsly advanced. What is that you ask,,, the fraud state of israel. NONE and I mean NOT ONE of those jewish “end to the jewish exile” events have ever happened [yet]. What they call a holocaust in ww2 was a hollow cause for the events they claim happened. It would fall far short in the numbers of dead jews as well as an all too important fact buried in their prophecy, ‘the methods of death’ they wrote down as their gods words in their books. If my god said 6 million burned to death “as if they were in an oven”, I do not think being shot, starved, choked, sick with typhus, or any other method of death BUT BEING BURNED TO DEATH is going to fly with the almighty. Do you? (really? NOT) Isn’t there some punnishment for some grand deception in your religious scripts!!! Now think, the “end to the jewish exile from israel” depends on many other prophecide events beside the so called holocaust that MUST take place first before they can call any patch of desert israel, like their messiah living and breathing here on Earth. So where are the rabbis hiding this character, and why do they hide that magic man from the world? Right, he does NOT LIVE (yet) so just don’t hold your breath on some “end time” being around the corner. Relax, go to the beach, take a long hike in the country, but don’t be selling your lifes possessions just yet. The latest example of Mr.Campings predictions should also be a wake up to the parasitic frauds of these so called preachers that ignore some major points in the book they claim to be preaching, like “no man not even the son of god will know or guess at what the dates of these events are”. How could you allow others to repeat that bunko (fraud) on others and look yourself in the mirror? Take responsibility for that brain in your head and use it. I don’t hear any calls to have Camping ARRESTED yet, why not??? Does not your book tell you nobody will know of ‘that time’ yet you go along like the guy has a direct line to the big daddy in the sky??? Lets hear it folks, “arrest Camping arrest Camping arrest Camping”. Financial fraud hiding behind the Bible just like Jim Baker and far too many others is what is driving these fakes phonies and frauds of them.
    Is there any error in what I am writing, NO. There has been NO end to the God imposed exile of jews from israel and that means what again,,, right, the end of times described in your Bible is far off into the future. It all depends on their God imposed exile from israel fitting in with the prophecies describing the end of that exile, and the zionnazis pretending just one event fits that prophecy does not make their exile end. It is a prophecy pretended to be fulfilled. Maybe you can point to some historic event that can fit any of their many prophecies, but that holocast is just that, a hollow cause in the eyes of your god, if that god existed. iSamuelii in youtube can help you people get past those lies the preachers and rabbis tell you. At least there is a voice in the wilderness from a Rabbi Weiss that is telling the truth according to your Bible / Torah. Which is that the jews exile from their coveted israel is still in place, never ended except pretended by fraud of the zionist Nazi. Pretending any prophecy has come true does not make it so and if you think it does, you have some serious Biblical education for yourself to do. Good luck, you do seem to need it.

  59. For a little bit of comic relief, I have found the true name of god. For todays Christian has placed the son of god before their god, it is apparent that the name of the Holy Creator is Ian. It is in their name for themselves as a Christian. Christ, Ian.
    Ian is his name.

  60. You are right

    God s patience has ended BUT YOU CAN ESCAPE THE RAPTURE

    His only command of LOVE

    WHICH IS :
    and it will multiply in yourself exponentially
    easy to calculate how that will be !

    That One command to Melchisadek, Priest of the Highest God
    of the Seventh (vertical – seeTalmud – Zohar )) Heaven was first replaced by ten opf Jahweh
    proctor of the first heaven, the Lowest, ( he made the Lamb Killer his friend
    and banned the fruit eater Kain ))
    next more
    up to 365 commands
    in some religions

    but there is ONLY ONE.

    Therefore as hell does not exist, but several big bang periods of ignorance do exist
    it is ordained that Two choices exist :

    The first is to join one of those religions
    who made their commandments to gain power and money including war and torture
    which is common o, this planet.

    The second choice is to be saved by the savour
    for those dropping the kill and overkill.

    There are no other requirement to endure the coming times already as Heaven
    and to be admissed for the seventh heaven


    see on
    the songs /



    and read my Favorite Books in Youtube carefully

    I know the end date and it was not mentioned anywhere.

  61. Jim, see what I have written recently about the Rapture. Why should I believe your predictions any more than Harold Camping’s?

    4Yahshua, the same question to you about dates. You have an interesting idea that “The seal … will protect the saints through the times of trouble”. But where did you find the “original” Hebrew text of Revelation, a book generally understood to have been written in Greek?

    Meatwad, I don’t understand much of what you are saying. Do you mean to deny that the holocaust happened? If so, I will reject your comment as offensive. As it stands I don’t think it is meaningful enough to be offensive, but if anyone reading this takes offence at it I will remove it.

    Doug, your comment raises important issues. Is there a distinction between a victory in war and a massacre? I suppose unless some Christian is a complete pacifist, when their country is at war they will probably pray for it to win, or possibly to lose, and they will celebrate if their chosen side wins. But victory almost inevitably means higher casualties on the losing side. Are victory celebrations wrong? Or are they wrong only if the war is as one-sided as the one you refer to between Israel and Gaza? The real issue is not how many were killed but whether the war was just, and I realise that that is a very complex question.

  62. Peter, I don’t claim to know the day and the hour; only the season. 25-30 years is a season. 7 years is a season. I know what I know what I know from the revelations that the Holy Spirit showed me. I never mock anyone who claims to have heard from the Lord, for fear that I may in-fact be mocking a chosen prophet. I listen, digest and pray about what I have heard. And if scripture can help clarify things, then I turn to that as well. As far as the Rapture is concerned – one of many reasons why I left the M.Div. program at Fuller Seminary after spending over $20,000 on my credit hours and after working hard to maintain an A average, was because I was mocked for believing in things like the Rapture. I was also mocked by professors and students for believing that the bible is the literal, inerrant word of God and that the miracles of the Old Testament really did occur! I believe that proof of the Rapture exists in several scriptures. Whether it will occur before, during or after the Great Tribulation, no one knows. Why would I not want to be caught up in the clouds with the Lord? In those dark days during the reign of the anti-christ, the Holy Spirit will not be present on the earth. It will be a time of great sorrow and pain for anyone not wearing the mark of the beast. Why would I welcome that? Why would I not want to be with my Creator? Even Paul said that he was torn between the two worlds when he was here. I look forward to going to my real home. Shouldn’t you?

  63. Praise The Lord – my anti spam word was ‘patmos’

    I like one thing straight on Truth

    The prediction for Japan , to happen before CA , NY & Boston
    is from Edgar Cayce, from Viginia Beach +1943,
    the most excellent Clairvoyant the world has ever seen
    no single mistake in 20,000 or so readings and predictions

    He was channeled amongst others by the ArchAngel Michael
    defender of the Throne of The Almighty
    and started the readings with “Bow your heads !”

    That is what’s missing on this Planet amongst a zillion planets in Truth and admiration

    But this is the planet where the HUMAN BODY exists
    equipped with the door Jesus said to knock on.

    Only a few humankind did this

    It was an experiment which will end, yes with the rupture
    but the last moment the NON-killing will ascend
    throught that door.

    Each religion will soon have its Messiah – A Human , Men but also Women
    the complete equivalent of Jesus Christ, capable to open that door for the willing

    When Jesus said : “No man can enter Heaven than through Me”, it’s true !

    btw : I respect ver much the overall humbleness
    on this forum / group

    May God bless you All


  64. I am learning from reading all your posts. I have had a great respect for my beloved David Wilkerson since becoming a Christian in 1973. It was the movie the Cross and the Switchblade that helped inspire me to go to the Juvenile Court in Kansas City to work. I later started a Volunteer Program because they told me that I would be fired if I prayed with a child, gave bibles, held church services, etc. 200 churches sent volunteers to help the youth. At a time when the gangs were coming to KC. Multitudes of volunteers came to the court and many were saved. I have been reading David’s prophecy’s and have seen them come true. That is why I looked for David Wilkerson tonight. David prophesied that filth would be poured out upon our YOUTH. Yes, that is what has happened with the internet. We need to Pray as David prayed. We need to turn off the television and pray. I went to Joplin last week. Complete devastation. We need to pray.

  65. Ah, the Bible = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth!
    Sadly, some of you posting here seem to not have heard about it or read it. A number of Bibles now have the True Names of the Father and Son (the Hebrew Ones that were supposed to be transliterated). I use the Holy Name Bible published in 1963.
    Biblically, there isn’t any forever burning “hell”. It’s “The Lake of Fire” that the wicked and all of those rejecting Yahweh’s Son (The Lamb of Yahweh) are thrown into to be burned until consumed (not forever!) This is after the Millenium, after the judgement of the wicked. They are burned according to their sins because they rejected salvation through Yahshua.
    Yahshua did come over 2000 years ago. In the Old Testament He is concealed; in the New Testament revealed!
    Israel was reborn on May 14-15, 1948.
    “Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?
    For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.” Isaiah 66:8
    The Holocaust most certainly took place! It is MORE than likely that the number of 6 million Jews is too little. Millions of other races died, too, during World War II. However, the Jews were robbed and killed only because they were Jews, whole villages! The most shocking thing about this to me is that those in power now (30 year Bush Senior White House)aided the German Nazis. (Search: “Bush Nazi Family Connections”). Anti-Christ (we say Anti-Messiah) coming? He’s here and has been for many centuries! It’s Yahshua Who is coming SOON! Please believe on Him and be saved! HalleluYah!

  66. Jim, I don’t want to mock you or anyone else for your belief in the Rapture. Well, I did mock Harold Camping, but mainly for his confident prediction of a specific date. I have tried to provide good scriptural and theological arguments against this teaching. For example, there is nothing in Scripture to suggest that the Holy Spirit will ever be taken away from the earth, and a lot to suggest the opposite. I’m sure you have heard all the arguments before at Fuller, so I won’t try to repeat them. I’m sorry you felt mocked there. But if you have done much of an M.Div there and still have good scholarly arguments for a Rapture, then perhaps you would like to write them up in a more scholarly way. I would be interested in reviewing anything you write.

  67. Patricia, thank you for your story. I am sad for what is happening to the youth of your country, and of mine. There need to be more Christians, and ones with the engagement mentality rather than the Rapture ones, to get out of their comfortable suburbs and bring our young people the hope which is in Christ.

    Mjazz, indeed I would prefer not to discuss Israel and Palestine here. I don’t want to go any further down that line. Also I don’t want to discuss the Holocaust here.

    4Yahshua, I think I agree with you about the lake of fire. See my other posts on this blog about hell.

  68. This is so good : My ant-spam word now is Michael

    You said there is no Hell
    Look aroun d you, . . . look TV
    There are 6 Billion uncomfortable unhappy and a few comportable unhappy.

    Like Children one can only be happy with security and confidance (faith)
    And not to be attached to perishable stuff.
    So we have to attach ourself to The Holy Ghost more than any other item

    Each human being Equipped wit the (hindu & buddha but also Jesus said it )
    have the Eye that must be single.
    Angels Archangels and higher Powers and the trillions of High Dieties
    the all BEG the Almighty for this Single Eye
    also called The Crown Chakra
    The Crown, higher than the Eyes , The Highest of the seven chakras
    It is there that the Holy Ghost can be heard ! Its an Energy and it sounds like music

    Try to hear !
    At the start it sounds like the swirling of bees, very tiny , later on
    its like the UNDERtone of a gong ( not stroken ) or a bell.
    Hence Gongs and Church bells used everywhere to remind us.

    Now, . . this sound is so sweet that a soul can be absorbed in it because of the outpouring Love which can take you.
    In the same way as human music combined with human love can do.

    Once in the absorbtion which is much more exciting than sex and cocaine together 🙂
    you will develop a giant CRUSH on that phenomenon within yourself
    and have no fear
    The description of these elixers you find in all holy books of the world

    There is a FIREWALL from God before this door
    where we can knock (Jesus said that), symbollicly
    comparable to the two Cherubines place before ‘Eden’
    to protect the door against the killers , the torturers.

    It is the Uric Acid in our blood coming from meat.

    This Acid comes from the Beasts Adrenaline which is there
    when it feels the fear before slaughtering.
    Because of death the animal cannot absorb the adrenaline
    and it changes in cancer provoking Uric Acid

    This Acid lets rotate all the Charkras more slowly
    and they cannot function as they shoud
    Hence , all kind of other illnesses.

    But it makes also the highest Chakra, Our Treasure KAPUT
    as an entrance and as n auditorium to hear The Marvellous and Sweet Holy of The Holiest.

    There is much more
    Anyway – This Firewall , better than Zone Alarm never errs
    and excludes any torturer of The Almighty present in His Animals
    from any Ascend.

    There is no Eternal Hell for them, no, . . there are just many Big Bangs and reincarnations to come , not always comfortable.

    And because I have seen so many knowers of scriptures here :
    Jesus disciples believed in Reincarnation
    How else they could have asked Him:
    “Did the Child sinn or was it the parents” that it has been born blind ?

    How can the unborn child have sinned

    Another phrase :
    “No , Elias has come already ” . . . and here Jesus referred to John The Baptist
    who was according to Jesus a Messaia of the Same Quality

    No man has been greater than John , . . . he said

    ankhaton on youtube, first vegetarian ruler of this planet
    I am just a messenger for the willing, just the willing
    those who cry to go home

  69. Ankhaton, my anti-spam words are all biblical names, many of them rather obscure ones. I’m afraid I have a lot of trouble understanding your comments, and that is why I have not responded to them.

  70. Peter, even if I wrote a compelling and scripturally sound dissertation for you on the Rapture, which I am more than capable of doing, I fear that it would not be enough to shake your tree, so to speak. Certainly I could use these scriptures, among many others – Mark 13:14, Matthew 25:31-34, Daniel 9:27, Daniel 12:1, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10, Revelation 3:10, 1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 51-54, Revelation 19:11-14, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Isaiah 65:20-25, and Zechariah 8:5 to show that the Rapture and the setting up of Christ’s Kingdom are two distinct events at two separate times; that the Church (believers) must be removed from the earth before the Antichrist can be revealed; that the Holy Spirit of the Lord which indwells all believers is removed along with His Church; how God has always been faithful to keep his faithful children from the days of His judgement and wrath (e.g., Noah, Lot,…); and how the Tribulation is for the sake of the elect, which are the true remnant of the Twelve Tribes of Judah – the 144,000. One thing I have learned is that God often uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I used to embarrass (without malice) my “learned” teachers in seminary quite often when I proved them wrong using scriptures, but even in their red-faced, speechless moments they still refused to back down from their positions! The more scholarly someone believes themselves to be, the more stubborn they usually are in their beliefs. So I don’t bother anymore. I rely strictly on the Holy Spirit to bring forth the truth of the Word to me, and thankfully He is faithful to do that. That’s not to say that I never change my position on something. If you have compelling evidence from scripture that disproves the Translation of the Church (Rapture), reveals how and why our merciful Lord will allow all faithful believers to endure the terrible torments that will take place during the Tribulation, explains how the Holy Spirit can and will remain on the earth during the reign of the Antichrist, then by all means, I will listen with open ears.

  71. Well, Jim, if you want good scriptural arguments, look at my mostly recent posts in the category The Rapture. Whether you will find them convincing, I don’t know. But you will find good reasons why I don’t find any relevance to any kind of Rapture in many of the scriptures you list.

  72. To clarify. The Church that is going to be taken up before the darkest hour on earth consists only of those believers who have remained sanctified and faithful; not the lukewarm church that is so prevalent today. There will be many left behind that are quite shocked that they were not chosen. In my humble opinion, the Rapture will occur not before the start of Tribulation but rather sometime in the early part of the Tribulation, perhaps halfway through the 7 years. When the abomination (Antichrist) reveals himself as a god and sets up his throne in the rebuilt temple of the Lord, the Church, along with the Holy Spirit (the One who had thus far restrained the Antichrist) will be removed from the earth. So, I am not suggesting that the faithful believer alive today will not experience much more upheaval in the way of terrorism, economic depression, famine, natural disasters, persecution and other calamities. Rather, the faithful servants (Church) will be spared the most hideous blasphemies and torment of the last 3 1/2 years, as promised, when they arise to meet Christ and join all those who were asleep in the Lord. When Jesus does return, He will bring with Him great multitudes of angels and saints to defeat the Antichrist and his minions and armies. Included in these conquering tribes from above will be all those who were changed in an instant and resurrected (during the Rapture) to heavenly bodies prior to the Second Coming and the final judgment. Those who are left behind will still have a chance to repent and many of them will. The elect 144,000 will continue to preach the good news, even after the two anointed prophets (possibly Enoch & Elijah) are slain and left in the streets. Those who are ultimately spared from destruction will remain to repopulate the world during the Millennium and reign with Christ and all His saints. Certainly all believers need to be more aggressive than ever with their evangelism and charity, now that the time is very short. We are in the last hours of the last days. The season is ripe. The generation that saw Israel become a nation will not pass away before these things come to pass. That was 1948. Many believe that a generation is somewhere between 70 & 100 years. I agree with Peter that too many (e.g., Harold Camping) are deceived into thinking that all we should do is await the lifesaver. No, when the waters are the roughest, we don’t float with the current! We swim against it with all our might and rescue everyone who may be drowning! True believers will never be content to rest on their laurels. We must be warriors for Christ, girded with His armor, ready for battle. We are soldiers. Now is the time to take a stand for our Risen Lord! Amen.

  73. Jim, thank you for your exposition of a theology which I do not accept. One question, however: if the Holy Spirit has been taken away from the earth, how will anyone be able to repent and believe?

  74. Peter, not sure – I imagine that people will have seen so many loved ones taken up in the Rapture and that will make them seriously ponder the truth of the bible. Also, the gravity of evil and suffering on the earth will cause many to repent. Furthermore, the 144,000 elect will remain on earth to preach the Gospel message. That will surely have an impact.

    A better way to phrase your question would be, How could the Holy Spirit be present in the midst of world domination by the Antichrist? The Holy Spirit and the prayers of the holy Church are the things that are presently keeping the Antichrist at bay. When they are gone, the Antichrist will have free reign on earth for at least 42 months.

  75. Remember too, Peter, that in the Old Testament, the Jews that were faithful and counted as righteous did not have the benefit of the Holy Spirit. The original Apostles did not have the Holy Spirit. Yet they believed. My understanding is that the Holy Spirit was sent by the Father after Jesus died and was resurrected.

  76. Well, Jim, I see you don’t believe in total depravity, in the full Calvinist sense. But then nor do I. I’ll take your point about Jews and Jesus’ disciples believing without the Holy Spirit and use that against Calvinists! Meanwhile I hope the 144,000 will be better preachers than the fictional Obadiah Zebulun.

  77. “But when the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness about me.” John 15:26
    “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:26

    Peter, you are correct. I do not believe in Total Depravity in the full Calvinistic sense. I believe that God calls us and we can either accept or reject His love, grace, mercy and salvation. It is our choice. And the scriptures cited above seem to indicate that the Holy Spirit was sent after Jesus’s death and resurrection. How did people in the Old Testament get saved? Through their faith in the existence of the one true God and His promises and goodness, as well as their obedience to Mosaic Law. Did God speak to His children? Of course! Through prophets, through dreams, through angels, through visions and signs, through nature, through miracles, through disasters and bondage, and sometimes even through His direct holy presence and/or voice. The same will be true in the last days. Plus, people at the end will have the benefit of history, life experience, the bible and 144,000 solid, hard core, righteous saints as witnesses to his truth and redeeming grace. Just because the Captain might not be with the sinking boat doesn’t mean that the life preserver isn’t floating nearby! 🙂

    I am not 100% convinced that the Holy Spirit will not be on the earth during the last 42 months of the Tribulation, but scripture seems to indicate that He will vacate along with the Church before the Antichrist comes to full power.

  78. Jim Fogerty said “the Jews that were faithful and counted as righteous did not have the benefit of the Holy Spirit”.
    Then why does 1 Peter 10 say “the prophets, who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted…”
    You mean to tell me the Spirit of Christ in them was not the Holy Spirit?

  79. Greetings again in the saving Name of Yahshua, King of Kings! Here are some verses. For you ankaton,
    “And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27
    No multiple lives or reincarnation! Just ONE life that we can either choose or reject the truth. How wonderful the ways of Yahweh! Please read the Bible, and get a “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible”. It’s wonderful for studying with your Bible.
    In the Old Testament, many prophets were moved by the Holy Spirit.
    “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of Yahweh spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” II Peter 1:21 (Holy Name Bible)
    By the way, all the righteous people in the Bible honored the Names of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua in ancient Israel. The pagan names of deity came down through the religions of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome (both pagan and Papal).

  80. To mjazz,

    First of all, I did not come here to argue or educate. I originally came here to read about David Wilkerson. Second, there is no such scripture as 1 Peter 10! And third, I started to jot down all the scriptures in the Old and New Testament that referred to God pouring out His Spirit to believers after Jesus’s Resurrection and when I got to the 10th or 12th one I realized how futile the effort is. I am not your pastor and I just don’t have the time. You simply need to read your bible and pray on it and seek the counsel of the Lord and of wise men and women of faith. The Holy Spirit has always existed but He did not dwell in all believers before Christ as He has since Christ and there are probably 100+ scriptures that indicate that. That doesn’t mean that the Spirit of God was never present on the earth from the beginning of creation. He just was not available to all believers in the same way that He is now. For one, He did not reside in us like He does now. Sure, He exhorted, counseled, led, fed, rescued, prophesied, healed….. but He did not dwell in all believers. I can’t say more than that right now. Some people need more milk before they can eat meat. Seek and ye shall find!

