Fighting spam with the sword of the Spirit

To make things harder for spammers, I have replaced the short list of biblical names which I was offering as verification words with a much longer list of 6 and 7 letter biblical names, over 1000 of them from “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17 TNIV). The names are taken from RSV, because I had a handy list; other Bible versions differ.

Many of these names are of course rather obscure, so I invite you, my readers, to use this as a Bible quiz or a chance to look up where an obscure name is found – or, if you prefer, just copy the letters as if they were one the meaningless strings which Blogger offers. If you find that you are offered an apparently mis-spelled word word, please let me know – but first check a concordance, for in fact it may be a slightly different name from the well known form, for a different person or place.

I guess by writing this I am making things easy for spammers who actually read this blog. Of course most don’t, in fact it is almost a definition of a blog spammer that he or she (or perhaps better “it”, as these things are mostly highly automated) comments on a blog without reading it. But if I do end up with lots of spam because of this, I may have to find another strategy.

No, smenita is not one of the names on