  81. Jim, Mjazz and 4Yahshua, thank you for your contributions to this debate. Mjazz’s reference should have been 1 Peter 1:10. But that verse and 2 Peter 1:21 both refer explicitly to prophets from Old Testament times. I think it is generally recognised that the Holy Spirit was given to prophets and other special people before Jesus came, but not to ordinary believers. See Acts 2:17-18, quoting from Joel, for the difference following the resurrection of Jesus. There is no mention I think of the Holy Spirit working in ordinary Old Testament believers.

  82. I hear nobody talking about Wilkersons book “Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth” that he authored in 1985. He stated that America is exclusively the Babylon of Revelation Chapter 18 and that we would be destroyed prior to the invasion of Israel in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Our nuclear destruction at the hands of Russia follows our economic collapse, he states. I am tired of reading prophecy teachers claim they cannot find America in prophecy when we are clearly given wall to wall coverage from start to finish in the entire chapter of Revelation 18. .y

  83. Steve, thank you for that. I don’t know the book Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth. Personally, as you will discover from other posts on this blog, I am sceptical about finding ANY modern events or nations in biblical prophecy. But I can see how America, and the West more broadly, fits well into the picture of Babylon in Revelation 18 – if not as prophecy, then certainly as showing the kind of materialistic practices which God condemns.

  84. When I first read Revelation I thought Babylon might be America. But someone pointed out that something like 90% of missionary work is done and funded by Americans. One would think God would take that into consideration.
    Peter, you feel that the rebirth of Israel was not the fulfillment of prophecy?

  85. Greetings again in Yahshua’s saving Name! “Mystery Babylon” (Revelation 17:5) is proven to be Roman Catholicism of the Vatican. Rome sits on seven hills, verse 9. A mother of “harlots” refers to her daughters, the Christian churches or denominations.
    This knowledge is not new! An excellent book (now out of print) is the “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hyslop written in the early 1800’s. It explains completely how Roman Catholic Christianity compares to the ancient Babylonian religion. As it is practiced today, Christianity is a pagan religion. This includes its names of deity, Holy Days, and prophetic understanding. The only logical and spiritual thing to do is come out of “her” and into the truth!
    Later, in 1888 Ellen G. White described the mysteries of the Papacy and how the US Government turns its power over to it. She stated that Revelation 13:11-18 refers to our present government. This book is “The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan”. Both books can still be found on the Web. Blessings in your search for truth!

  86. 4Yahshua, thank you for the links. “The Two Babylons” is not out of print (perhaps you missed it because the author’s name is spelled Hislop) but is available through Amazon at least here in the UK: The Two Babylons: Or, the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife; and even in a Kindle edition for a mere £0.69: The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife. Actually there are several reprint editions but the links are to the first ones which came up on a search.

    There are also several editions available of White’s book, including: The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan; also a free Kindle edition: The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan.

    But, as I said before, I am very sceptical of any attempts to identify definitively any entity or event in the modern world with anything in Revelation. I would be happy, though, to be persuaded that either the Roman Catholic church or the USA has a lot in common with Babylon in Revelation – and of course this approach doesn’t exclude them both being like Babylon.

  87. Thank you for the correction! A number of years ago I could not find it in book stores. I then found two hard copies for a couple of dollars each. There are a number of sources on the Web. Prices have changed!
    Steve, I am with you about America and have been studying Ezekiel 38 & 39 since the early ’80’s. However, I believe that these “Northern Attacks” will be against Israel and the U.S. at the same time. I also believe that King David was writing about this time in Psalm 91. He even seems to give an hour for these attacks in verse 6, “destruction that wasteth at noonday”. When it is noon in Jerusalem, it is dark all over the US. ,”terror by night”, verse 5. Here in Southern California, that will be about 2:00 a.m.
    For me Joel 2:15 – 20 indicates a time of year. The only sactified fast in Yahweh’s calendar is Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) usually in October.
    By the way, Russia is destroyed in these attacks, Ezekiel 39: 1-5. Revelation 14 describes those believers who remain alive until Yahshua’s coming (no rapture!)
    These attacks happen near or at the beginning of the final seven years, so it seems that we are very close! Let us now draw near to Yahweh through His Son Yahshua and He will cover us with His Wings! Yahshua is returning SOON and no New World Order can stop Him! HalleluYah!

  88. Jim can you clarify what you meant, because the following is either an error you forgot to correct, or I don’t know what. —
    Jim Fogerty says: Sunday 5 June, 2011 at 11:59 pm
    Peter, I don’t claim to know the day and the hour; only the season. 25-30 years is a season. 7 years is a season. —
    It can’t be both.

  89. Meatwad, I think Jim meant what he wrote. He was not intending to define “season”. He was referring back to criticism of his predictions for dates 25-30 and seven years ahead, and implying, perhaps on the basis of Mark 13:28-29, contrasted with v.32, that we can know the seasons but not the exact date. But I would respond with these words of the risen Jesus:

    It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. (Acts 1:7, NKJV)

  90. I hope “Meatwad” is not a reflection of your intelligence level or charm! Lol! I am not here to debate my personal revelations. I cherish them and sometimes make the mistake of casting pearls before swine. I need to be more guarded. Thank you for reminding me of that. I guess you should discount all of David Wilkerson’s prophesies then, because they all indicate that we are in the season when Christ will return. Here is one example of Christ explaining that we can know the season – “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. ” Matthew 24:32-33 Peter, Acts 1:7 in several translations uses the words times or dates, not the word season. And many scholars believe that Jesus was referring to his death and Ressurection when he said those words – not any end-times prophesies. Please keep the scriptures in context. Thanks!

  91. Jim, I understand the word “season”, in this context, in two different ways. It can be one of the four seasons of the year, but that is clearly not what you meant as a season cannot last seven years, let alone 25-30. Or it can be Christian jargon for a longer period of time. As most of this Christian jargon is based on KJV, I chose one of the most significant and relevant passages where “season” is used in that version, and also in NKJV, although not in modern versions which avoid this kind of jargon.

    For my understanding of that verse, Acts 1:7, see my posts Restoring the Kingdom to Israel and Restoring the Kingdom to Israel: when and where? I agree with you that it is not about the Rapture because there is nothing in the Bible about any Rapture, in the sense you have in mind. But I find it incredible that you want to give it a preterist interpretation when otherwise your eschatology is as different as it could be from preterism.

  92. Peter, I am not preterist at all. I do not know whether Jesus was referring to in Acts 1:7. It could have been to his impending death and Resurrection. It might have been His Second Coming. No one knows. Some even believe that He was referring to the restoration of the nation of Israel. If the Lord didn’t want us to know when His return was near, then why did He leave so many clues? Such as, when Israel would become a nation once again, as it did in 1948? And how it would be surrounded by enemies before the beginning of Tribulation? And how the temple would have to be rebuilt? And how famines and floods and earthquakes would increase? And how the gospel would have to be preached to all the nations? And how the entire world would be under the control of one evil despot? And how many false prophets would arise to deceive the children of God? And how the generation that was alive to see Israel become an independent nation again would not perish before His return?

  93. Jim, I take your point. Your position on Israel and the general timing of the return of Jesus is similar to one I held for a long time and have not completely abandoned. Yes, there are signs that the end may be close. But there have been before and it has not come. So, as Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, we should not give up work and wait for Jesus, but should get on with God’s work as well as earning our own livings, and not be dogmatic about dates.

  94. Thank you Peter for the explaination and thank you Jim for the veiled insult, I expect no better.

    The “end times”, is dependant on a ‘god planned’ nation state of Israel,,, and that is far into the future. As I did explain before, you can not fake the events as a valid plan of god, but they have faked the creation on israel. Do you know the prophecies required by god before israel can be called valid, it appears not. I now know you have some ‘rules’, but you can not talk about apples with out using the word apple.

  95. Thank you, Meatwad. I accept your point about the modern state of Israel. This leaves me undecided about whether the recent return of the Jews is in any way a fulfilment of prophecy.

    And please, everyone, refrain from insults, even if veiled.

  96. The Bible says the Jews will be dispersed throughout the world, and then return to the land.
    So I guess if this isn’t the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, for some reason, then I suppose they would have to be dispersed again in order to return to the land again.

  97. Well, mjazz, I guess that follows. Unless of course you are referring to prophecies which were already fulfilled in the return from Babylon or the Maccabean revolt. By the way, which prophecies are you referring to?

  98. mjass, I agree with you about the rebirth of Israel. That it even happened the way that it did is a true miracle! Some preachers even call Israel “Yahweh’s Timepiece”.
    Let’s not try to limit the work of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua!
    Please remember this verse:
    “All (ALL!) the Scripture that is given by inspiration of Yahweh, is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of Yahweh may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”
    II Timothy 3:16-17 Holy Name Bible
    This means Genesis through Revelation, at least.

  99. There are certainly a lot of different views here. Some seem somewhat disjointed, but I digress. What I want to point out is that David Wilkerson certainly believed in the rapture of the Church.

  100. Galveston, I’m sure you are correct. In this post I did not intend to imply an overall endorsement of Wilkerson’s theology. But we do need to bring any further discussion here back to Wilkerson and his prophecies.

  101. Perhaps you can help me. I read some time back about a prophecy in conjunction to the one about New York. It was attributed to David Wilkerson, but I’m not sure about that. Anyway, the prophecy was that a European country (can’t remember which one) would default on its debts, that after the shock of that had apparently passed that a So. American country would then default (Venezuala?) and that would cause the US economy to fall and that was what would lead to the riots in US cities.

    Maybe you can find something about that economic prophecy.

  102. Galveston, I hadn’t heard of that specific prophecy, but from a quick Google search I think this is what you are looking for: David Wilkerson’s Economic Vision. Actually much of this looks like an economic prediction rather than a prophecy. But of course the following is prophetic:

    God is saying: Get our lives straight…Get rid of the idols…Seek the face of God in holiness…
    God will be a wall of fire about you…And the glory in the midst of you!

  103. Peter, I had no specific verses in mind, but there are a number of them. I can look them up if you are unaware of any, but I understand you want to bring the topic back to Wilkerson’s predictions anyway.

  104. Thanks, Peter. Yes that is the prophecy I was thinking of, and David did say it was prophetic. It looks very much like we could suffer this really soon. We know that the whole world economy is critical right now. Greece may well be the first domino to fall. It just tells us that we need to have our spiritual house in order, and our financial one as much as is possible.

  105. Mjazz, I really wanted to know if you were referring to OT prophecies or NT ones. But you are right, this is not the place to go further down that rabbit trail.

    Galveston, you’re welcome.

  106. As we all know, prophets have to be 100% accurate.
    If a massive earthquake doesn’t occur in an area not known for earthquakes and trigger two others, then it can be assumed that Wilkerson is not a prophet.
    A lot of what he says sounds like educated guesses. Everyone knows Japan is earthquake prone and that shaky monetary policies will sooner or later lead to some kind of economic upheaval.
    I am not doubting the man’s sincerity.

  107. Mjazz, strong arguments can be put forward that every Old Testament prophecy about Israel was fulfilled either before or at the time of Jesus, at least before AD 70. I’m not saying I agree. But I don’t want to go into the details here.

    But I disagree that “prophets have to be 100% accurate”. Anyway I don’t think Wilkerson ever gave a timescale. If there are OT prophecies still to be fulfilled which require a restoration of Israel, then maybe Wilkerson’s prophecies will be fulfilled 2500 years in the future in a USA restored after millennia of devastation. Who knows? So no one can call him a false prophet. But I have already suggested that aspects of these prophecies are educated guess type predictions.

  108. I have a little game I would like to play. It is completely up to the Christian reader whether they want to join in. I have offered the same deal to quite a few people in many parts of the world at different times over the past eight years. Haven’t paid out yet.

    The game is called the “Second Coming 2011 Futures Contract”.

    This is how it works. As a Christian you will no doubt adhere to the belief that Jesus is returning to earth at some point in time for a second visit to terra firma. Because you hold this belief and that is why you are a Christian, you may be prepared to commit to something. Now I don’t believe in the idea of the second coming, even though I believe Jesus was real and was one of the most important people to have ever lived. Now I will bet that he will never return. You can take a position and quite rightly profit from your belief. Jesus had a reasonable problem with the money-changers but he wasn’t completely against the stuff.

    For every dollar you invest I will pay you an amount = Your Stake x A Multiplier of 10 x The Number of Days Expired from the Start of the Contract when he Appears.

    If he doesn’t appear by the 31st July, 2011, you lose your stake. If you would like to bet again then we can renegotiate another “Special Carpenter Futures Contract”. It is a very generous offer. To make things worthwhile the minimum bet you can make is $100.


    Jesus of Nazareth reappears descending from the clouds with his donkey at the gates of Jerusalem via YouTube at midday on Sunday July 31st.

    Your bet $100 x 10 x 27 days = $27,000


    A good return in any stockbroker’s language.


  109. Adam, any Christian foolish enough to believe, as more than a possibility, that Jesus is coming within the next month deserves to be tricked out of their money by you! But if Jesus does come I doubt if you will be in a place where you could pay out to a Christian your up to $27,000, or if your money would be worth anything to them.

  110. Adam, I thought this was a discussion of David Wilkerson’s prophecies.

    Only a few misguided Christians are going to attempt to set any date for the return of Jesus because we know better. What we know for sure is that He definitely WILL return. Anything beyond that is merely a foolish guess.

  111. Peter,
    Off the top of my head I can think of prophecies that could only relate to the present rebirth of Israel. Making the desert bloom, calling the Jews from “the quarters of the earth”. The invasion of Israel by Russia and people coming from neighboring nations to worship hasn’t happened yet.

  112. The Book of Revelation most certainly is for our time and is all about the reborn Israel of Yahweh. It is the one book in the Bible that we are given a blessing just for reading!
    Revelation 1:3: “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things that are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

    I remember when I started to read it in my early 20’s knowing very little of what it’s words meant. Because of Yahweh’s Spirit I now understand some of them.
    The seven candlesticks in Chapters 2 – 3 form a menorah, long a symbol for Israel.
    The Twelve Tribes are always Israel and/or their descendants. In Chapter 14 they keep the commandments of Yahweh and the faith of Yahshua, verse 12. This is because Yahshua’s disciples kept the Hebrew faith as did believers in the first centuries A.D.. The rise of pagan and then papal Rome brought severe persecution and deception upon the people. This is one great reason why Yahshua cautioned us to watch and be vigilant. He also said that His servants will have His Name (Yahshua) in their foreheads, Revelation 22:4.
    Please remember the words of Saul meaning “annointed” (never called Paul in his life!) in Romans 2:19: “But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and , not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of Yahweh.” Holy Name Bible

  113. 4Yahshua, not everyone agrees with you, and you have not proved your case.

    If Saul was never called Paul in his lifetime, his letter to the Romans, which uses that name, is not genuine, and so you should not accept it as an authority.

  114. The Cross and the Switchblade was the first christian book I ever read at the age of 14. This book got me going in the right direction like alot of people who have read it. Thank God for men like David Wilkerson. I am sure his family knows the impact he had through God on this earth. Thank you to the Wilkerson family for your devotion and passion for compassion in this day and age. God Bless.

  115. “Then Saul (who is also called Paul) filled with the Holy Spirit, set his eyes on him.”
    Acts 13:9 It seems that Saul was called “Paul” (meaning little and other things) by the Greeks. Faithful Jews considered it a crime to even learn the Greek language. You can read about this in Josephus’s writing.
    Dismissing Bible truth does not make it go away. Attacking the messenger does not make it go away either. We can not do anything against the truth ~ only for it!
    If you have “The Mark of the Beast” you are deceived by the Vatican, believing in its idols and cross. If you survive until then, you will unite with this Beast and the armies of the earth against Yahshua when He returns, Revelation 18:19.
    It is LIFE SAVING (in this present one and for the next) for you to KNOW the meaning of the #666 in Revelation 13:18! You can freely look this verse up on the Web in the Greek Diaglott. I did in my early 20’s when I was first presented with this message in 1972. I was saved OUT of Christianity ~ and you can be, too! HalleluYah!

  116. 4Yahshua, feeling about the RC as you do, why do you call it Christianity? I am a Christian and therefore a part of Christianity, but absolutely not of the Roman Catholic persuasion.

  117. 4Yahshua, read 1 Corinthians 16:21. If Paul didn’t write that and use the name “Paul”, then you are calling the Bible a lie. Plenty of Jews at that time spoke and wrote Greek, including Josephus himself, although some of the most nationalistic in Judea may have refused to.

    Like Galveston I am a Christian, but not Roman Catholic, and don’t accept any idols. What do we need to be saved from? Only a brief answer please.

  118. I am so thankful for this blog post. In my spirit, I feel the Holy Spirit is confirming (without fear) that we are truly entering the increase of the birth pains. As a mother of 3, I definitely read those scriptures about birth pains with a deeper understanding than when I was young. I also know that in order to get through labor the best way is without fear- KNOWING that it will get bad, but knowing the end will be the birth of a child. With my first child, I read too many books by men saying birth wouldn’t really hurt. . .Needless to say, I had the worst time. Warnings in scripture prepare us and give us chance to repent, if needed. David Wilkerson’s prophecies are only fear mongering IF they aren’t true. Also, as far as I know, he NEVER really dates WHEN. . .(a day with God is like a thousand years. . .)

  119. Thank you, Briana. As a man I cannot comment about birth pains, and the men who wrote those books probably should not have done. I could suggest that it is fear-mongering to present those prophecies as possibly imminently fulfilled if that fulfilment may be thousands of years in the future. But of course if they are fulfilled soon then Wilkerson will have been justified.

  120. Have you read David Wilkerson’s prophecy about 6 months of hell? I have found it online, but cannot verify it is actually his. I am wondering if Greece is the European country that is going to default?

    Also, to clarify, I see that much of Wilkerson’s prophecies have been fulfilled already, so I am closely and prayerfully following them and searching the scriptures concerning them and our reaction. Thankfully, an encouragement from Luke was that we can pray to be spared from these things! Also, my reference to a day being like a 1000 years is simply that people have criticized Wilkerson when his prophecies are fulfilled immediately. Isaiah’s prophecies weren’t fulfilled in a year. . .or a few months. Prophecy fulfillment is in God’s timing not ours. 🙂

  121. Peter, the only problem with that is that Bro. Wilkerson specifically said it was a word of prophecy, at least that is what is written.

    As already written, Greece could be the European country. We know that the financial house of cards built by the international bankers is quivering right now. Just a little push in the right place will bring the whole thing down on our heads, and that won’t be pretty!

    BTW: How about a thread on usury?

  122. “The salutation of me Saul with my own hand. If any man love not the Saviour Yahshua the Messiah, let him be accursed when the Saviour comes.”
    I Corinthians 16:21-22 Holy Name Bible
    It’s all in the translation! The preface of this Bible (now on eBay) goes into great detail about how errors of tranlation krept in after the first century. One of them already mentioned here, an ever burning hell is one of them! Hell comes from the Greek word hades, a place of endless torture used by the Greek gods. Hades replaced the Hebrew words “sheol” (meaning grave or pit where the dead go) and “gehenna” (actual place where the garbage was burned up or “Lake of Fire”.) Yahshua also said Lazarus was “asleep” after he was dead for days. Christianity has changed His words to mean you instantly go to Heaven when you die!
    Galveston and Peter, in my studied and prayerful opinion, Christianity has “morphed” into the Roman Catholic religion or what the Bible calls “Mystery Babylon”. All of its names of deity and holy days descend from there.
    One example is Baal (ancient Babylonian sun idol). The name “Lord” is a direct translation of this name! Read #1167 in Strongs Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary in the Concordance. The Old Testament prophet Hosea sees a future when a believing people will not use the pagan names anymore.
    “And it shall be in that day saith Yahweh, that thou shalt call me Ishi (My Husband): and shalt call me no more Baal (My Lord). For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.”
    Hosea 2;16-17 Holy Name Bible
    This was done for me in 1973. HalleluYah!
    If you earch the Names of “Yahweh” and “Yahshua” on the “Web” you will be astounded at the number of references!
    The Papacy has always claimed that it changed Yahweh’s Sabbath to Sunday. It has also said that Protestants that keep Sunday are paying it homage.
    Yahweh’s Holy Days (Leviticus 23) including His Sabbath are many and will be kept forever, verse 31.
    “And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before Me, saith Yahweh.”
    Isaiah 66:23 Holy Name Bible
    Yahshua came to fulfill Yahweh’s laws NOT to do away with them! You can choose the seal of Their Names (Revelation 14:1) and be blessed or have the pagan names of deity in your forehead (mind, temple area) along with a cross (Revelation 13:18) and be cursed. Sadly, Scripture indicates that most are choosing the latter! Yahweh’s Spirit does not leave this Earth but it will at some point leave the wicked. Guardian angels (that we all have) will also leave the evil doers to help the righteous.in the final days. The “birthpangs” will get much worse if that seems possible!
    “And behold I come suddenly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22:12 Holy Name Bible
    Even so ~~~~~~~COME YAHSHUA!

  123. 4Yahshua, in this case it is clear that the Bible full of errors of translation is the Holy Name Bible, for the Greek text has the name Saoul “Saul” only in Acts 8:1 to 13:9 and everywhere else Paulos “Paul”. Now I don’t really care what forms of names you use, but I do care when you start accusing others of changing things which they didn’t change. Anyway, this is all off topic for this thread, so let’s drop this discussion.

  124. Fine, let the reader decide now that the door to truth has been opened. Peter, if you want to trust your salvation to the Greeks, that’s your choice!

  125. Amazing! I am reading a translation taken from the texts used in an unbroken line from the days of the Apostles, and yet I am the deceived one!

    As far as I know, all the new translations use texts that were rejected by the early church. It was only after Wescott and Hort did their dirty work that the different translations emerged. (Sorry, wrong subject)

  126. Galveston, where is your evidence that even ANY ONE of the main manuscripts used by modern textual critics was “rejected” by ANYONE? Yes, I know there is a story going round that parts of Sinaiticus were found in a rubbish bin, but in the context of the whole story it seems likely that Tischendorf made this up to justify his dubious method of acquiring it.

  127. You need to do your own research on this. I have a book in my possession that gives lots of references, but would be far too lengthy to post here.

    PS; Please use letters more easily read on your anti-spam. I may have to do the whole alphabet to get this one.

  128. Peter, Wilkerson did use a time scale. He said “in the not-too-distant future”. As far as being 100% accurate goes, Deut. 18:22 says, “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken.”

  129. Mjazz, “in the not-too-distant future” is vague enough that no one can be called to account for getting the time wrong. Anyway Wilkerson has already gone to meet the only Judge who matters on this.

  130. “The Kingdom of Heaven is compared to ten virgins which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.” Matthew 25:1-13
    Five of them were wise but five were foolish. The wise took oil in their vessels, but the foolish did not.. Verses 2 ~ 4 The bridegroom did not come so they all went to sleep and slumbered on.
    At midnight (the darkest hour) there was a cry, “The bridegroom is coming! Go to meet him!” All the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The lamps of the foolish virgins had gone out so they asked of the wise virgins, “Please give us some of your oil because our lamps have gone out and we need light!” The wise replied, “We can’t because we will not have enough for all of us.. Go and buy some of this oil for yourselves.” While they went to buy, the bridegroom came and they that were ready went into the marriage. The door was shut. When the foolish came, they knocked on the door and pleaded, “Master, Master, open to us!” But He answered and said, “Truly I say to you, I know you not!” Watch for you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of Man comes.

    “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” King David in Psalm 119:105

    “Buy the truth,and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”
    King Solomon in Proverb 23:23

    “Because of the savour of thy fragrant oils,
    THY NAME is as OIL poured forth, therefore do the virgins love Thee.”
    King Solomon in Song of Solomon 1:3

  131. Peter, 2500 years in the future, as you mentioned, isn’t “not too distant”.
    At any rate, if Christ doesn’t return relatively soon, I doubt there be much of humanity left to save in the future.
    Thank God Jesus said, speaking of the end times, that unless those days be cut short, no flesh will survive.
    Throughout the centuries people have believed they lived in the last days, but conventional warfare would never have resulted in no flesh surviving. Only nuclear weapons with toxic radiation saturating the globe could do this.
    I’ve often wondered if “all flesh” meant humanity, or literally “all flesh”, meaning the animal kingdom also.

  132. This is a Wonderful thread. I found out about David Wilkerson’s vision only a few months ago when the Japan earthquake occurred. I googled Japan earthquake and prophecy and found eventually the wikipedia summary of his vision. It actually wasn’t the prophecy he made referring to a European country indebted to Germany and France that made me sit up and take notice. It was the fact that I had actually seen most of the elements of the vision before in a prophecy by a turn of the century prophetess called Ellen white. I am a seventh day Adventist (Christian first) and this prophetess is featured in our church. Her predictions fit in perfectly with Wilkerson’s even down to the joining of the liberal ecumenical church with the catholic church, fires in new york, spiritualism in the apostate church, the super church movement as a political and religious organization. I was totally blown away and this led me to read more. I am convinced wilkerson is a godly man after reading his sermons, looking at his fruits and seeing how the vision would fit into revelation and Daniel. If you want to read Ellen white’s vision of the future look at her book called ‘the great controversy’. It will blow you away at the consistency. The part which talks about the end times is at the end of the book.

  133. Meatwad,

    Surely you are not saying that forming a false Israel is the only sin that will be brought into judgment on that final day?

    And a thought; remember that it was 2 heathen kings that were the human instruments in God’s plan to restore Israel after the Babylonian captivity.

    Why do you think that the present day nation of Israel is false?

  134. Meatwad,
    Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel were all created out of the Ottoman Empire. Singling out one of these countries for delegitimization based on their religion, Judaism, sounds antisemitic, to say the least.
    After centuries of persecution in the European countries, and the genocide of six million people of their people in the Holocaust, I see no reason why God would be angry with them for building a nation on land that the Zionists started purchasing and developing in the 1800s.
    Your theology doesn’t come from the Bible, and I’ll bet you’re not coming up with this on your own. You must be getting these ideas from some other source.

  135. To h***, in one of the final chapters of the prophecies from the one you mentioned, we see a repeating of what is to come as written in the bible. [It is good to read the previous pages leading up to this, in chapter 42, it reads like the USA and the soldiers fighting the wrong fight. the following appears on page 666-coincidence?] “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books [gods planned exile from and the end to their exile, plain as can be], according to their works.” Revelation 20:11, 12. As soon as the books of record are opened, and the eye of Jesus looks upon the wicked, they are conscious of every sin which they have ever committed. [creating a false israel is this sin] They see just where their feet diverged from the path of purity and holiness, just how far pride and rebellion have carried them in the violation of the law of God”. Up to and including this point, it reads like those that followed the fraud of creating a nation before their god has planned for it,,, in their foolishness, caused so much dispare and damnation to themselves. Their god has rules, and what typer of man feels they can ignore and pretend their gods rules mean nothing to them?

    From what I’ve read about Wilkerson,,, and I know many here will not like this,,, he was just playing the flock for the gullible they have become. The books have rules, which are not being followed,,, just as I’ve said before. “You do not fool mother nature”, is the line of thought here but who is the role of mother nature, God, and who is foolishly attempting to fool the creator? Peter, point me to a thread this topic can be openly written about and I’ll go there. After all it is central to the prophecies Wilkerson did speak about, the entire bible is about it. Wilkersons words are just the same as most of the others, with the same flawed financial structures thought of as ‘good’ and fulfilling the wrong goals due to that fin-scam and missing the devine message due to the fin-greed. Earthquake predictions in prone locations, are not devine messages. The odds are they will happen eventually, 100% of the time they are spoken,,, given enough time.

  136. I appologise for the name error in my memory, seems it is a phonics type of error. I could have scrolled up to check but didn’t. It was unintentional.

    As far as where I get my ideas about a fraud state,,, from their own prophetic words they claim to live by, is where.

    There is a youtube video that would better explain it titled “Ten Deaths By Alligator Bites”.

  137. I agree. Meat wad, I don’t think you are being respectful to these people on this thread who want to talk only about Wilkerson’s prophecy. Perhaps you should open another thread directly on your topic elsewhere. I think you need to read further into Wilkerson’s sermons to see he is a godly man. He is biblebased and it seems that his prophecies are all on track in terms of coming true so far. The only thing I see as being a bit off centre are his timings where he has predicted stuff that didn’t come true in the time he said. I wonder if that was more david’s error rather than the vision.

  138. Thank you, H. I also thought Meatwad was being disrespectful in changing your name to mean something different, although that could have been a genuine mistake.

  139. I am not concerned about that Peter. My name comes from my civil engineer father who loved to visit dams lol. It doesn’t matter though because ultimately this discussion is about us all trying to figure out the future and getting closer to God. I just found Wilkerson and in my church he would not be looked at seriously because he is not ‘our’ prophet. But it just amazes me at the similarities between the prophecies and that’s why I posted because I thought other Christians out there might be interested to see ‘the vision’ is not the only prophecy like that. Mind you Ellen white’s prophecy does also bring in the sabbath issue which is part of keeping the commandments so if you don’t want to read that side of things don’t bother reading it, but when I read Wilkerson I felt that perhaps god is reaching out to different segments of Christianity in a way that is acceptable to them. With god being such a loving god he will meet us where we are.

  140. Greetings H! Earlier on this thread we wrote about Ellen G. White and her book “The Great Controversy.” She lived to be 85 and died in 1915. In fact, in the early 70’s Providence brought me to live a half a block from where she is buried in Battle Creek, MI. (It was the only place we found to rent at that time and very old and run down.)
    I walked to her grave a number of times. Very peaceful and these words were simply carved in stone:
    “And they that be teachers shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3
    She did not see everything and wrote that the light would increase. She wrote about “The Sealing Message”. That is what Revelation 14:1 is ALL about! Also,”The Three Angels’ Messages”(kingpins of the SDA movement) point to coming out of “Mystery Babylon” into the truth. In my opinion, there has not been another prophet or prophetess as meaningful as her in the last two centuries. However, she was deceived or did not know about the True Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) or all the Appointed Days of Yahweh’s Calendar. She wrote about “The Mark of the Beast”
    being Sunday worship. However, she did not write about the meaning of Revelation 13:18. (Explained above in earlier post.) She did not know about a reborn Israel and did not see any importance to that land in the future. I do hope that she is saved but my salvation does not depend on her being a true prophet or David Wilkerson.
    It depends on having salvation through Yahweh’s Son Yahshua. He will judge us righteously!
    E.G.W. once wrote that we will be surprised who did not make it to Heaven and that we did. Also, even though every saint had a different reward (some much, some very little) every saint was pleased with what they received. That will be wonderful!

  141. Hmmm, sometimes I wish god had written revelation in literal language and in order so it would be easier to understand the future.

  142. H, I know how you feel! But I think God has deliberately hidden most of the future from us, and allowed us just a few hints as warnings, because he loves his people and doesn’t want them to get caught up in too many bad things.

  143. I don’t think that God is sending the millions of people who, for the last two thousand years, have been attending church on Sunday, to hell, for worshiping on the wrong day.

  144. I can only assume these comments relate to David Wilkerson’s prophecies due to the fact that he was Assembly of God and therefore met for public worship on Sunday.

    Read carefully, the Church was never put under the Law as were those before Christ’s coming.

  145. Regarding prophecy in general, God has not given us any time-line. What He has given are a lot of signs, when taken all together let us know that this age is nearly at an end. (Not the end of the world!)

    1 Thes. 5:4 “But ye, bretheren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” (Read the context) This tells us that believers will be able to know when the return of Jesus is near.

  146. Mjazz, I don’t think anyone here has suggested that God will send people to hell for worshipping on Sunday. Maybe Ellen White thought that, but that is getting too far from the subject of this post.

    Galveston, I take your point, but believers have often in the past thought that the signs showed that the end of the age was near, and they were wrong. We should live as if it might be near, but also as if it might be delayed for thousands of years more.

  147. Mjazz, no that was not my intention to make that statement at all. The majority of Adventists believe as Ellen white did that there are sheep of other folds and there are many wonderful christian people in other churches that will be in heaven so please don’t subscribe that belief to my church. Yes, we believe in the seventh day sabbath as part of the ten commandments and being featured many times in the bible, even in heaven after we are taken to live with Jesus we will keep the sabbath. However that is a digression and I will only go into it if you really want me to.
    What I was trying to say is that I am not so arrogant to believe that God has only one prophet for this age and that God will give words to many people who are willing to listen. Just as Wilkerson said in his vision, when the chips are down, many people will no longer subscribe to one denomination but to the highest banner to walk under which is the name of Christian. I believe as we all come closer to God we will read the bible more and will get closer in our beliefs. As it is, my closest friend is an AOG believer and yet we recognize in each other a great love for God that surpasses our doctrinal differences. In that way we have both learnt a lot from each other. Salvation comes through Christ only and his blood, not through whether we are Sunday or sabbath keepers or speak in tongues or whatever. HOWEVER if we learn something and yet choose to go in the other direction I do believe that is grieving the holy spirit and thus jeopardizing our salvation. We must at least try to follow the guidelines God has set for us, even though we are not saved through doing them.

  148. To read the testimony of a Messianic Jew who has suffered for his belif in Jesus Christ,plz go to:www.roytov.com

  149. It seems the only good news for me here is that I am not “preaching to the choir”!.
    A little history (His Story!). . .The last few centuries brought great deception on our earth and the taking away of the truth that is well hidden today.
    However, when Jews are brought up I must mention this.first.Years ago I learned of a Jewish lady in line to be killed during the holacaust.The Nazi gaurd told her that she was being killed because she did not believe in :Jesus Christ”. After this she earnestly prayed for salvation through the Father and Son and was spared from death. I do not know any more details about this Jewish sister only that ultimately became a believer in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua NOT JESUS CHRIST, GOD, AND LORD!
    The Vatican has almost destroyed all knowledge of the truth. That’s why it’s called the BEAST power! In the last few years I finally understood that one of my ancestors one William Jayne came to this country in 1670.A Doctor of Theology, he had been kicked out of Oxford in England for not affirming “The Westminster Confession”. I knew about him and his son being kicked out but not the reason. I firmly believed that at that time he had had access to the Hebrew scrolls (yes, HEBREW!) The Pilgrims did also and rejected the King James Bible because of the pagan names. In fact, their thanksgiving was “The Feast of Tabernacles” NOT a pagan feast day that evil King Jeroboam proclaimed! The American Christian Thanksgiving Day is this exact time as this latter one on the Hebrew calendar! I Kings 12:32
    I grieve for the fact that The New Testament was replaced with the pagan Greek.. Also, that my ancestors gave up the truth long ago and that none but me accept it now. So be it!
    Christians, if you also believe that the Second Coming is very near, you are foolish virgins with lights that are going out! (Please read my post above.)
    “Martial Law “will be “The Mark of the Beast” first here in America as E.G.W. wrote in 1888.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh is returning SOON for all who love Him and no New World Order can stop Him! HalleluYah!

  150. Oh, come on!

    My name is John.

    Depending on the country or culture I might live in, it could be Juan, Ian, Evan, Ivan, or others that I may not have heard yet. They are all the same name.

    We are not saved because we speak Hebrew. We are saved by the Son of God, and He has many names or titles, if you prefer. If you believe you are saved just because you can pronounce His Hebrew name, then you are mistaken.

    I pray that is not your viewpoint.

  151. Doug, your use of the word “rabidly” gives us your position, does it not?

    I support Israel’s right to exist. Is that rabid?

    I object to the practice of lobbing missiles into your neighbor’s homes and blowing yourself up in crowded buses. Is that rabid?

    If those positions are rabid, then I will have to plead guilty.

    Does that mean that I think Israel is 100% right? No.
    BTW; I don’t understand what your question has to do with either the discussion subject or recent posts that I have replied to. Really, I don’t.

  152. “I am come in My Father’s Name, and you receive Me not: let another come in his own name, him you will receive.” Yahshua in John 5:43
    My position?
    “For Yahweh so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
    Yahshua in John 3:16 Restored Hebrew Scroll
    Holy Name Bible

  153. Okay, 4.

    I do not question your sincerity, nor your salvation. Do you question mine, based on the Name issue? I have no problem with you using Yahshua instead of Jesus.

    I do have a question and some comments though.

    Is the Holy Name Bible copyrighted? The only way you can copyright a Bible is for it to be significantly different from other Bibles. The word “significant” is very important here.

    The King James translators used copies of ms that had been used from the time of the Apostles up to that day. They used ms that had come through Antioch rather than Alexandria. They knew that the Alexandrian texts had been corrupted.
    So what we have in the King James translation is an English version of those texts, referred to as Textus Recptus (received texts.)

    Along came Wescott and Hort. Check their bios and you will find characters that most Christians would not like to follow as examples.

    These men used texts that were not part of the received texts, using the rationale that they were older than the copies that the KJV translators had used. Of course they were older! When you use a bible, or scrolls, they wear out and must be copied. I have several versions of the Bible that are many years old, but are in excellent condition. I rarely use them.

    All of the new, copyrighted Bibles come from these older texts from Alexandria that were rejected by the early church. And they have significant differences from the KJV.

    Again, is your Bible copyrighted?

    If so, it is suspect.

  154. Galveston, these are things that I did not know.
    I will go to the link Peter provided to see if the discussion continues there.

  155. “Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the Name of Yahshua the Messiah of Nazareth, Whom ye crucified, Whom Yahweh raised from the dead, even by Him does this man stand before you whole. This was the Stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner (Psalm 118:22, footnote) .Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”
    Peter in Acts 4:10-12 Holy Name Bible
    Copyright 1963 by Scripture Reasearch Association

  156. Hi Guys
    Yes it is what Edgar Cayce ( who never erred in 20,000 readings ) predicted for Japan , the East coast and Norway

    He said the intensity would depend on human ethical behaviour , (etheric) radiating produced by us to inside the Sun and further in the galaxy and next coming back as magnetic- gravity radiation

    On Gods Wrath :

    Yes , His patience has almost ended

    as you can read in my song


    it’s at the right side in the opening page

    Good luck
    No Angel will be hurt
    Be an Angel

  157. Doc Martin : –
    The Apocalyps with all thos predictions was written by a monk : Joannes The Aroepagite in 280 A.D. Three centuries after our beloved Jesus Christ !!!
    What we must worry about is the climate.
    Scientist have recently put 6 meter rising of the ocean from 100 years to 25 years because the accellarating defrost in Greenland and the ant-artics together good for 400 feet rising , if total !!!!!
    This is sure for our children , not the earthquakes.

    6 meter means 70% of NY & NJ and so much more
    See my song obama blues on it

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  159. About David Wilkerson, what did he write or say about Revelation 13:18, the #666, and “The Mark of the Beast”? I doubt very little if he was teaching “the cross”.
    Concerning this, please be prepared with emergency supplies, cash in hand, and Biblical fortitude!This 30 year Bush Senior White House seeks to bring in The Vatican’s New World Order and only those “sealed” will survive! Revelation 14:1

  160. Since we all know that some prophecies written by major and minor prophets of the Bible are yet to be fulfilled, why should we have to see all of Wilkerson’s prophecies fulfilled in his or our lifetimes? If he has been on target before, then maybe we shouldn’t write him off just yet.

  161. The Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14: 7 ~ 11
    A second angel cries BABYLON IS FALLEN, FALLEN! (Christianity Under the Pope?) A third angel warns against WORSHIPPING THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE (IDOL)
    AND TAKING HIS MARK. The number and name Jesus Christ which includes a cross (X as in Xmas!)
    “At this time will the faith of the saints be tested: They that keep the commandments of Yahweh and the faith of Yahshua.” Revelation 14:12
    Holy Name Bible
    You may not like this divine message but at least you have been warned!
    “May we meet each other on the sea of glass is my prayer!”
    Old Adventist Blessing from
    Revelation 15: 2

  162. So now the name of Anti-Christ is Jesus Christ???

    Why do you see the Roman church as “Christian” as it is idolatrous to the core.

    There are far too many references to the cross in the NT to post here.

    Mtt 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

    1 Cor. 1:17 For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel; not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.
    18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

    Col. 1:20 And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself, by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

    Sorry Peter, off topic, but I can’t let that stand!

  163. Galveston, “You got it!” The name of the anti-Messiah IS Jesus Christ! Everything about the Roman Catholic Church is Christian especially the cross! I explained this above about the Greek for the #666 in Revelation 13:18. As stated in this verse, the wise here will understand.
    In a literal sense, the Pope many times has claimed to be “Jesus Christ on earth” as stated by one of the crowns that he wears. (Long taught by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.)
    In the King James New Testament all the “crosses” used refer to #4716 in the Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament. This meaning comes from the base of #2476 “a stake or post as set upright”.
    In the verses you mention, The Holy Name Bible has used the following words instead for which I am very thankful! However, the word cross can be found in this translation. I would not have used the word at all.

    Matthew 16:14 “yoke”
    1 Cor. 1:17 “sacrifice”

    There is the thought that Yahshua was put to death on a tree (no cross bar!) In fact, last year I read that all three, Yahshua and the two thieves were killed on the same tree: one on His right and the other on His left. side.This may make sense according to the Biblical narrative.
    Of course, the wooden cross was used by the Romans to kill many Jews and others down through the centuries.The cross symbol was simply adobted by the Roman Catholic Church and now all of Christianity. It is becoming “The Mark of the Beast”!

  164. 4Yahshua, I find it highly blasphemous that you are calling Yeshua the Messiah (= Jesus Christ) the Antichrist (= Anti-Messiah). Please stop posting such blasphemy on my blog. You appear to be an enemy of the cross of Christ, and as such your destiny is destruction (Philippians 3:18-19), unless you repent.

  165. I agree. I totally disagree with you 4yashua. For the record, this is NOT what Adventists believe at all, and once again is not appropriate for this thread.

    Back to Wilkerson, the events of the past two weeks has been very interesting. I thought for a moment there that his prophecy was about to come true but one thing was nagging at me. In the prophecy he says that the president says that ” thi gs were going so well” when the crash comes, which makes me think that there will be a time of rallying on the market at least before it happens.

  166. Bless you Peter and H!
    “Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.” Saul in Romans 12:14
    For the record, I am writing about the name being used NOT the Person.of the Savior! I believe that I made this very plain for those “who have eyes to read.”
    Ellen G. White wrote a lot about the Papacy in “The Great Controversy”. I read Adventist literature in the early 1970’s about the Pope’s crown. The last time I attended Adventist services years ago, I found people very much against Ellen G. White. Now it appears that it is just another Christian church. Too bad!
    The economy has been falling since 1987 artificially propped up so it will fall suddenly as planned.
    Prophecy? If Damascus, Syria is destroyed, we could have the events of Ezekiel 38 & 39 possibly coinciding with Martial Law in the U.S. (“The Mark of the Beast”). Damascus, a very ancient city has never been destroyed but will become one day a “ruinous heap”, Isaiah 17:1.
    “Behold, I come quickly. Hold on tight to what you have! Let no man take your crown!”
    Yahshua in Revelation 3:11

  167. 4yashua, Thank you for the blessing LOL. However I really think you have to be careful about how you talk about Jesus’s name. Ellen white used the name Jesus constantly and yet you are happy to take her readings as gospel. Yes, it is true that we believe that Satan will IMPERSONATE Jesus, but that does not make the name of Jesus Christ less precious. There is power in that name and it must be valued. Now think of all those nations out there who call him Ishu, Isu, or whatever. The meaning is there and the name has no less power in a different language.

  168. 4Yahshua, I know you were talking about the name. But when you refer to the name by which a person is most commonly known you necessarily refer to the person. You are mocking my beliefs and those of most of my readers. Please don’t do that on my blog.

  169. Peter, I did not come on your blog to mock you but to share the saving truths of my Heavenly Father Yahweh and His Son.Yahshua.
    H***, Ellen G. White died in 1915 at the age of 85. She may not have been given all of the light about Them.We are the ones living in the final generation.
    In a real sense, however, the evil one impersonates Them when HIS PAGAN NAMES ARE BEING USED!
    Decades ago, I remember a SDA pastor preaching, “You can always find hooks to hang your doubts upon.” Keep doing this and see where you will end up!
    Sister White also wrote that the 144,000 saints will love the truth and are sealed with it,.On this blog it seems to me that no one else wants the faith that was once delivered to the saints. However, that is your choice!
    Sadly, I must now do the computer equivalent of what Yahshua said to do in Matthew 10:14-15.
    “shake the dust of of my feet”.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh is returning SOON for all who love and choose Them! HalleluYah!”

  170. Galveston,Ill bet theres alot you dont understand….Dispensational theology muddles ppls thinking….I dont understand why a goy(Hebrew for Gentile) thinks he has to speak hebrew to earn favor with God…LOL.

  171. Doug, thank you for your comments, especially the last one. But don’t mistake my absence for the weekend for patience. I am disapproving one of your comments for making unfounded allegations against respectable Christian leaders and a respectable Christian denomination – allegations which are anyway off topic here and so which I would not accept even if there were good evidence for them.

  172. Doug, sorry, I don’t understand what you are getting at in the first post you addressed to me. The one about dispensationalism, goy, etc.

    I’m not the one speaking Hebrew. You might be thinking of “4”.

    I do think it is crude to refer to any human being as cattle. (Literal translation of “goy”)

  173. A ohio earthgquake hit today, The first one i have ever felt in my life and i am a ohio valley girl from birth to now.

    I was at my computer and suddenly felt a gentle swaying,,like if one was laying in a boat and felt the waves of the water…i jumped up and asked my husband if there was a earythquake,. he wasent sure butthen confirmed he saw our pool water moving, Then the press confirmned it.

    I read David wilkersons book years ago,,me and my best friend, I got off the phone from her and we talked about it and i reminded her David had warned that the BIG earthquake he saw would probbably be in a place least expected.

    The ohio region… i think is going to get some big surprises…. we may not be the epicenter but i think ohio will be effected substantially.

    Sorry for the spelling errors, I am a christian and when this happened i bowed to Hevenely Father asking for his devine protection and angelkctic backup.. Our homes and lives are in the Fathers hands and heart…

  174. Thank you, Jewels. I presume you felt the Virginia earthquake from a distance. I felt nothing as I was on a beach in Italy. But I have some thoughts on the matter going around in my head and intend to post something later.

  175. I think this is just the beginning of the birth pains. . .which, just like birth pains will have breaks until they get stronger and closer together until you feel that you cannot go on. However, in Christ we are more than conquerors and we should not fear. I live in Virginia and while I didn’t feel the earthquake (our home is built on an incredible rock. . .) all around us people did. I think believers who are looking for the return of Christ need to take this time to pray and seek the Lord that America will repent and that many people will come to Christ and not look to the government to deliver us. David Wilkerson predicted, and I can see this happening, that FEMA will not be able to fund all the disasters. . .Here comes Irene. We will watch and pray for safety and repentance from everyone.

  176. Yes i do believe we are in the days of ‘the earht pangs”.,Im convinced of it and very close to the Tribulation….

    I really in my heart dont belive we in the BIG TRIB, yett though i think the four horseman of the apoclapse probbably have been set loose.,We are told those days are going to be the worse has ever had,,, in my thoughts if one has to question if we are in the BIG REIBULATON… we arn not there yet.

    But the birth pangs? YES! Intense birthpangs.

    I met a woman from California who came to my hometown. A humble village in the mountinous regions of the Ohio Valley near the Ohio River,,,, She was at my church for several years and i saw her as a sort of mentor.
    She left years and years ago for Texas i think and have not spoken to herfor perhaps 12 years,

    One thing i recal lher telling me is that God told her that the town im speaking of( or perhaps he meant the region) is a protected area.. I may try to contact her by facebook and dig more on what she meant…..We do have floods but if u are not on ground level with the creek and river it dosent really effect you and the river seems to recede fairly quick.
    As i speak Hurricane Irene is on the loose. Its a very large storm/ The winds have died down somewhat but its very massive. Where i live we can get pieces of hurricanes,,bands of wind and rain that come our way once in awiele, Hurricane IVan was a real nusiance. So we do and can have flodding. and winds… But to my memory never anything so horrible that we didnt quickly recover…

    Wonderful thing is about 11 years ago we had the oppurtunity to buy a house. We had lived in a mobile home right on a creek bank( i went through one very bad flood.) i recalll my despair as i wanted my own home away from the creekthat turned our backyard into the swampland and some un friendly in laws that lived right next to us,
    It was so hard to find a place once we had the downpayment. It looked like we wouldent get out of the place, But a divine enc ounter seem to come into play one day when my husband went into town and when he went to a store “bumped” into the wife of his xwifes brother( for those who are senitive about remarriage my husbands wife left him after he became a christian and remarried herself before we ever met,,that 27 years ago). She told us they had purchased some land and were Refurbishing the house to resale.

    One thing lead to another and it may have been 4 or 5 monthes later we were moving into a basement house on three acres of land on a hill way out of the dangers of any creeks or overflodding rivers, We had privacy as we had very few neighbors and the ones we had were friendly and left us alone..
    We got our investment paid off i think just around the time the houseing market crashed.
    I praise God for the simple things,that he seemed to pick for us…. I wanted a old victorian style hoiuse with history and all the cooll things like actics( to make into extra rooms or a neat play area for kids and grandkids) and water pumps and porches with swings.. We tried to buy one old house that had almost everything i coveted,,,a window seat,,, History as it was about 100 years old,,, a outside water pump , a porch with a swing,,,lilac bushes i think and privacy with a nearby creek.and lots of outdoor buildings and a barn!We despite my prayers and yearnings lost in a bidding war. I was in despair,.

    I had in the back of my mind a second option and that was to live i na basement house. It seems God chose for us,the basement house. Though its not duggged deeply intot he earth as i would prefere ( has only a few walls with dirt enforcment ) But its a n ew place,,,, noone really lived in it before us,. The original people that built the basement ( i think they intended to build a house) sold it to my husband x wifse brother. We ended up with it.

    Now when i see the things happeneing i can truly begine to undertsand the humble surroundings our m,eager downpayment was able to provide was probbably Fathers will. It feels like this house was built for us for the time of trouble.Father knows best!
    I may be overspiritualising things but it feels this way. I love this little basement house and it ended up with just enough room to walk around in and live. I have three daughters and a son. One daughter is married with her own family but we still have a college student here and a 14year old boy and a soon to be 4 year old… It turned out we had just enough room… for everyone to have thier sense of space and privacy. WE have land that can be cultivated to plant food and we are surrounded by woodlands, Ay the bottom though if u take a hike is a creek,,, so if we ever needed water we have a source. I have a feeling theres a place to have a welll but we dont have the finaces to pursue that, So we are trying to Preparee in other ways. Survival kits,,camping gear is slowly being bought. alittle here and a l;ittle there…

    IT can be scary to see the things that are happening., For me to feel a earthquake to me w exciting..and the mystery and wonder of it still lingers.

    The scope of this long post is that God is our provider, protector delivereer. I am a bornagain Christian who worhsips God the Father Jahaova,,, God the son Jesus Christ ( or yeshus) and theHoly Spirit as the True God of Abraham Issac and Jacob,. We being grafted into the holy olive branch of Israel purchased with the Blood of Jesus Christ..
    Ill keep anyone posted if we have anymoreEQ here,,, it is a big deal when a ohio valley girl who has lived here my whole 47 yrears never felt a earthquake,,,, untill the other day.

    For me it felt like a rocking as one would be in a baot… yea… like being in the ark.

    Love to all my brothers and sisterts in Jesus Christ and of course we know him as Yeshua in the Hebrew tongue. Same saviour ,
    WE are all inthis together… He is coming soon…. Let the Bride of Christ prepare

  177. Thank you, Jewels. I’m pleased that God provided so well for you and your family, as he has for us in rather different ways. I’m not at all sure that what is coming is the biblical “Tribulation”, but times may be difficult so it is good not to be too reliant on others and on public services.

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  179. Of course, Mark, what a sense of humor!

    If you bothered to do any reading in the Bible on the subject, you’d find that Jesus said there would be wars between nations, civil wars, and earthquakes in the closing time of this age. So we see all these happening in frequency as never in recorded history.

    A big joke. Of course!

  180. Okay. I want to say that I do watch the signs of the times. Jesus said it will be like knowing a storm is coming. Even non-believers know a “storm” is coming with the economic winds, and the flash mobs, immorality and the moral fiber of our culture coming apart. (Shootings, moms killing their kids etc. . .) We don’t know the day or hour of Christ’s coming, or exactly what will happen. BUT, just like with Irene, we have different signs to watch for and we know that this storm is serious, but we don’t know how it will hit, but we can look for the signs and prepare. Also, one of my favorite prophecies is that people will mock and ask, “where is this coming that was foretold?”

  181. Thanks for the comments. Mjazz, this is not all a joke to me at all. But I do think it has been blown up out of proportion, and I do find some of the comments and sub-threads very amusing.

  182. Its your blog and im new here but when u say things are amusing that are discusssed here by people who themselves take the subjects up seriousely it feels like one is being mocked and laughed at.
    As a christian i belive you dont mean for it to come off like that . The prophecies Jesus said that would happen are going to eventually and the book of revealtion will unfold. Because of technology and the place we are in human history it looks to meall the chess pieces are all in the right place…. and that for the first time all is in enlighnemnt for Christ very soon return.
    I guess i dont find it funny but very serious,and sobering.

  183. Jewels, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to mock anyone, although quite frankly some of the opinions I have read here are laughable. The most amusing thing is the way that such a variety of opinions are played out against one another.

  184. welll this is your blog…
    I want to clarify i dont subscrib we to the idea we are in the the BIG TI>
    I do think it will happwn in my lifetime though. Im 46. It may be another 20 years and if i live that long i may be a old woman when it comes but i do think its in my genenration.
    But not now.As i saod if we quibble about’ are we in the trib
    we arent. It will speak fr itself,.

    The birth pangs yes and i do belive they are in great intensity…. Its very close.

    The thing with me is that im not sure when the rapture will be. Yes,,i belive in the rapture. B ut i dont belive every christian will go. I belive ‘The bride” will be raptured. I ,made a painting portraying this.The bride Od Jesus Christ is what a b ride is…. a woman who has consecreated heself,,set herself apart and is in love with her groom awaiting for his call.
    I have heard in anc ient times a groom would go away and prepare a home for his bride. There were no concrete way of knopwing when he would cvome. He just would show up. The bride was expected to be ready. Weddding apparel,,, probbably a dowery of some dort,,,she was packed and ready. WEll groomed and pretty waiting for him.

    Those christians that are in love with the world and lukewarm and not ready like tyhe sleeping virgins will be shut out. Death will be thier only way to make heaven. Even e then im not surte they will be “the Bride”, They will be his church…. friends and family to him…. a realtion ship will bethere and heavcen will be thier home but the bride,,, will have a special sanctified relation shuip with Jesus others wont. They will be given the chance and we iu thuin k are iun that stage now. Like Esther… chose from many beautiful maidens,,, and she went through a purifying process . She prepared hersel;f… listentnto those in charge of getting her prepared and won the heart of the king.

    The othertmaidens may have been part of the harem… who knows? But Esther was his Queen.

    I dont knwpo though when this will happen. I havent decided. Im not sure.. I leran towards it being maybe in the middle of the tribulation..at this point. Of course i dont really in myt heart beal;ive we are in the treibulation,,so some time seems to be alloted to us. BUT the tribulation cvould kick off any time. I dont belive we will be here 50 years from now doping the same thing.
    I know this sounds radical but in my heart i belive it.This may explain why there seems to be christians on earth during the tribulation. Alot of us wont be ready when the trumpet blows.
    Its my own opnion,,,not standing on a soap box. , Its cptefersial and hard to grasp. Its just somethng i deep down belive .

    I do think thopugh m,ore then likely the 4 horseman of the apocalapse have been loosed. They all may not be here but a few have l;eft thier stall….. and i absoulutly belive we are in the birthing pangs tyhat jesus warned us about,. I do belive the earth is in great travail and mourning… its tired and sad because of the sin that has corrupted it. The e arth has a voice and its crying fpor redemption,and that will come whern the sons of God are revealed.

    Im not a bible schoor..and dont wish to confuse nayone,. Just a lady who after years of listening to diffrent ideas on th matter…has come to be at peace with this.

    I dont kn wo if i will be the bride. I pRAY I WILL BE AND WANT TO BE..but am not settled i have been chosen.
    That means when Jesus comes for his bride ill be here… and will probbably be martyred for Christ.
    I know martyrdedm would probbably give me a beautiful tiara and respect in the heavenly rteal;ms…but i choose tyo be the bride…. Now if he chooses me.

  185. Thank you, Jewels. Your ideas are interesting. But personally I don’t believe in any kind of rapture before the return of Jesus. That in fact agrees with your picture of the groom returning to collect his bride.

  186. I attended a church briefly which taught that there would be many raptures. . .that some of the church was more worthy. I think this is extremely graceless. None of us are worthy of Christ. As soon as we start to think that some of us are better than others, we are in big trouble. I have a friend who in an ex-mormon and she said that sounds a lot like Mormon theology. We are saved by grace alone. Our interpretation of prophecy should take this into consideration.

  187. Forgive me for throwing cold water on the theology of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ. But—-

    The Church is never called the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ is identified in the book of Revelation as NEW JERUSALEM, and it will be populated by all the saved of all ages, and I assume the holy angels also. Of course the Church will be there as part of that Bride.

    The Church is identified as the BODY OF CHRIST, (on Earth) and believers as individual members.

    The Bride of Christ is not commissioned to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, cast out devils, or raise the dead.

    The Church is commissioned to do those things.

  188. The Earthquake in the US, following after the one in Japan may occure soon around the great lake region in the north eastern part of the US.
    Oh, Jesus, protect your people.

  189. I was looking for information from David Wilkerson, found this sight by accidant. I believe David was a man, sent from God to help awaken the church from her luke warmness, and her deep sleep. It almost appears that alot of people that are posting, are looking for some type of a blog war. I may be wrong, forgive me if I am. Truly the bible states that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, and that the love of many will wax cold. Satan is labeled ” the accuser of the brethren” unfortunatley us christians do alot of accusing. I would like to warn of satans tact, it is to destroy the love in God’s family. Their is going to be a great falling away in the lastdays. Offences will arise, satan is going to do everything possible to have you offended against god’s children, which are your brothers and sisters in the faith. Not all will agree on doctrinal issues, thats expected. 1Corinthians 13:9-10, one day our knowledge of truth will not be in fragments, but untill that day comes, we will all see through a glass dimley. For every question that I have, I wish that I had the full coucil of God, but if I did I would have no need of the rest of the body. We all serve our purpose, in perfecting or edifying one another. If my body was to turn on itself I would probally be dead in a matter of moments, the same is true when we turn on each other. The greatest thing that we could do is love each other as Jesus did and gave himself for us. Agape love: laying your life down for aneanother. Their is no reason for a defence barrier when coming to love, it is the most voulnerable thing you can do. I wish I could say I have captured this fruit to its fullest, by I am still pursuing it also, through daily test that would attempt to shipwreck me on the island of bitterness. God bless you—–Timothy P

  190. two months before Pastor David Wilkerson passed away I dreamed I was in a pool. then I saw an older gentleman approached me. In my heart I felt that I knew him bu at the same time did not know who he was. When he approached me, he extended his hand to me and said hello how are you? when I take his hand to greet him I felt electricity going out of his hand and soon felt that he was leaving this world. I began to say out loudly; You are ready to go home, you’re ready to go home. Suddenly with the same intensity as i was loudly saying you’re ready to go home, I woke up. Not knowing my pastor whom I never met in person to say to him how much his teaching impacted my life with words of knowing more closely my Savior Jesus Christ. It’s very worth noting that one day before his passing, I was sitting at the dentist chair when I heard an intense voice telling; Pray for my church, my church Joaquin.

  191. A man of prayer is able to see into the distance. A prayer man will have visions rooted into the future. Yet Christ is nearer and can come in any moment yet his own church in America don’t want him to come because they are sleep and their vessels empty and when the bridegroom came He only took those virgins that have their vessels up and running. Helps us Lord.

  192. I’ve often wondered what the parable of the bridesmaids meant. The ones without the oil can’t mean unbelievers, because, of course, only believers would be waiting for the bridegroom.

  193. Well, Adam, Israel had given up on Christ coming the first time, but He arrived exactly on schedule. (Most Jews still don’t think He came, but that’s another story.)

    When the time is right Jesus will return, no matter what you think.

  194. Mjazz, I would understand the bridesmaids without oil as representing believers who don’t remain full of the Holy Spirit and so don’t shine as Christian witnesses in the way they are supposed to.

    John, thank you, I agree.

  195. Has anyone noticed all the riots going on in Time Square and the fact that it’s spreading to other cities and nations? HELLO! Read the beginning post at the top (prophecy by David Wilkerson). This must be the beginning of that prophecy.

  196. Again, the “oil” in the bridesmaids’ lamps is HIS NAME. Song of Solomon 1:3. (Please read my earlier post about this parable..) By the way The Holy Spirit cannot be bought or sold, Acts 8:20
    10 ~ 18 ~ 5993 Yahweh’s Feast of Tabernacles
    Yahweh’s calendar really is the only one that matters! No one is more blind than the one that chooses not to see.
    Yes, Yahshua the Son of Yahweh is returning VERY SOON and no New World Order under this 30 year Bush Senior White House under The British Monarchy under The Vatican and its cross can stop Him!! YES ~ COME YAHSHUA!!

  197. Dawn, what exactly is happening in Times Square? The report I have seen is of a largely peaceful occupation, not of “riots and blazing fires” or of looting. Also no associated earthquake. This could be the beginning of what Wilkerson predicted, but I am yet to be anything like convinced.

  198. So far, Peter, no riots, but there is a lot of anger there, and Obama’s rhetoric could well trigger violence.

    To “4”: I hope you have more going for you than knowledge of what Messiah’s name in Hebrew is!
    Biblically, oil is the type of the Holy Spirit. Are you possessed of an adequate supply of Him?

  199. I forgot to mention, do you know that they are at this time assessing the damage done by the earthquake that hit Washington? The Washington monument is closed at this time due to the damage.

  200. So I guess if you don’t have enough of the Holy Spirit when Christ returns you go to hell? Or maybe this refers to what Jesus referred to as “the outer darkness”, a place of chastisement.

  201. Mjazz, Jesus persistently warns that those who are not doing his will when he returns are in danger of “the outer darkness”. And without the Holy Spirit one cannot do his will properly. But your conclusion needs to be balanced by other more theological explanations. If we don’t serve Jesus properly we deserve hell, but there is also grace and forgiveness for us if we ask for it.

  202. One of the works of the flesh is seditions. Gal 5:19-21 says if anyone does these thing (the works of the flesh) they shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Seditons means rebellion, stirring up discontent, trying to ENLIST other into a conflict real or imagined. This reminds me of what is going on in Time Square. People protesting in the streets and even becoming violent in promoting some social cause. Those people are not saved, they don’t have an ounce of God. Deceived by the devil they think their doing a great work. The Lord is warning people who are indulging in these worrks of the flesh that they are going to miss the rapture, and worse yet miss heaven if they don’t repent.

  203. Dawn, do you know the full meaning of the Greek word dichostasiai, rendered “seditions” in Galatians 5:20 KJV? Can you be sure that it applies to what the Occupy protesters are doing?

    And then, to look at the rest of the list, can you be sure that your own life is free from “strife”, “envyings”, “revellings, and such like”, not to mention “variance” and “emulations” whatever they mean? Look carefully in your own eye before looking for specks in others’.

  204. Galveston, Yahshua is His Name period! It was supposed to be transliterated into all languages like the Hebrew word of praise, “HalleluYah” is. Instead, pagan names of deity were put in instead!.The translators greatly sinned!
    The Bible interprets itself That’s why I give the Bible verses. Acts 8:20 proves that the Holy Spirit cannot be bought and sold! The virgins were told to BUY the oil! Please take a lesson from the Bereans! They proved their noble faith by studying Scripture to see if what they were were being taught was true. Do you??
    In my opinion these increasing riots may become an excuse for the Bush White House to install “Martial Law” which may become “The Mark of the Beast” in short order! Grandpa Bush is ever anxious for that new World Order!
    Sadly, long term financial depression is becoming financial collapse. All of these events will bring judgement FOR the saints because Yahshua is returning SOON! HalleluYah!

  205. No, 4Yahshua, “Yahshua” is a possible but improbable reconstruction, probably made by someone with no more than one semester of Hebrew, of the original pronunciation of the name of our Messiah. Are you saying that the New Testament authors who wrote Ἰησοῦς “greatly sinned” in that the didn’t write the name (in Latin script) “Yahshua”? “Jesus” is a reasonable transliteration of what those New Testament authors wrote, or you can write “Yesous” if you prefer, but you have no biblical grounds for preferring “Yahshua”.

    And perhaps I can remind you that there is no longer a President Bush in the White House.

  206. A parable is intended to convey a simple message to believers while hiding its meaning to outsiders. The message of the 10 virgins was simply be watchful and always ready to do what you are called to do. (That’s about what Peter said above.)

    It is error to attempt to build a theology on every detail of a parable.

    Apologies again, Peter.

  207. Galveston, Yahshua did not hide anything from anyone! He spoke in parables (stories that were actually true) so that everyone listening and later reading could easily understand them if they choose to.
    It seems that the blind do not have any trouble leading the blind.when there is still day. Will that work in the future darkness when the call is made, “The Bridegroom comes ~ go ye out to meet Him!”?
    The wise virgins have all the light that they need because they took the steps (often painful) to believe the truth. The foolish were content to believe in popular false teachings and pagan names even when the Bible truth was plainly presented to them. They even belittled those that tried to teach them! Suddenly, when they see that Yahshua (yes, Yahshua!) is coming, they want to be saved, too. TOO LATE!! TOO LATE!! No more message boards! No more time to choose the truth!
    Peter, you are fatally wrong about the Name Yahshua. However, anyone knows this that researches this matter prayerfully as we are all supposed to do. I have done this for over forty years.
    Sadly, you also seem to have an unkind habit of attacking posters and their words instead of adding to understanding. Why is this? And, how is it working for you?
    Peter,I have already explained WHY we have a 30 year Bush Senior White House under The British Monarchy under The Vatican and its cross. There is also much information about this on the Web if one wants to know the truth. Praise Yahweh ~ I have always wanted the truth!
    My prayer is that anyone reading these words decides to want it , too. Yahshua said, “The truth shall make you free.”
    Wow! It’s almost “quitting time”! Almost time to go home with Yahshua! HalleluYah!

  208. 4Yahshua, please send me a scholarly paper, preferably published in a peer reviewed journal, explaining your evidence and reasoning for the spelling “Yahshua”, and I will examine it carefully and take it seriously. Failing that I will continue to believe that the scholarly consensus is more trustworthy than your assertions without evidence.

    Are you expecting to “quit” with Harold Camping tomorrow? If so I think you might be gravely disappointed!

  209. Matt. 13:10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, why speakest thou unto them in parables?
    11. He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the myseries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.
    12. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance, but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.
    13. Therefore speak I to them in parables, because they seeing see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

  210. Galveston, please continue to verse 15:
    “For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and should be saved.”
    This was the condition of the Jewish people circa
    30 A.D, forty years before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. How are we now??
    David, I never listened to Harold Camping especially after 1988.However, I did witness to him about the truth as I do here.
    A foolish virgin asks a wise one for “light”? I can only counsel you to seek it with all of your heart NOW because time is very short!!
    There are hundreds (thousands?) of Web sites for “Proof of Yahshua’s Name” .( I stay clear of those who have the pagan names in the titles.)
    Here are two that I pray prove helpful in your prayerful study:
    Yahshua came in His Father’s Name, John 5:43.
    This is a vital clue!
    Blessings as you seek the truth!

  211. So the Occupy Wall Street ppl are “rioters”? Hmmmm…thats funny….I thought here in America we had the right to protest.

  212. The moment rocks start to fly, looting begins, and fires are started, it is no longer a protest, but a riot. The situation is very volatile right now.

    BTW “4”, and just how is this generation different from the one described in the verses you submit?

  213. Doug, I agree with you.

    4Yahshua, thanks for the links. The first one tries to present an argument for “Yahshua” but struggles to explain why the first waw in יהושוע is silent, but the author has completely misunderstood the obscure language of Fabre d’Olivet: “not expressible in our tongue” doesn’t mean “silent”. Sorry, there is no such thing as a silent waw, and that is why this name cannot be pronounced “Yahshua”. Your second reference merely asserts this impossible form.

  214. I truly believe the wall street “occupiers” will eventually result rioting and lead to martial law and one world government. We are just beginning to see the initial stages of this movement and so far I am disturbed at what I see. In a very short period of time it has reach hundreds of cities here and around the world. The people are joining together (one world government behavior) and are not in support of true democracy. Surely this will trigger the prophecy written by David Wilkerson. If anyone refutes this, just wait a while and see for yourself. God Bless

  215. Peter, I hope your skepticism is justified, but it looks like the US is headed down the same road as Greece, only a few steps behind. Certainly what Greece is experiencing are riots.

    BTW, I notice that in cases like this, the media usually characterizes those involved as “protesters” when they are clearly rioters. Protests are legal, riots are not.

  216. I think there are elements within society that would love to hijack the protests to foment European style rioting.
    I believe in the eternal security of the believer, but there is chastisement for those who behave very badly- like the servant who got drunk and beat his fellow servants being “assigned a place with the unbelievers”. Christ speaks of the “outer darkness” many times. and I’m not convinced it is hell. Also, heaven and hell will not be the same for everyone. Didn’t Christ say that it would be easier for Sodom and Gomorrah on the Day of Judgement than Tyre and Sidon?

  217. David, after reading your post I typed in “first waw in the Name Yahshua”. I found this site:
    This explains fully about the “waw” in Yahshua’s saving Name. (I actually met one of these elders in back in 1988.and found him to be very earnest.)
    Dave, sadly, you will now have to try to find another “hook” to hang your doubts upon. A better approach would be to try to prove the name Jesus!
    No “j” in Hebrew! It also does NOT contain the Name of the Father ,Yahweh.:
    “I am come in My Father’s Name and you receive Me not, let another come in his own name, him you will receive..” John 5:43
    In Spanish, the name Jesus is pronounced “Hey Zeus” which is very telling ~ because Zeus was the name of the chief idol of the Greeks.
    All of the words I have posted here are my testimony for Yahshua the Son of Yahweh ~ who was, is, and will always be My Saviour. HalleluYah!

  218. So if I see something going on that I dont like Im supposed to say and do nothing? I dont justify violence but from what Ive seen on video its the police acting like a bunch of fascists in order to deliberately provoke ppl.

  219. Yash4: Let me see if I got you right…If I refer to the Messiah as Jesus Im wrong?…Plz clarify that point for me…TYVM.

  220. Jesus brought the New Covenant when He came. The record of that covenant (New Testament) was written in Greek. The name “Jesus” is the same as “Joshua” (deliverer). The angel told Mary that His name would be “Jesus” (Greek spelling, of course, as recorded) Did Jesus speak Aramaic? How would His name be pronounced then? What if you are a Christian and only speak some dialect of Chinese?

    This is a ridiculous argument, as we are saved by FAITH in the finished work of the Son of God, not by keeping some law, even the Law of Moses. I wonder, “4”, are you a Sabbath keeper too?

  221. 4Yahshua, I don’t know who you are calling “David” and “Dave”. I agree that the form “Jesus” is not the original Greek or Hebrew form. But the article you linked to clearly states the truth, that Hebrew waw is always pronounced, either as a consonant or as a vowel. The only evidence of it being silent is taken from English!

  222. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that whoever believes on Him will not perish, but have eternal life, not whoever pronounces His name correctly.

  223. Doug P, in my prayerful studies over forty years I have learned that “Jesus Christ” is NOT the Name of the One Who saves us! The Bible says to always give an answer for our faith:
    “But sanctify Yahweh in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to everyone that asketh
    you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” I Peter 3:15 Holy Name Bible
    Galveston, Yahshua WAS the new covenant!
    “For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes
    of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh: How much more shall the blood of Yahshua, Who through the Eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to the Most High, purge your conscience from death-causing works to serve the living Elohim? And for this purpose He is the Meditor of the New Testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of transgressions of the first Testament, those which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.”
    Hebrews 9:13-14-15 Holy Name Bible
    Again, the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua were SUPPOSED TO BE TRANSLITERATED like the Hebrew word of praise “HalleluYah”. (That is how a person speaking Chinese would have known Their Names.) However, they were not transliterated. .Also, I firmly believe that The New Testament was originally written in Hebrew but it seems that The Vatican erased that, too.
    If I keep the first commandment, would I not also keep the fourth?
    The saints will be keeping the commandments of Yahweh and have the faith of Yahshua.
    Revelation 14:12 Holy Name Bible
    Peter, I must have wrote the name David (Wilkerson?) while thinking Peter.(??) and I am sorry. Your right name now seems very important, does it not? Well, Yahweh and His Son Yahshua feel the very same way about Their Names!
    mjazz,it is not how you pronounce His Name but DO YOU REALLY HAVE HIS NAME and not the evil imposter’s?
    Peter, the link I last gave to you actually proves that Biblically the first “waw” is pronounced like “w” but
    in more secular Hebrew it has a “v” sound. This is why some groups say “Yahveh, Yahvah,”. The concensus (or Solomon’s multitude of counselors)
    agrees that Yahweh (pronounced “Yah’ way”) the Father and Yahshua (“Yah’shoe a) His Son are the correct pronunciation of the True Names.Please consider these words prayerfully for in these Names are LIFE ~ ETERNAL LIFE! HalleluYah!

  224. 4Yahshua, my point is simple. Hebrew waw has to be recognised in some way in the pronunciation. I agree that “v” would not be the right pronunciation. I would have no quarrel with “Yahoshua” or “Yahweshua”.. My problem is with the version with nothing corresponding to the waw. But I also disagree with the importance you give this. If Iesous Christos was good enough for the apostles, then “Jesus Christ” is good enough for me.

    Doug, Galveston, Mjazz, thanks for your comments. I don’t have anything to add at the moment.

  225. I have reason to think “The” earthquake is coming on 11 11 11.
    This seems to be the opposite of what others are saying who are gathering at the Rose Bowl and at the Lions stadium in Detroit.
    Does anyone else have such a leading ?

  226. God is author of all language. If he wanted us to use only one specific name to refer to him or his son then surely this teaching would be more widespread. God is more concerned with issues of the heart not language barriors. In fact in heaven we will be given a new name and a new language to speak. So all this talk of proper names and such seems a bit legalistic to me.

  227. “Be sober, be vigilant; because the adversary, your enemy, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”I Peter 5:8 Holy Name Bible
    “And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with Him ,a hundred and forty four thousand, having HIS NAME and HIS FATHER’S NAME written in their foreheads.” Revelation 14:1 Holy Name Bible (emphasis mine) HalleluYah!

  228. Anyone who expects to see an answer to prayer is at risk of being wrong. There exist Christians who have spent their entire Christian lives without ever having had the pleasure of thanking God for a specific answer to prayer because they never asked specifically. They have not because they ask not.
    I prefer Harold Camping over David Wilkerson.
    Wilkerson appears wise but his prophecy is of no value whatsoever as it will never be seen as correct or incorrect.
    I do not care if 11 11 11 proves incorrect. I have taken no ones money. God has simply forced me to consider that day as a possibility. I place the scientific odds of an earthquake in California on that date as approaching zero. That is all the better for knowing it is from God if it should occur. Christians need not fear Harold Camping. They need to fear those Christians who cannot point to even one “miracle” in their spiritual walk.

  229. Hi, “4”. I may have asked you this before, but—

    Did the manuscripts used to translate the Holy Name Bible come through Alexandria or Antioch? Do you know which?

  230. 12 ~ 8 ~ 5993

    Greetings and peace in Yahshua!
    Galveston, I did not know that you asked this question but i will try to answer now. A.B. Traina in his preface to the Holy Name Bible cites many manuscripts and sources including Hebrew and Aramaic. He never mentions Alexandria or Antioch. He does write that the Moffatt and Rotherham versions are partial to the True Names also. Maybe you should read this preface for yourself.
    I came back on here to share what has been recently revealed to me. As messengers we can only teach and warn, not make others believe.
    When studying Yahweh’s calendar I became aware of the next New Moon being on Sunday, December 25, Xmas, during Hanukkah. It came to my spirit that this could be when the events of Ezekiel 38, 39, Psalm 91 (Same event!) can happen. When one considers the original event that created Hanukkah,
    this seems even more phrophetic. It makes me feel very sad to think what pain these final events will cause (all the tribes of the earth mourn because of Him) but it will also mean that Yahshua finally COMES possibly in 2012! In a way, these events will be like the call, “The Bridegroom is coming!” Those who have rejected Yahweh and Yahshua may not be able to choose Them.
    These attacks bring an end to Islamic and Communist power. The Vatican will then reign through its U.S and European.rulers with its cross . This “Mark of the Beast” will be accepted by most.
    Many are proudly wearing it now!
    By praying to Yahweh NOW and choosing His Son Yahshua, you will survive and live forever! I pray that this is your choice!
    By the way, Japan radiation is now said to be 33X that from Russia! We are certainly in final times!
    May you be blessed by Yahweh’s peace and salvation is my prayer. HalleluYah!

  231. The very fact that your Bible is copyrighted is proof that the translators made “substantial changes” to any previous translation. So they abandoned the body of mss that the Church used for about 1800 years! And not only the church of Rome used those manuscripts.

    That doesn’t make you a tad nervous?

    The KJV is an english translation of those mss, and there are many positive references to the cross in it. How can you identify that as the “mark of the beast”?

    I will grant you that the Roman church is a counterfeit, but there is a great difference between an empty cross and a crucifix.

    And yes, I agree that Christ (you won’t argue with that name, I suppose) could possibly return before the end of 2012, but don’t set any date. We are all guessing.

  232. 12 ~ 8 ~ 5993

    Galveston, it is very sad that you do not seem to have an accurate understanding of the history of the Bible. The books of the Bible were originally written on scrolls ( some of which are still being found today.) I have read that some of these scrolls survived until the time of the Pilgrims who had them.They rejected the new King James Bible in 1620 for very good reason!
    The time of thanksgiving that they celebrated in America was not the pagan Thanksgiving Day of today ( I Kings 12:32-33). They kept Succoth ( “The Feast of Tabernacles”) that Yahweh ordained. Leviticus 23:34. Two very distant relatives who were teachers (father and son) in the 1600’s were kicked out of Oxford University in England for not reciting “The Apostles’ Creed”. I can only surmise that they would not honor the pagan names. I will not either! Protestants of that time understood about the cross and hated it. If they were alive today they would see now that Christianity has become Roman Catholicism! Now, why can’t you??
    The name Christ and the cross (X as in Xmas) are contained in the Greek Translation of Revelation 13:18 for the #666. (I mentioned this at least once before on this thread.) The X is very easy to see here.
    The cross comes in many forms: The Christian Cross, The German Swastika (crooked cross), The Russian Hammer & Sickle, and even the Peace Cross ~ all compliments of The Vatican!
    Judgment on the sinful world and Christianity will be judgment FOR the saints!
    Nervous and guessing?? Not me! Why would I be?
    Yahshua said, “The truth shall set you free!”
    He did it for me a very long time ago! I pray that He does this for everyone reading these words here. HalleluYah!

  233. OK Gal ~ here are some answers:
    1. I have my doubts about that! The Roman Catholic Church and The Vatican arose long after Yahshua’s death in 31 A.D. They love to improvise with pagan names of deity, pagan holy days, and pagan symbols! For instance, Peter’s death in Rome when he was put to death in Jerusalem.
    Here are some Biblical clues ironically from Peter himself:
    “The Elohim of our fathers raised up Yahshua, whom ye slew on a tree.” Peter in Acts 5:30.
    “Who His own self bare our sins in His Own body
    on the tree. . .” Peter in I Peter 2:24
    2. Who keeps the Mosaic Law completely? No one!
    That’s why Yahshua came to die for us! However,
    if we love Him we keep His Commandments.
    “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”
    Yahshua in John 14:15
    Yahweh’s first commandment is to have no other deities before Him.(i.e. God, Lord, Jesus Christ, and
    all of the other names of national idols of this world)!
    Yahweh in Exodus 20:3
    Yahshua reiterated this in Matthew 22:37
    “Thou shalt love Yahweh thy Elohim with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    This is the first and great commandment of the whole law.” Holy Name Bible
    Another verse I love is this one:
    “The angel of Yahweh encampeth round about them
    that fear Him, and delivereth them.”
    King David in Psalm 34:7 Holy Name Bible
    I will remember these words in the coming dark days! Yahshua returns SOON! HalleluYah!
    Will He be coming for you???

  234. Hello, “4”

    Acts 5:30
    I will use Strong’s Greek dictionary. The New Testament was written in Greek according to nearly every authority on the subject.

    Acts 5:30 The God (theos) of our fathers raised up Jesus (Iesous) whom ye slew and hanged upon a tree (xuion: various timber objects).
    (Did Simon carry a tree for Jesus?)
    Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?

    Matt. 22:37 Jesus (Iesous) said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord (kurios: supreme authority) thy God (theos) with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

    What authority did the publishers of the Holy Name Bible have to exchange the original language of the New Testament for Hebrew?

    I really think you have been sold a bill of goods.

  235. Actually, God used common Greek to begin to spread the news about His Son because it was such a widely used language at the time. Also, on the occasions where they have Jesus speaking in His native tongue, it is Aramaic.

  236. 12 ~ 10 ~ 5993 Sabbath
    Greetings Gal,
    No, I am not a “J W” and I believe that on here I answered this question already. By the way, why would you even think that? They acknowledge that His Name is Yahweh but use the pagan names including Jehovah. They never use the Name Yahshua, the One that saves us!
    We have ALL been sold a piece of goods (more like bads!) It is our responsibility to prove all things and give an answer for our faith. Our eternal destiny depends on it. That is, whether we will have one or not!
    The Bible states to buy the truth and sell it not, King Solomon in in proverb 23:23. Choosing to believe in Yahweh and His Son will cost us something in this final age. What will it be for you?
    Love of family and friends? Prestige? A job? Celebrating the religious and national pagan holy days of Xmas, Easter, and worshipping with other
    believers on Sunday? Do these mean MORE to you
    than a wonderful eternal life with Yahshua, The King of Kings?
    Please, PLEASE prayerfully consider the words I have written on this blog. You can hold on to your “hooks” for not believing with all of your might. And, you will have lots of company. But WHY???
    “As for me, I was glad when they said unto me ~ let us go into the House of Yahweh.”
    King David in Psalm 122:1 Holy Name Bible

  237. 12 ~ 11 ~ 5993

    The Greeks slaughtered the Jews in the time of Antiochus Ephiphanes.The Jews made the mistake of welcoming him in as they did Alexander the Great who spared their nation. Antiochus was the first ruler to enforce “The Mark of the Beast” after he sacrificed a pig to Zeus in Yahweh’s Temple on December 25, Xmas! He killed everyone including babies who did not accept this evil worship. This is where the custom of celebrating Xmas comes from (the Xmas ham?) although its customs go back to ancient Babylon and Nimrod. A “very big bad” being sold to everyone is the keeping of Xmas!
    Hanukkah celebrates the ending of this evil worship and the cleansing of Yahweh’s Temple restoring it to the worship of Yahweh. You can read about it in the books of Maccabees, if you can find them!
    The first believers in Yahshua were Jewish and spoke Hebrew NOT Greek. After reading the above do you think that speaking Greek would be popular there? Not even one apostle was Greek.
    Modern Israel had to resurrect a long dead language that their ancestors spoke. (First time in history!) That language was Hebrew!

  238. I thought you might be JW also because they believe Jesus was killed on a tree (torture stake) also.
    According to your view, then thousands of years of missionary work is for naught because all those people weren’t using the Hebrew names for God and His Son.
    So I guess the Great Commission is starting now- no need for sloshing through jungles and getting malaria and learning foreign languages- just wait for everybody to get a computer and use Google translate.
    X is simply short for the Greek, CH, which stands for Christ.

  239. mjazz, thousands of years of missionary work??
    Must I remind you that Yahshua willingly died in 31 A.D.? That’s not even two thousand years ago! Knowledge of the True Names widely existed into the 1600’s. Before then, many, many believers were killed during The Dark Ages under Papal rule.The work of the Roman Catholic Inquisition under the Jesuits destroyed many more believers and the knowledge of the truth in print as have The Knights of Columbus all through these years.
    World missionary work only actively began in the 1800’s mainly in America.The Jesuits have also infiltrated all Christian groups to bring them under Papal rule and Roman Catholic belief.
    However, mjass, you are so right! Any truth seeker can actively Google “Yahweh” and “Yahshua” and pray to be saved! HalleluYah!
    What a blessing in these last of days!
    Yes, mjazz, X stands for the name Christ AND , again, is also a part of the #666 in the Greek translation for Revelation 13:18. (Greek Diaglott is free on the Web.) This X is also a CROSS! The full meaning of the #666 (Greek) in English is Christ Jesus and this name contains a cross! These are the mark, number, and name of the image (idol) of the Beast (power= Vatican)!
    Is this hate the prophetic message, attack the messenger??
    In doing this are you also attacking Yahshua the Messiah Who saves all who believe in Him?
    Just wondering.

  240. Yash4,yer an excellant Christian Zionist….Maybe you should seek employnent in Israel….You would make an excellant “shabbos goy”….LOL.

  241. Doug P., after reading all of my posts do you still think that I am a Christian??? So sad!
    Employment in Israel? Cannot speak the True Names there (because I will be put in jail for doing so!) Why would I choose to do that ??
    At least I do know Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua and can spell! HalleluYah!
    To make this post more relevant, yesterday there was a large earthquake (now 6.5) in Mexico felt in nine Mexican states with several deaths. Another birthpang heralding Yahshua’s soon return??

  242. Ok Messianic Jews is unscriptural your example should be Paul (these are christian fundamentals) who said “I am neither Jew nor Greek” For even saying one is Messianic ‘Jews’ means to hold onto the old covenant and not that of promise. So lets get ride of that hypocritical thinking it will lead many too hell, in bondage to fulfilling the whole law and not the covenant of love made by Jesus Christ.

    There is no way those scriptures pertain to the fall of Israel OR we would have seen ‘earthquakes’ in that time, therefor prophesy was NOT fulfilled. However we do see it being fulfilled now in the time of the church.

    If you where to read the book of Jasher you would know that during the time of Noah there where many flood, earthquakes, abortions, nuclear war… In the time of Israel’s fall it wasn’t “as in the days of Noah” as it is today.

    Second if the laws of the spirit is manifested in there heart despite the fact they call Yahshua “Jesus”, are they not of the same body? And if you know all mysteries but have not love, are you still not in danger of eternal fire? Therefore seek love, for that is the principle thing not if his name is called Yahshua or Jesus. The manifestation of the spirit is fruits, not words.

    And again isn’t his name going to be changed yet again? So what does it profit you? It all comes down too doers of the word.

    Truly David Wilkerson was a man with the gift of prophecy. His prophecies are confirmed by the prophet Isaiah. Truly David was of us for her was lead by the spirit.

  243. I agree with david wilkerson prophecy vision of 1973 is so accurate, i am really impressed that he depicts it in details that will occur. we are in 2011 and am checking about his speech on you tube, yeah he is 100% right on. god bless him.

  244. 12~30~5993
    Chris, the correct term for a Jewish convert is “Completed Jew”. By this, I mean one who has now chosen to believe in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua. Both of these Supreme Ones are not supposed to be mentioned by the geater body of Jews today. (However, I have seen Yahweh’s Name in Hebrew on a very old synagogue in Europe.)
    By this I do NOT mean a Jew who has chosen Christianity, the worship in the names of God, Lord, and Jesus Christ, the Vatican religion. They are deceived like most everyone else in our troubled world. In fact,anyone promoting the cross (through crusades, etc.) is doing the work of The Vatican whether they know it or not!
    It’s so easy to hold on to false pagan belief especially when everyone chooses it!.However, when the chickens come home to roost, when the rubber hits the road,when a storm shelter or a flashlight is needed ~ will Yahweh be there to save you? And, not just any name will do!!
    Please seek Yahweh NOW and in this Roman year 2012. Choose salvation through His Only Son Yahshua.. They are only a Prayer away!

  245. RE: Earthqukes in Ohio I believe there are earthqukes in Ohio due to the usage of a drilling technique called “fracking”.They are NOT a judgement from God.

  246. Fracking takes place below a very serious layer of rock at great depth. There is no way anything less that a thermonuclear blast could cause a tremor. Besides, what David was talking about is a serious earthquaqe. We had a 2.0 in Dallas yesterday, but that certainly doesn’t count.

  247. A direct question for “4”:

    Have you recieved the Holy Ghost since you believed?
    How do you know you have?

    David Wilkerson was a man filled with the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4.

  248. 1~6~5993 Happy Sabbath!
    Greetings in the new Roman year 2012!
    It’s the dead of winter not spring or fall ~ it’s the Pope’s calendar! Do you know that ancient Babylon began their agricultural year the same time as Israel (in the same month in the spring)?
    I am surprised that the events of Ezekiel 38,39, and Psalm 91 did not happen even though Iran is in the news everyday. It will happen according to Yahweh’s calendar not ours. Wearesoclose!
    Also, I am coming to believe that Yahshua was born 1 B.C. or 1 A.D, not 6,5,4, or 2 B.C.Yahshua’s 12th year is mentioned in the Gospels. This could have been the Jubilee (every 50th year) year of His Life.
    Doug P, I believe very much like The Seventh Day Adventists. However, that organization does not honor Yahweh and His Son ,Yahshua. At this point you can call me one of the saints of Revelation 14:1 or one of the five wise virgins.
    Galveston, I do not know what you mean. I never broke out speaking in other “tongues” or languages.
    I DID begin to understand Yahweh’s prophecies in His Word that I never understood at all before! He revealed His Name and His Son’s Name to me at that time (1970’s) as I never heard of Them before
    then. The work of Yahweh’s Spirit is to reveal truth.
    Did David Wilkerson speak in tongues as this verse implies? Sadly, he was very much for the cross and pagan names which to me seems more for the Papacy than Yahweh.
    “The testimony of Yahshua is the spirit of prophecy,”
    Revelation 19:10 Holy Name Bible
    This Bible IS a lamp unto my feet and a light unto
    my path, Psalm 119:105. The “oil” in it is His Name Yahweh and His Son’s, Yahshua! HalleluYah!

  249. Galveston, as I understand it fracking can cause earthquakes by releasing pent up energy far underground, the trigger effect. If there is not much energy in an area not very geologically active, the quake is likely to be small. If someone were foolish enough to try fracking near the San Andreas fault, the consequences could be disastrous. But the British Geological Survey has officially blamed fracking for the small Blackpool earthquakes, see the link I posted above.

    See also my semi-April Fool post Earthquake shakes England! in which I clarify that I do not see quakes of this size as fulfilment of prophecy.

  250. RE: Ezek.38-39..There is a lot of controversy about the true meaning of Ezek.38-39.Some people interpret Biblical prohecy via the news headlines.Im more in agreement with Gary DeMers…AmericanVision.com

  251. I wonder if the British Geological Survey also says that global warming is man-made?

    “4”, I take it you are a Sabbath keeper. If you are under the law of Sabbath, then you have to keep ALL the Law without any failure, eg. all the feasts, new moon festivals, animal sacrifices, etc. (See Paul’s letter to the Galatians.)

  252. Peter, more than not on this side of the pond regard the idea that man is causing climate change as bad science at best and scam at worst.

    There have been cycles in earth temperatures as far back as we can check, and we weren’t driving SUV’s back then. Scientists also tell us that other planets are having temperature changes. Did we do that?

  253. 1~7~5993
    Galveston, again, it seems that you do not understand Yahweh’s Word. Without His Spirit, how can you? Because of this, we keep going over and over the same things!
    “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”
    Yahshua in John 14:15
    “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”
    King Solomon in Proverb 28:9
    There are many, many verses about Yahweh’s Commandments including His Sabbath if you care to find them and read them!
    Instead, you are choosing the Pope’s laws!
    Years ago I read a cartoon drawn by one Jack Chick. Back then I did not know fully what it meant but now I do!
    There were many people (round heads including a baby head) looking up to a large robed figure.(head not shown). In every forehead including the baby’s were the numbers “666”. And, they were all smiling!
    Those who reject the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) will have the name of the idol of the Beast (Vatican) instead! Revelation 13:18
    The saints will be sealed in the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, Revelation 14:1.
    Yahshua returns SOON!! HalleluYah!

  254. Well, 4, there are 613 mitzvot, good luck keeping all of them.
    And a lot of denominations have nothing to do with Rome.
    If Yeshua was born in 1BC or 1AD, as you believe, then my statement concerning “thousands of years of missionary work” is accurate. I still don’t believe that the hundreds of years of missionary work that Messiah wanted us to do was for nothing. Isaiah 55:11- 11: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

  255. Galveston, I’m glad to say that science does not proceed by popular vote. In the 16th century most people thought the sun revolved around a fixed earth, and Copernicus was initially in a minority of one, but he was right.

    Let me summarise what’s happening, incontrovertibly: our SUVs etc are pumping a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere; atmospheric CO2 is rising rapidly; it is easily shown that CO2 tends to cause warming; and the earth is warming up. We can’t prove a causal link, and there are clearly other complicated factors at work. But we can prove that we are doing something likely to lead to an undesirable effect. That in itself implies that we should stop doing it.

  256. First, to “4”. I see that you constantly go back to the Old Covenant to back up your points. Did you ever read Galatians, where the Apostle Paul dealt with the very problem of Christians wanting to go back under the Law? Or do you not accept the writings of Paul as scripture?

    Now to the environment. When this was first advanced, the problem was stated that man was causing the planet to warm up. Later data now inicates that the planet is cooling. So advocates of greater governmental control changed the issue to “climate change” which should be prima facie proof that the whole thing is fraudulent. The solution offered? Set up a complicated system where carbon credits can be sold and exchanged. Just how would that reduce anything? It only serves to make some people incredibily rich, as Al Gore hoped for.

    There are many scientists who do not believe that man can cause the climate to change.

    Follow the money!

  257. 1~8~5993
    Galveston, here are some more verses from
    THE NEW TESTAMENT for you to ignore:
    “My little children,these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Yahshua the Messiah, the Righteous One: And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
    And hereby we do know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He that sayeth I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”
    I John 2:1~4 Holy Name Bible
    Galveston, because you teach against Yahweh’s commandments, I do not believe anything
    that you write.

  258. Galveston, while I don’t agree with ” I do not believe anything that you write”, I certainly don’t believe your claim that “the planet is cooling”. One cold winter in one continent does not mean global cooling. There is always some year to year variation, but the overwhelming trend on the decade by decade scale shows rapid warming – although possibly slowing down over the last decade which could be something to do with measures humans have taken to combat it.

    Consider the following data from NOAA (the December report will be available soon) showing no signs of long term cooling:

    The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for the January – November period was 0.52°C (0.94°F) above the 20th century average of 14.0°C (57.2°F), making it the 11th warmest such period on record. The margin of error is +/- 0.09°C (0.16°F).

    The January – November worldwide land surface temperature was 0.84°C (1.51°F) above the 20th century average — the seventh warmest such period on record. The margin of error is +/- 0.20°C (0.36°F).

    The global ocean surface temperature for the year to date was 0.41°C (0.74°F) above the 20th century average and was the 11th warmest such period on record. The margin of error is +/- 0.04°C (0.07°F).

  259. 1~9~5993
    mjazz, in my humble opinion, you are more than confused. But that is what being “lost” is!
    There have NOT been “thousands” of years of missionary work. On earth “missionary work” began roughly in 30 A.D. with the beginning of Yahshua’s ministry. (The name “Yeshua “does not contain His Father’s Name Yahweh and so is bogus.) That’s not even two thousand years!!
    In my opinion, The Vatican has pretty much obliterated the truth about Yahweh and Yahshua during the last 400 years. That is why it is the Beast power! Any church now calling itself “Christian” is believing in Roman Catholicism because of the names that they worship in.
    Yes, I do not eat those things. Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14. I stopped eating them in 1968 when the truth was presented to me. It was not particulary easy for me because at the time I loved pepperoni pizza and shrimp.I certainly don’t miss them now.
    You cannot be blessed if you reject His commands on this! You may try to twist these by some supposed New Testament teaching but I have been through that before and won’t be bothered with it. Meats Yahweh originally called unclean were never made clean!
    Health minded people do not eat these either. In 1940, the U.S. Government stated that all of the harmful organisms in pork could not be killed by any amount of heat. ( I guess the pork lobby won’t let that out today!)
    Yahweh’s Word does not return unto Him void. Yahweh did not create the “Christian” religion.
    The Vatican did!
    “Come out of her , My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4

  260. 4yash: It may interest you to know that the name of Jesus is pronounced “Yeshu” in Israel…Thats an acronymn in the Hebrew language that means…”Let His name and memories be forgotten forever”.

  261. 4Yahshua-
    That’s why I changed it to “hundreds” in the interest of accuracy.
    What about Peter’s vision of the sheet carrying unclean things, how does that fit in to your theology?

  262. For everyone’s consideration. Note where the research came from.

    You need to curb those carbon emissions or else you’ll be responsible for warming up the planet, sinking the Maldives and ruining skiing season for everyone. Just ask Al Gore. But apparently the “settled science” still isn’t quite so settled, at least not at Cambridge. Scientists there have concluded a lengthy study of climate cycles as they relate to “wobbles” in the Earth’s orbit around the sun and reached a somewhat different conclusion… man’s emissions of carbon might be the only thing standing between us and another ice age.
    Researchers used data on the Earth’s orbit and other things to find the historical warm interglacial period that looks most like the current one.
    In the journal Nature Geoscience, they write that the next Ice Age would begin within 1,500 years – but emissions have been so high that it will not.
    “At current levels of CO2, even if emissions stopped now we’d probably have a long interglacial duration determined by whatever long-term processes could kick in and bring [atmospheric] CO2 down,” said Luke Skinner from Cambridge University.
    Dr Skinner’s group – which also included scientists from University College London, the University of Florida and Norway’s Bergen University – calculates that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 would have to fall below about 240 parts per million (ppm) before the glaciation could begin.
    The current level is around 390ppm.

    Also, from what I (Galveston) recently read in the Natioinal Geographic, just one major volcanic eruption cancells many years of driving Smart cars.

  263. Well, Galveston, which is your position? Human activities do not cause global warming? Or they do cause it, but that’s a good thing because it will save us from a new ice age? You can’t have it both ways.

  264. Peter, the whole point is that there is not enough solid evidence to support the idea of man-caused climate change.

    In spite of that, we have here the EPA issuing regulations that are killing jobs and will kill people, especially the elderly when the electric grid goes down. They will die of heat in the summer and cold in the winter, but look at the bright side. We MAY have made a miniscule difference in the climate. Maybe.

  265. I think we may be experiencing global warming, but I doubt that it is man’s doing. There are too many variables that haven’t been taken into consideration, and scientists have been known to fudge the data to arrive at the conclusions they wanted. At one time the antarctic was a tropical forest, which means it was a lot warmer than it is now, and the earth is still here.

  266. Instead of focusing on Bro. Wilkerson’s earthquake prophecy, maybe we should pay close attention to his warning about the financial collapse. That looks to be the more immediate threat.

  267. We have kind of hijacked Peter’s thread here. Maybe he would start one applicable.

    To “4” and anyone else on this subject.

    Galatians 2:21 I do not frustrate the grace of God, for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.

    Gal. 3:2 This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?
    Vs. 3: Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?

    Vs. 10: For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse. —————-

    Gal. 5:4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

    This whole book is a refutation of the Judaizers who preached that followers of Christ had to keep the law to be saved. Read the complete book.

  268. Galveston, I have let you, 4Yahshua, mjazz and others continue to discuss these off topic matters as I have not wanted to censor an interesting discussion. But I don’t want to get involved myself either. So I don’t want to start a new post on these issues. It would be better really if one of you could post about it on another blog and take the discussion there.

  269. 1~10~5993
    Galveston, mjazz, and anyone reading this blog:
    Hold tight to your false beliefs of Christianity and keep rejecting Yahweh and His Only Son Yahshua. Sadly, in a little while there will NOT be a possibility for you to choose salvation!
    “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.”
    King David writing about Yahshua in Psalm 2:12
    Please notice that this verse 12 is a good verse for this year for all of us!
    Global warming? We should ALL be concerned with fire burning as in “The Lake of Fire”.
    This warming will be real!!
    mjazz, that’s the false teaching I hinted about you bringing up. The unclean animals represented “unclean” nations that the Jews were supposed to reach NOT unclean animals that they could now eat! I confronted this in my early ’20’s four decades ago!. There were also problems with the translation (as there always is with the Greek!)
    Missionary work only really began in earnest in the 1800’s here in the U.S. ~ that’s not hundreds of years!
    Galveston, in case you do not know it. Yahshua was born and was all of His Life a practicing JEW!
    He never observed anything even faintly Roman Catholic as you all do! (Sunday worship, Xmas, Easter, pagan names, and etc.)
    On a prophetic note: Do you ever watch your skies?The last few days ours have been filled with strange chem trails, H.A.A.R.P. clouds (?) And the sunsets have been very weird here in Southern CA not far from Disneyland. I have read that similar events have taken place in areas before major earthquakes have taken place.
    This won’t surprise me because great destruction here was already pictured in the movie “2012”. This area has had decades of warning, at least by me.
    I just have a hard time accepting the fact that it’s now 2012 and not 1968! The past few years I have wished that Yahshua had come in 1948 when I was a baby!
    Yes, it has been that kind of a life. However, soon it will have been worth it all.
    Yahshua returns SOON for me!

  270. 4yash: May I reccomend a book for you to read?…since you seem to be really into the Jewish thing…Its called the “Babylonian Talmud”.It was written by and for Jews over a period of centuries.They inadvertantly reveal thier true Christ-hating,ungodly nature.Thier own words condemn them.

  271. Hi, “4”,

    I probably won’t answer you again, at least until you answer my challenges regarding the book of Galatians. You have side-stepped it about 4 time now.

    Unless you are willing to examine the whole Bible, it is impossible to carry on a discussion.

    You sound like a Judaizer to me. Am I wrong?

  272. 1~10~5993
    Yes, Galveston, you have been proven wrong!. And,Galveston, I have not sidestepped anything you have asked. You seem to keep ignoring the truth I present and then attack from some another angle. If you were really a student of Yahweh’s Word, you would have received the truth through Yahweh’s Spirit a very long time ago and share it as I am on this blog.
    Concering Galations, you lack even more understanding. Because my “lamp” (Holy Name Bible) has “oil” (His Name), I’ll share the verses you asked about:
    “I do not frustrate the grace of Yahweh: for if righteousness come by the Levitical law, then the Messiah is dead in vain.” Galations 2:21
    “This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the (ceremonial) law. or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish?
    Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect through the flesh? ” Galations 3:2-3
    “For as many as are of the works of the (ceremonial ) law are under the curse. For it is
    written: cursed is every one that continueth not in all
    things which are written in the book of the law to do them.” Galations 3:10
    “The Messiah is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you who are justified by the (ceremonial) law; are ye fallen from grace?
    For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.” Galations 5:4-5
    Holy Name Bible (Sold on eBay.)
    Get a Restored Name Translation of the Bible.
    These words are pretty plain if translated correctly!
    Is is faith in Yahshua the Son of Yahweh that saves us NOT our ceremonial or traditional acts of belief.
    We pray to the Father Yahweh asking to believe on His Only Son Yahshua for our salvation..
    Yahshua is our example and He did keep His Father Yahweh’s commandments because He was and is a JEW!
    The saints will also be keeping them in the soon to be “Time of Trouble”:
    “At this time will the faith of the saints be tested:
    They that keep the commandments of Yahweh, and have the faith of Yahshua.” Revelation 14:12
    Yahshua returns SOON! HalleluYah!

  273. To Galveston: Yes,indeed,4Yash IS a Judaizer!! You see quite a bit of that on Christian TV these days…Christians wearing yamakules(Jewish beanie caps),Christians wearing a star of david pendant….FOOLISHNESS!!!

  274. I am astounded!
    Even reading the passage from your HNB, it is clear that no one is justified by keeping the law. Yet you would have us to believe that we must keep the law Your own HNB does not back you up..

    Paul was consistent in his message that Gentiles are NOT under the law.

    Leaving Galatians I refer you to this:

    Acts 15:19 Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God:
    20 But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

    Vs 24 Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls, saying, Ye must be circumcised, and keep the law to whom we gave no such commandment. KJV

    You are aware that a council was held by the Apostles in Jerusalem to determine whether the Gentiles have to keep the law or not. The above verses tell what their verdict was. Read all the context.

    Unless you have some reading comprehension problem, I suspect your motive.

  275. Thanks, Doug, but I really doubt anyone can change “4”‘s mind. He has been deceived for too long.

    The reason I respond is so that others reading these posts can know that there are solid Biblical arguments against his theology.

  276. And not just him…Judaizers are all you see on Christian TV.If ther not asking for money or trying to sell something,there glorifying Israel and its illegal land grabs.Ive come to the conclusion that its (Christian Zionism) a strong spiritual delusion that has come over the modern church.

  277. 1~15~5993
    Doug P. and Galveston. I was thinking about calling you “Dumb and Dumber”,but that would not be nice.
    Ever since I first posted on this blog on 5~10~2011 I have shared the truth from Yahweh’s Word in easy to comprehend words to help everyone reading to understand His truth. Yahweh certainly gave me the words to write and answers from His Bible!
    In my opinion, every time you have addressed me, it’s to put up a “roadblock” to the truth I present. When I demolish it from Yahweh’s Word, you start building another one! Here we go again.
    I just pray that all of these words bring at least one reader to belief in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua!
    Galveston ~ AGAIN! ~ We keep Yahweh’s commandments because we love Yahweh and believe in His Son Yahshua. Yahshua did not do
    away with Yahweh’s Law but fulfilled it. You also
    make presumptions about me that are not true, but I will leave you in your ignorance. The only people who will be saved are those who LOVE the truth.
    Doug P, your antisemetism will also NOT get you very far with Yahshua. Yahshua said these words
    after He told the parable of The Ten Virgins:
    “And the King shall answer and say unto them,
    Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it
    unto one of the least of these, My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” Yahshua in Matthew 25:40
    Yahshua’s “brethren” are Jews, the Jewish people!
    At this White Throne Judgment, those who have helped His people go into life eternal but those who have not go away into everlasting punishment, Verses 45~46.
    Be very careful what you say about and do to Israel and the Jewish people. Every word and action is recorded. I do my best to help them know Yahweh and His Son Yahshua Who came through them.
    And, He is returning SOON for those of us including Jews who are waitng for Him! HalleluYah!

  278. Oh,I see…I dare to critizize the sacred antion of Israel….therefore Im an anti-semite..Im anti-Zionist and anti-policicies of the Israeli government.I have NOTHING against the religion of Judaism…its just that bunch in modern Israel that call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of satan…who use illegal weapons to burn Palestinian children alive and call ie “sel-defense”…”Thus saith the Lord,I HATE the shedding of innocent blood”…ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”…That bunch thats running so-called “Israel” are NO better than anybody else on this earth!!!…4Yash,you are just like your Zionist masters….You condemn any body who doesnt grovel before Israel as an “anti-semite”.

  279. As this discussion of Israel seems to have descended into name-calling, I think it is time to call an end to it. So please, on this thread, and anywhere else on this blog where it is not directly related to the original post, no more discussion of Israel, Zionism, anti-semitism, or God’s eschatological purposes, or lack of them, for the Jewish people. Also please no more discussion on this thread of how to pronounce of spell the name of God or of his Messiah.

  280. Wow! Plenty has happened since I was last on here. Here are a few good verses for you lads:

    James 4:1,2
    Prov 20:3
    Perhaps you should respect Peter’s request to leave these issues alone and take them off site.

    Now, back to Wilkerson…
    One of the interesting comments in the prophecy was that the leaders of the nations would try desperately to find a solution to the economic problems which exist. I thought this week was quite pertinent as Greece and it’s creditors have been trying to achieve a ‘haircut’ solution. After two days of deliberation, there has been no agreement and it has been all for naught. Quite fascinating really how that is complementary to the prophecy.

    Also, have been watching the way that America has been doing so well. The last few months had seen the US suffering quite badly economically as it has become evident to the fiscal community that the debt is out of control and that Europe is even worse. The prophecy shows the president of America saying to his colleagues ‘We were doing so well!’ and being surprised that the US had tanked. It seems however that in the past month the US is suddenly turning around and is perking up sufficiently that this prophecy is now looking more correct. Frankly it seems that conditions are ripe. Even the papers are saying that Eurogeddan could be imminent.

    One commentator stated in his opinion piece that everyone has been warned about Europe crashing so my feelings are that God in his mercy is probably allowing things to draw out so that everyone who is willing to listen can get his house in order. I guess time will tell whether this prophecy will be fulfilled, but after reading Wilkerson’s sermons and his views on the bible I have a healthy respect for the man and wouldn’t be surprised if we will all be wishing we had paid a little more attention. If it does happen, I think we would do well to dig out the Vision and look closely at what comes next :).

  281. 1~23~5993
    H, it shocks me now to read your words, you being a Seventh Day Adventist!
    Is that once meaningful religion now completely controlled by the Jesuits?? With your verses you liken our contending for the true faith (Jude 3) to making war and meddling! That’s very sad!
    Do you also really believe that the US economy is improving? To me, it seems to be tanking into “The New World Order” under The Vatican’s CROSS!
    Ezekiel 38,39, Psalm 91 (Same event!) will happen SOON possibly this Abib! Do not know the meaning of “Abib”? Please look it up.
    Maybe, instead of seeking guidance from a dead prophet or prophetess, we should SEEK the truth in Yahweh’s Living Word!
    “For yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition: but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.”
    The Apostle Saul in Hebrews 10:37~39.
    Please read the entire Chapter 11 for a history of true spiritual faith.
    Oh, and by the way, I am NOT a “lad” or “guy” but a woman of faith of 64 years! HalleluYah!

  282. 4yahash….TYVM for your pseudo-jewish commentary…Has anybody here read “Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth” by D. Wilkerson? I did…but since Ive become more of a preterist,I beleive that Ezek.38-39 has already come to pass.

  283. Doug, I read that book last year when I first found out about David Wilkerson and it is quite good. Seemed to be a mixture of the Vision and other ideas David has.

    4Yashua, as you know, even within Adventism there are different beliefs. I am sorry if you are disappointed where I stand but as you said, the bible is our truth and we must follow it as best we can. I wish you well with your ideas but as Peter pointed out, it is not appropriate in this thread and needs to be taken elsewhere. I think this thread has genuine believers of all denominations who are just trying to find the truth. I personally think that it is good to have discussions on things we disagree with in the spirit that we can learn from each other. I have learnt many things from my AOG, COC, Baptist, Anglican friends which Adventism didn’t focus on. For example I love the emphasis the Wesley Methodists have on Grace and the way the pentecostals love the Spirit. All these things, in a spirit of willingness to learn more light can be used to bring us closer to Jesus. I don’t see my brothers and sisters of other denominations as being opponents, rather as fellow disciples who have similar desire to be more like Jesus.

    For this reason, and as someone who hates conflict I urge all of you to come to the table with your ideas and be open to other’s ideas as they just might be right. But if our ideas are different, to respect others’ right to choose what they want to believe and leave it to them. The bible is our standard by which to reject or accept these ideas.

    And I apologise for assuming you and the others were lads.

    Okay, back off/on topic, what do you think about New York and ‘the great city’? I’ve read different ideas online which say that the great city is New York. Others say it is an economic system, others say it is Rome or Jerusalem. Do you think the reference to merchants in Revelation sitting back and watching the great city being destroyed could be talking about New York being destroyed, or even the world economic system being destroyed? I thought the one hour that the bible talks about might be pertinent to the two weeks between Europe and USA going down.

    Tell me if you think I’m talking through my hat? LOL

  284. 1~28~5993
    H, it is just too bad that it seems that you an SDA has not read “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White, written in 1888. You should know that the great city of Revelation 17:18 is the Roman Vatican!
    “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth,”
    Beginning with King Constatine and his CROSS, this power has deceived and brutalized our world!
    Her greatest deception is Christianity which at one time or another has deceived everyone reading these words! Her judgment comes in one day (a prophetic year? Revelation 18:8) The merchants mourn because all the profits of Xmas, Easter, Christian worship are destroyed ~ as well as them!
    The angel’s message of Revelation 18 is a loud call to come out of her to escape her doom! The Three Angels messages of Revelation 14 are also calls for this as well as the experience of the saints who are “sealed” in the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua), verse 1.
    Are you?

  285. 1-28-5993 Sabbath
    Doug P, you think that Ezekiel 38 & 39 are in the past? You will be so surprised!
    And, you say that the great city of Revelation 18 is Jerusalem?? No possibility!!
    The seven hills are also seven kingdoms on which this woman sits, Revelation 17:10 This woman or
    church is the same religion and when she rides the beast, it’s a government run by that religion. Babylon,Egypt, Media Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, European Rulers, and etc. ALL had elements of what is now called Christianity!



    Revived Europe (Ten Horns) receives power with
    the beast (s) The Vatican, Two Horned Beast: US Government for one hour (one month or two weeks depending on the prophetic definition of a day, 24 hours or 12 hours.) Revelation 17:12
    The armies of these fight Yahshua at His Coming!
    Revelation 17:14 Revelation 19:19 Eventually these Ten Horns destroy Vatican City. (The Pope has by then escaped to Jerusalem.)
    Revelation 6:1-8 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a brief history of The Vatican.
    The rider on the white horse represents the Pope
    (a bow with no arrows, armies of nations fight for him) The rider on the red horse, political systems like communism, black horse, the Jesuits which controls economies, oil,liquor, mafia, etc.. The pale horse = death through war, famine, plague, etc.
    We are VERY NEAR the time of Revelation 13:15-18 “The Mark of the Beast”. which may be connected to the attacks of Ezekiel 38,39, and Psalm 91 (Same Event).
    Those sealed in the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) Revelation 7:1-10 will thrive through these terrible events coming on Planet Earth! IN FACT, WE WILL SURVIVE FOREVER! HalleluYAH!! Will you??

  286. When the true church is taken out of the Earth, it is likely that there will be a huge power shft in world events. It may be impossible right now to see what the entity is.

    It is safe to assume that any country with a large percentage of followers of The Christ will be badly damaged, while the nations of Islam will lose hardly anyone. Take into account that the goal of Islam is world domination, and the city that rules over the kings of the Earth could even be Babylon.

    It has been a really long time since the Vatican has ruled the nations. That would require a resurrection of the Papal power. But if you say that it would be the head wounded unto death, then that can’t be right either, because the city is a different entity from the beast, and all the heads belong to the beast.

  287. 1~29~5993
    Galveston, in my prayerful opinion, spiritually, you are driving the wrong way on Southern CA’s busiest freeway! I get this picture even if you do not. I am that wee voice in your ear saying, “Hey, you are going the wrong way! Please wake up NOW!!” However, if you do not, hopefully someone else reading now will turn towards the truth!
    True believers are not taken out. (NO RAPTURE!)
    That’s why they are “sealed”, Revelation 14:1.
    Bible prophecy is very clear if we have His Spirit to understand! The Vatican was, is, and will be very much in charge especially through its puppets in England and the U.S. After the Northern Attacks of Ezekiel 38,39, Psalm 91, this will be abundantly clear!The powers of Islam (The False Prophet) and Communism are ended by these attacks. They were both started by The Vatican in the first place.
    Those with “The Mark of the Beast” will receive the plagues, etc. The saints of Yahweh and Yahshua though persecuted will also be rejoicing because Yahshua returns SOON!
    One of the Beast’s heads was wounded when the Pope’s power was taken away in 1798 by Napolean.
    However, this power was restored in 1929 and the whole world now is basicly following the dictates of the Pope who resides in Vatican City in Rome, Italy. Revelation 13:3

  288. 4Yahshua, for once I agree with some key things you say, that “True believers are not taken out. (NO RAPTURE!)” and that in Revelation, read in its proper context, the city on seven hills is probably Rome.

    But it seems to me that, although the discussion is not now about Israel, it is still a long way from David Wilkerson’s prophecies of earthquakes etc. David was making no attempt to identify places mentioned in biblical prophecy with modern places. So let’s move this thread back on topic or give it a break.

  289. The fact that you said, the Yankees, this old lady (4Yahshua), it is not for her self-interest, it is for your salvation. After the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, a new discovery for me. Let the Creator bless us all in ways of knowing the truth!

  290. Thank you, Andrew, and welcome to this blog. I’m indeed sure 4Yahshua is not writing out of self-interest but because she sincerely believes that this is for our salvation. I hope no one here suggests anything different. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop her, or anyone else, making mistakes on some matters. None of us has a monopoly on the truth, so we do need our Creator to guide us into this truth.

  291. Have you guys read the new book of Pastor Carter Conlon – 180 Degree Christian??? David Wilkerson canceled all the church events (all the ministries outside the church, all the guest-speakers etc.) in August 2001??? And the church had prepared for 9/11 for nearly a month!

  292. This is far too important to ignore, and is very much on topic with the prophetic message. Please do not delete this.

    I have been reading each and every message since my last comment and with each email notification. PLEASE pass this along to people that care.

    The legal BAR assoc…. IS,,,

    ht tp://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=TLIOnhHmdUc

    (two spaces added, one in the ht tp part, the other in the 3W’s, to prevent an auto-open)

    This is over an hour long, but what can be more important than our children?

  293. When it comes down to these prophecies he made, they are nothing more than the inevitable, they are going to happen. He had no divine inside scoop on the future or he would have dated the events.

    I will become just like he was right here, right now.

    There will be a devastating Earth quake in the Baja California region that will damage nearly every home and dwelling man has built in the area.

    You can quote me.

    Now those 9 11 preparations,,, the (PNAC) insiders that caused it will leak warnings to those around them. That is human nature to tell people that you like, that they will be in danger if,,, so get ready and be forewarned. It happened to Willie Brown all the way over in San Fransisco too.

  294. Meatwad: Yes,I thought 9-11 was an inside job..I have my own opinions about who was really behind it…But I wont say,I dont want to annoy Peter.

  295. Indeed, Doug, speculation on who was behind 9/11 is off topic here.

    Meatwad, I see your point that at some time in the future an earthquake is inevitable anywhere, at least if the earth isn’t destroyed in the near future. But Wilkerson did mention “the not-too-distant future”, which narrows things down a bit.

  296. Meatwad, even Bible prophecies are/were not dated. I can think of one OT prophecy tied to the age of a man, and another to the speech development of a child, but most are certainly undated.
    Jesus did tie His prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem to “this generation”, but that is a fairly indefinite period of time.

  297. From what I recall from reading the world challenge website, 6 weeks or so before the 911 attack David Wilkerson’s church cancelled all the activities and started praying for what they believed was an impending event. I think this is pretty impressive actually.

    Also, Peter and 4Yashua thanks for the info on the great city. 4, I have read The Great Controversy and do know the events outlined, all which are so compatible with Wilkerson, but with the great city it does puzzle me when the bible says the merchants will sit on their boats offshore crying over the great city. Because Rome and Jerusalem are both inland I wondered how that fitted. Perhaps you can shed light on that? I am just a student of the bible and don’t proclaim to know everything.

    I am still watching the markets and Greece closely. Frankly I wonder how much longer it will continue before contagion occurs. We are preparing in a quiet way. But ultimately as Wilkerson said, a faith in God is the only thing to get you through.

  298. @Galveston, The words of jesus about “with in this generation” has passed so long ago. But then you will have false witnesses that will claim there is some other time frame to judge that on,,, is just an evil minded deception.

  299. 2~20~5993
    Warm greetings of peace in Yahshua’s saving Name! The saints are still waiting for Him.
    H, in my Bible for Revelation 18, I do not find any mention of merchants weeping and mourning in boats. They actually “stand afar off fearing her torment”, verse 15. They weep because their business is destroyed; the business of Xmas, Easter, pagan holidays, gift giving. In a very real way, the destruction of Vatican City brings to the end the material celebration of Christianity on Earth which has deceived many (or most!) in this final generation.
    H, several Christian religions began in the middle 1800’s including Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah Witnesses.
    The believers in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua are proving to be the true witnesses and the saints of these last days!
    H, for decades I believed that the SDA’s had most of the truth. However, I do not think so now. I have learned that my ancestors believed in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua back in the 1600’s and brought that truth with them here to America. Ellen G. White claimed to have all the light needed until The Second Coming although this light would keep getting more bright. She said that she was told if she was faithful, she would be with the 144,000 saints. (Revelation 14:1) How can she be if she worshipped in the pagan names?? She
    also wrote that she did not see any future for the land of Israel and for the Jewish people. Wrong!
    To reiterate:
    Vatican City, Rome, Italy is many miles from any
    sea but rules the Earth. “Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots” resides here. Revelation 17. In my studied prayerful opinion, she represents The Roman Catholic Church. To a greater extent, she IS Christianity! One reason she is called “Mystery Babylon The Mother of Harlots” is because her chief idols are “Lord”, “God”, and “Jesus Christ”., All of these were worshipped in ancient Babylon. It’s quite a study.
    This “Mother Church” killed the believers in Yahshua and does its best to destroy the true faith and pretty much has, verse 6. Her beliefs are inherited from Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Pagan Rome, and Papal Rome. Her “harlot daughters” believe and teach her pagan dogmas under the CROSS! We are urged to come out of her NOW! Revelation 14:9-12.
    Concerning prophecy, I never thought that this present U.S. Government would warn us about attacks from Iran! THEY ARE!! Ezekiel 38,39, Psalm 91 (SAME EVENT AT SAME TIME!)
    This will most likely be on one of Yahweh’s Appointed Days which include New Moons.
    The hour may be when it’s noon in Jerusalem,
    Psalm 91:6. Finally, this Roman year 2012 looks like the year! Yahshua IS returning SOON!!
    Peace and salvation come through Him!

  300. 3~25~5993
    Happy New Year (on New Moon 3~24, sunset)!
    This begins Abib, the beginning of the months of the year as commanded by Yahweh in Exodus 12:2. The countdown to Passover has started!
    (Sunset 4~5) By the way, Yahshua arose on the Sabbath NOT Sunday! Matthew 28:1. He had already arose when they came as Sunday began to dawn! THERE IS NO BIBLICAL REASON FOR EASTER SUNDAY!
    May this be a blessed year for you is my prayer!
    Probable dates in 2012 for the Northern Attack of Ezekiel 38, 39, Psalm 91 (SAME EVENT AT SAME HOUR!)? Russia, Iran (Persia) and allies attack Israel AND U.S.
    These possible dates include:
    4-7,8,13,22 5-22,27 6-20 7-21 8-18 9-18,27
    10-2,9,17 11-15 12-15
    12~21~2012 is NOT a special day on Yahweh’s Calendar. However, it is the Winter Solstice a special day in pagan sun worship religions.
    If, (IF!) Ezekiel 38,39, Psalm 91 happen in 2012, Yahshua can return on Day of Atonement, 2013,
    as there must be at least a “Day of Jacob’s Trouble”
    (one prophetic year.) If this seems too soon, it won’t be for me because I have been teaching about The Second Coming since 1968!
    Mexico had a 7 plus earthquake a few days ago.
    Sadly, we can expect many more of these “birth pangs” in the coming days and months!
    Please be SAFE in Yahweh’s Hands by being saved by the sacrifice of His Son Yahshua,
    “The Lamb of Yahweh”. HalleluYah!

  301. As far as I can tell,4Yash beleifs are a mixture of SDA and Dispensational theology.Dispies are always trying to put dates on events…LOL.Ellen Whit lost most of her followers when her predictions didnt come to pass.

  302. I have the date of 4-10-12 in my head, for a disasterous quake on the New Madrid fault line. I thought of this the other day, and typed it in on Google, and strangely enough the 10th-13th of April are the dates for an earthquake seminar and one of the scenarios being discussed is a Quake on the New Madrid. Odd?

  303. 4~2~5993
    Greetings Norm! My Anti-Spam word looks like “norman” but I believe it is supposed to be Hormah, a Bible word of a city. Sadly, these words are becoming more and more confusing.
    Thank you for sharing your insights about that coming megaquake! This year, 4~10 falls in the middle of Yahweh’s Feast of Unleavened Bread.
    At the time of the prophetic Northern Attack mentioned above, a great shaking (earthquake?)
    also occurs in Israel, Ezekiel 38:19.
    Scripture is very clear here.
    These words from that time inspire me:
    “I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am Yahweh.”
    Yahweh in Revelation 38:23 Holy Name Bible
    Restored Name Bible Versions
    Yahshua is the ONLY Name of “The Lamb of Yahweh”. HalleluYah!

  304. 4~4~5993
    Doug P., Yahweh defends Israel! Ezekiel 38:14. The U.S. Government then brings in “The Mark of the Beast” under The Vatican’s CROSS, Revelation 13:18. SOON!!
    The saints of Yahweh are sealed with the Names of Him and His Son Yahshua, Revelation 14:1.
    (Explained fully in comments above.)
    Ezekiel 38:8, “: in the LATTER years thou shalt come into the land…”
    Verse 16 , “it shall be in the LATTER days.”
    Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance ~ Hebrew Dictionary #319, “the last or end, hence the future.”


  305. 4Yash…Yer repeating the same old line that Dispensalionists have been saying for years…The same bunch that said of the Crimean War…”Russia will invade Palestine!”…Did it happen?…NO!!!…Then at the time of WW2…”Hitler is the anti-christ! Prepare to be raptured!”…Did it happen?…NO!!! Ezek.38-39 PLAINLY states concerning the weapons of that war…Bows,arrows,spears,chariots,etc.So the Russians are so poor now they have to use ancient weapons?…LOL…NOT at all! That was a description of a battle fought a long time ago.

  306. 4~6~5993 Happy Passover!
    Doug P., to make these words more relevant to this blog, I am thinking that sadly the radiation from the Japan earthquake and tsunami is frying your brain!
    The correct disposal of nuclear weapons is by burning them,Ezekiel 39:9. Like javelins and spears, warheads are also pointed!
    I am more of an Eschatologist and not really a Dispensationalist. This should be evident by my many Biblically centered words above.
    It is my prayerful opinion that the promises to believers in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua have always been the same, to Israel first. In the Old Testament they are promised; in the New Testament delivered! Yahweh has His timetable.
    We choose to believe it or not! By His Grace, I chose to 44 years ago. HalleluYah!
    Doug P., you should obtain Yahweh’s Spirit to really understand any Scripture and to stop judging others! I also believe that you need to consult a good dictionary!

  307. The lady uses the same tactic that the JW’s do, ie, first destroy people’s confidence in their spiritual leaders and then insert themselves into that position.

    Jesus in English is the same as Yahshua in Hebrew.

    The Catholic church did not invent the cross. The Greeks used it and they may not have been the first. The Bible records that Jesus was crucified, and by definition of the word, that means that He died on a cross. It was not a tree, as the JW’s claim as Simon was forced to carry it for Jesus.

    Perhaps the lady means the crucifix? Now that is an invention of the Catholic church, and I feel it continually portrays Jesus in pain and humilation rather than as our Conquering Lord.

    What do you think?

  308. 4~5~5993 Still Passover!

    What do I think? Am I the only one?
    Special message to you, Doug P. and Galveston:
    “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth to counsel is wise.”
    King Solomon in Proverb 12:15
    Who is destroying truth here? Who is sharing it?
    May YOU the reader wisely decide is my prayer! Please notice that I do not gossip about other posters here,
    I question them directly and personally, something I believe that Yahshua did while He was here on Earth.
    The name Jesus in English is NOT the same as the Name Yahshua in Hebrew! Again, the name Jesus in Greek AND English is “The Healing and/or
    Saving Zeus”. This name never had any connection to the Name of Yahshua, Yahweh’s Son! NEVER!
    This name Jesus Christ also contains a mark, the CROSS (X as in Xmas!) The wise will understand that the #666 is this name and mark, in other words, “The Mark of the Beast”! Revelation 13:18
    They will choose NOT to take it!
    The wise saints are “sealed” with the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua), Revelation 14:1 They are protected during the darkest days on Planet Earth coming SOON to a place near you! HalleluYah!
    Galveston, I NEVER wrote that The Roman Catholic Church invented the CROSS. They have latched on to every false and pagan concept down through history!
    However, it has become their special mark and is part of their pagan idol’s name, Jesus Christ!
    By the way, Simon could have carried a tree trunk
    or any stake of wood, or is that too hard for you to imagine?
    One Christian TV evangelist said that the blood marks on the Hebrews’ door posts during the first Passover formed a Christian cross! RUBBISH! They actually formed what later became the
    Hebrew words, “To Life ~ L’Chaim”!
    Flee the CROSS and Christianity while you still can choose to! Yahshua returns SOON! HalleluYah!

  309. Wow. Will you please stop it? I really think this is the most distracting argument from the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation he died to bring us. People are dying and going to hell and this is what people see online- those who claim to be followers of the living God splitting hairs?! Our God is WAY bigger than you seem to know “Yashua”. His name is powerful and transliteration has nothing to do with faith in his great and mighty risen Son. Wow. Just wow. This type of thing turns people away from the truth. There is no life-changing power, only a spirit of pride. I have seen the name of JESUS drive out demons and heal the sick. It is faith in the Son of the living God. The real question is do you spend your time on behalf of the poor? Do you share the gospel with those who don’t know him? Have you repented of your sin and turned to him or do you pride yourself in endless arguments? This is ridiculous and please don’t think that I will respond to any mind-numbing arguments with NO POWER. The true power is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and YES, I DO have the Holy Spirit.

    Happy Easter to everyone who looks forward to the soon second coming of our Lord and Savior who rose again from the dead and powerfully split history in two (B.C./A.D.) and changed civilization as we know it. Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved! Praise be the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Peace.

  310. I do want to apologize. I feel that was disrespectful. I don’t know you. I just know that the book of Acts is very clear that Gentiles are not required to be Jews. In fact, the Apostle Paul presented a gospel to the gentiles that God gave him and it was approved by the Apostles. Splitting hairs of Sabbaths and holy days is clearly addressed in scripture. To one man one day is holy, to another they are all the same. I have the highest respect for Jews and do not despise their holidays. I revere them, indeed. (I LOVE the passover!) However, I also know that Jesus will not be displease because I am taking a day to celebrate his resurrection and share the gospel. There is absolutely nothing wicked or sinful about that. Seek God on this. That is all.

    Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God!

  311. 4~7~5993 Happy Feast of Unleavened Bread and Resurrection Day!

    Briania and Doug P., who is being disrespectful to Whom? I am just one Bible believer contending for “The Faith” that once was delivered to the saints, Jude(ah) 3. This is the second to the last book of the Bible.
    Yahshua, the Son of Yahweh is The King who will one day rule Planet Earth forever! If we keep misspelling His Name and/or choose pagan names of deity to worship in, what does this make us?
    Pagan deities NOT relevant today??
    “For all the deities of the nations are idols: but Yahweh made the heavens.”
    King David in Psalm 96:5 Holy Name Bible, Restored Name Versions, Original Hebrew

    “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”
    I John 5:21 This book is also near the end of the New Testament.

    People who die “sleep” until one of two resurrections. They do not ever go to an ever burning Hell! If not saved by the Lamb of Yahweh, they are cast into “The Lake of Fire” until burned up according to their sins.
    Yahshua arose on The Sabbath BEFORE Sunday began to dawn, Matthew 28:1. The Pope in Rome replaced Yahweh’s Sabbath with Sunday and His Passover with Easter.
    So, WHO do you honor?
    The Pope in Vatican City, Rome. Italy or Yahshua, the Son of Yahweh Who will eventually cast him into, “The Lake of Fire”? Being in denial of saving truth has never been my choice!
    Why does it seem to be yours??

  312. 4Yahshua, you have gone too far now, not only by your mockery and condemnation of orthodox Christianity but by explicitly using the word “fool” of other commenters here by name. So let’s put an end to this discussion.

    4Yahshua, please don’t comment on this blog again, unless it is to apologise.

    Others, thank you for keeping up the dialogue after I decided to back out. Briana especially, thank you for pointing us back to what matters. But please let’s stop this discussion. I will allow further comments on this post, apart from apologies, only if they are directly relevant to the subject matter of the post.

  313. I have come to think that the generalized attack against Christians could be the falling away that Paul wrote about.
    Just a few decades ago, many people knew that they were sinners, but they were not in attack mode.

  314. Good Peter, all of this does not achieve anything. I really wanted to talk about David Wilkerson’s prophecies. I read his books ‘The Vision’ and ‘Sound the Trumpet’ and was quite impressed. A lot of his vision has come true already. I am also concerned about the marginalisation of christianity at present. The gay lobby and society as a whole seems to be attacking christianity in a big way. Seems if you are an evangelical christian then you are a fanatic! This I think is the beginning of harder times for christians who want to stand by the bible as their basis for belief. It saddens me to see Spong and liberal theology tossing out the bible as a true message from God. I personally wonder if such events as occur in this Wilkerson prophecy were to come true then the world would indeed turn around and take its anger out on christians. It is all set up for this. We will have to wait and see though. Europe though seems set up for it. With a desperate economic crisis occurring, a powerful IMF and World Bank to fund a new leader and the UN being a powerful body it would be easy for the beast to walk in centre stage and proclaim that he could solve all the problems of the world. I wonder how things will pan out. I thought for a moment then that Greece would default and it would be all on, but it seems that this is to be, or not just yet. If the 2008 prophecy is correct then a default could be a catalyst for a real shakedown in the world. I am watching it very carefully and have been for a year. Whichever way we know that God is in control and his loving care is what will give us peace and faith when it all happens.

  315. Thank you, H. I agree, anything could happen in our world. But God will only allow what fits his plan. It might not be easy for anyone, even for us Christians. But God loves us and so will only allow what is in the end for our good.

  316. Well, Peter, in 2 Thes ch 2, Paul is writing about the return of Jesus and our gathering to Him, and that pretty much has to be what we call the rapture of the Church. The people were apparently suffering persecution and some were telling them that they were already in the Great Tribulation. Paul makes it clear that some things have to take place before that happens.
    (The “day of Christ” KJV here is wrong. It shoud be the “day of the Lord)
    Anyway, that day cannot come until:
    1. There comes a “falling away”,
    2. The Man of Sin be revealed.

    The Great Tribulation cannot come until these things happen.

    Where are we in the timeline now? I sure don’t know, but I am keeping my eyes and ears open.

  317. Galveston, I don’t see any mention of a Great Tribulation in that chapter, or for that matter anywhere in the Bible. Your “timeline” is a 19th century invention. But this is also off the original topic of the post, so let’s not go further in this direction.

  318. 4~7~5993 Sabbath Feast of Unleavened Bread
    Resurrection Day
    Peter,I apologise for bringing to you and this board the saving message of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua only to have it and me continually ridiculed. I never called anyone a fool here. I only used a Bible verse that contained this word. You have never read of a Great Tribulation in the Bible? (Never read Matthew 24:21??)
    Peter, don’t you ever worry about me posting here again or anywhere else on your blogs!
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh returns SOON for all who love HIM!! HalleluYah!

  319. I had a vision in 2nd grade, while in class. . .God showed me that our world was at the point in history as when an old film strip is just loosely spinning on it’s reel- right before it’s pulled up into the next reel it’s being wound onto. Strange. . .I really wasn’t expecting it.

    I have a couple thoughts. One is that I do believe that David Wilkerson is a prophet and the earthquake thing is legit. My brother, (who doesn’t follow blogs like this or end-times prophetic “news”) had a dream recently where he saw the entire mid-west devastated with an earthquake. He also saw Australia completely submerged in water. He was extremely disturbed about the dream. Only later did he learn about the New Madrid Fault. There are so many crazy things going on now with the earth (groaning and strange sounds and polar shifting starting), and only God knows what will play out when. But, Jesus said that we would know the signs of the times the way a farmer knows the signs of rain. (And we all know those, right?!) I think Christians and non-Christians alike “know” that something is happening.

    Another friend of mine recently had a vision about the New Madrid and my mother had a dream where she saw two great hands shoved the earth on it’s side. Now, it may sound like we are all crazy, but really this is a pretty rare thing. (Especially since these people weren’t sharing with each other what they were seeing.)

    This is all the more reason to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost world.

  320. Thank you, Briana. All I can say is that we will see what happens. Well, I can also say that such prophecies, dreams etc are usually warnings rather than infallible predictions, and so if we heed the warning and mend our ways the prophecy might never be fulfilled. After all, Jonah was not judged a false prophet when Nineveh repented, and so did not fall at the predicted time.

  321. After these dreams and other things seemed to be increasing, I looked into this further (as far as you actually can look into something like a prophecy or dream). I read up on the New Madrid fault. Mostly, I am concerned about it because my sister and other family live on it. I read that there is an intercessory prayer team that just prays over that fault line for God’s mercy. One thing that they felt God showed them was just what you said, – if the US repents of sin that this CAN be averted. They felt that it was specifically related to Israel and the US role in trying to divide Israel’s land. It was like, “If the US divides Israel, then God will divide the US.” Anyways. . .like you said, we won’t know until history plays out. I did want to point out Isaiah 24 as a biblical reference for earthquakes and the earth shaking as a part of the end times. When we read that we should not “long” for the day of the Lord. As Jesus said, it will not be “glorious”, but a terrible day. We should pray for God to save us, protect us and for him to open the hearts of those who are not saved, that they will turn to him before it’s too late. God Bless.

  322. Thank you, Briana. My own suspicion is that the division in America will be not so much geographical as social and political. It doesn’t need an earthquake to cause the “riots and blazing fires” around the USA which Wilkerson prophesied. The socially divisive policies many are putting forward are quite enough to trigger them. I think Jesus also makes it clear that earthquakes are not necessarily signs of the end, because they will continue to happen throughout our age.

  323. this is late – but “4” talked a lot of having the right “name”. I agree! But not in pronunciation, in meaning. Name often in the Bible is the character of the individual. So knowing God’s name, is knowing His character. And knowing God is eternal life, John 17:3. God’s character: Numbers 34:7; Numbers 14:18.

    And it is God’s character to do nothing unless He reveals it to His prophets, Amos 3:7. I’ve just learned of Wilkerson and his vision. Oh, I had heard the “Cross and the Switchblade”, but not “The Vision”. And I am struck at the similarity of it and what Ellen White wrote in the book Great Controversy which was also mentioned in this thread.

  324. Thank you, BH. I agree that what matters is not knowing the pronunciation of the name but the character of God – and all the more, knowing God in a relationship with him.

  325. BH, That was me who made that comment on the similarities of the Great Controversy and The Vision. I read through the Vision and there was only one item that was ‘a bit iffy’. I also read David’s sermons and was impressed by his biblical soundness. It blew me away. I do believe that God gives warning through his prophets and this man seems to me to be a modern-day prophet. Since then I have done more reading and was interested to see that he believed that he would see the vision come to pass in this generation. Now, a generation in the bible is approximately 40 years, though there were longer periods according to various times in the bible so I could be wrong. But he was given the vision in April 1973 and that would take us up to April 2013. He says it will be six months of trouble before things settle down. I’m not time-setting but I am ‘interested’ to see if things do heat up before April next year. All just conjecture here. Don’t quote me or take this too seriously but I did wonder….

  326. Thank you, H. As you say, the 40 years is an approximation, so I wouldn’t want to put specific dates on anything. But in general terms we can maybe expect to see things getting hotter.

  327. remember c&sb was required for our 1970 english class.! his other works were interesting reading in late 70’s. much has come already, ‘the balfour century’ concept tells us we are close, otis-a.com

  328. Pretending prophecy has come true does not mean it has come true. Regarding israel, this one is a fraud, a fake. So don’t count those prophecies as being fulfilled without the qualifications being met.

  329. Otis, thank you. But what exactly are we close to? I guess we will only know after the event.

    Meatwad, I’m not sure what you are calling “a fraud, a fake”. But I would ask you not to use such terms here of anything or anyone without evidence to back up your claims. But then I don’t want to get into a renewed discussion of Israel on this thread. So let’s just drop the matter unless you have anything new to contribute that is relevant to the original post.

  330. Lots of views on this post yesterday and today. But Wilkerson didn’t have anything to say about floods in New York, as far as I know. So I don’t think Sandy can be considered a fulfillment of prophecy.

  331. Yes, my thoughts too Peter. I think we will know it when we see it. But as for Sandy I can’t help but thinking of Billy Graham’s son’s recent statement which said that if America (and I include New York in that, who have declared same sex marriage legal) continues in its sin, then how can God not visit judgement on them. I am not one bit surprised at Sandy and believe there is more to come.
    I am just waiting for more to happen in Australia as we are such an ungodly nation and our legislation is beginning to reflect that.

  332. Thank you, H. But I can’t help thinking of Billy Graham’s son’s recent removal of Mormonism from his website link of cults, and wonder whether people who abandon their Christian principles for political expediency might expect to be visited by God’s judgment on themselves.

  333. In the Charismatic Movement there is a phenonmenom known as a “fire tunnel”.Could any readers out there be able to tell me what exactly that term means? Im dying of curiosity.TYVM.

  334. Doug, I have some experience of at least one manifestation of a “fire tunnel”. A group of perhaps a dozen or so leaders or trusted ministers line up in two lines facing one another and raise their hands to touch those of the person opposite, to make a tunnel. Ordinary congregation members are then invited to walk through the tunnel. As they do so the ministers pray for them, sometimes stopping them as they walk through to lay hands on them, give prophetic words etc. I have known the whole thing be orderly, and also for it to become rather chaotic.

  335. Please pray for the indigenous people’s of Alaska as we are going though cross- cultural, econ-socio turmoil…. As there is hope in Jesus Christ the savior, who died for our sin’s and is risen again today for all of us. I have the latest publication of David Wilkerson’s book after 9-11. Seem’s like everything is happening in his prophecie’s all around us In Jesus name amen.

  336. Edmond, thank you for your comment. There is turmoil everywhere, but surely the only long term hope for the peoples of Alaska and of the rest of the world is in Jesus Christ.

  337. i saw pastor Valdenir Porto preaching about Pastor David Wilkerson in 2009 in 1º Congress Eschatologic to Barueri-SP, and i stayed impressed about earthquake about Japan since in 1973 and economic recession in USA and with earthquake!! Brothers and Sisters Jesus is coming and will not tarryI believe God led Pastor David Wilkerson to not see this earthquake, as it will be in New York! Mystery of God! AMEM!

  338. for better comprehension above: I Believe that according with the prophecy that God took pastor David Wilkerson for don’t see the future earthquake that probably will be in New York City!

  339. A word to the Lords saints,the Lord has his true prophets and the enemy of the Lord has his ,hence 2012 end of the world all false words are ment for fear,to take the focus off of what truly matters.It grieves the Spirit of the living God to see his children argue over the things that takes our focus off of what’s truly important.As saints we were never meant to interpret Gods words on our own we are not capable to do so for Gods ways are far much higher than our own knowledge ,I have read a lot of words today and I discern those who are truly filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and you know who you are for you speak in Gods language that’s right tongues.We are admonished by the Apostle Paul to be filled daily.But the Bride of Christ is afraid of that which the do not understand The Song of Solomon is a perfect picture of this ,its a picture of todays church not just way back then but now in this time and place in history ,saints Gods word is perpetual never ending it has a cycle that won’t end until all has been fulfilled,Apostle Paul spoke of the times we are in 1st and 2nd Timothy this time is upon us and as the Bride of Christ Paul spoke the words to Tim (if any lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth liberally and up bradeth not )this kind of understanding only come from God ,First Timothy speaks of those teaching the law with vain jangling ) meaning they are false teachers swerving from Gods truth.Without being born again and being filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit ,You teach and speak only with head knowledge only and you have not the true wisdom of God you are but tinkling brass a noise maker y’all’s words don’t even make it unto Gods ears thou his angels keep a record of all that is said .And one day we will all give account of all before Christ ponder this and cry out unto the Lord to deliver y’all from a Pharisees and Sadducees mentality and that is a carnal mind set that only the Spirit of the living God can set you free from I mean no offence but deliverance is needed.Lastly in this season saints be very careful with your words about Israel for the word of the Lord came unto me speaking this word and its in red for it is Christ speaking I bless them that bless mine and I curse those that curse mine for bless is the nation that follows after Me and cursed is the nation that turns her back on Me for they shall purtake in the lake of fire says the lord for it rains on the just and the unjust seek Me yet while I may be found .

  340. Tony, interesting words and mostly true but I think you are wrong in that if we don’t speak tongues we are not in the Spirit. Tongues is but one of the gifts that God gives and is not a requirement for salvation, just as healing or teaching isn’t. Though I believe in unknown tongues I don’t do it because God hasn’t given me that gift. Does that mean I’m not a true believer? This is off topic – sorry Peter.

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  343. Peter, I think someone has had a psychotic episode above. Any chance of deleting it?

    So here we are in 2014 and still not sign of prophecy fulfilled. I am interested in Wilkerson’s view that the vatican will rise in power and there will be a strong ecumenical movement between the catholic church and the protestants. Have you noticed the speech and meetings the Pope has had with Kenneth Copeland and the Council of Churches in America. Joel Osteen has also gone to have a chat with him. The biblical beast that had lost its power is rising again, just as prophesied in Revelation. We adventists believe that he has already tried to change the sabbath and that he will eventually persecute those who keep the Seventh day Sabbath (one of the 10 commandments). ‘Here are the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus’ Rev 14:12. Now I know most of you don’t believe that and that is okay because time will tell and I believe God will convict many at that time. But in the meantime I find it fascinating to watch these world events. Right now, we should be learning our bible texts and fortifying ourselves in the love of Jesus Christ. We should be spending time with Jesus and growing closer each day. I’m so excited about all of this.

  344. I have been very enthralled with the fact that Wilkerson DID include a prophecy about the rise of an ecumenical alliance between Rome and the protestant churches. Just order his book The Vision. This is unveiling before our eyes. I have read that book through and through, because it is coming true in every way. The thing that should make us prayerful is that pretty much one of the only things left to come true is the earthquake prophecy. Keep in mind that prophets in the Bible did not see their prophecies fulfilled within a couple decades or so….Daniel had hundreds of years between him and when Christ was born and crucified. However, we do know that Wilkerson, who did not date set, was clear that it was judgement on America.

    Here is a sermon that he gave on the Vision. Remember that what is happening now, is not only taking our breath away, but it certainly took guts for Wilkerson to prophecy it in the 70’s when it seemed certainly ridiculous that anything like this would ever happen to America. I believe he is a great man of God, who led many sons to glory out of drugs and alcohol and gangs into the mission field of the gospel all over the world…… http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB8QtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DJRjXNQPTkJo&ei=WbGsU9r6KoS1yASO24DwDQ&usg=AFQjCNGMRaEeT01re-fLbnqvLXjqvjGFPQ&bvm=bv.69837884,d.aWw

  345. Hooverdamsel, I marked the other comment you referred to as spam. Sorry to be slow, I am travelling. I don’t have anything to add in response to the rest of your comment.

    Bnei, thank you for your sensible comment.

  346. Russia, China, Iran, Libya, Syria including Damascus, Israel, Iraq, NKorea , USA, etc…. they are preparing,..for a battle of Armaggedon Revelation 16:12-21 . In one trigger, rapture might happen, so be ready as our Lord Jesus Christ is coming….anytime, any day, 1st Thessalonians 4: 13-18. God Bless.

  347. Christianbeliever: Oh,you Dispensationalist/Rapture ppl….always going on about the end of the world…Your enuff to make the Pope turn to dope…LOL.

  348. “Such modern prophecies should not be considered infallible”

    Pardon?! Is this the word of God or the word of man? This statement is a clear admission it’s the word of man.

  349. No, Mick, it is a statement that we hearers of the prophecy cannot know for sure if it the word of God or the word of a human being. As we cannot know this, even if the prophet has a long track record of fulfilled prophecies, we must always treat modern prophecies as potentially fallible. On the other hand, as Scripture clearly tells us, we should not despise prophecies by rejecting them without testing them properly (1 Thessalonians 5:20-22).

  350. in reference to the fires in new york I had a dream about a 60 to 90 days ago that a large explosion had gone off in the south west in the area of New York. at the time I had no idea what it was until I started to hear the horrible news of an yeah that kind of destruction the one we fear about from the cold war time frame.

    this was a dream. My pastor friend an I (training to be come a pastor) had tried to stop an event here in our country when we found out that the event here was just a decoy for the real event to take place in the south of us.

    we knew at this point that the world is now going to change we are in a new type of world now. (at this point it was just a dream but it has not left me in fact I can still see the dream.) I was not given times but it looked like it was fall around the October time due to the way the trees let the leafs fall.

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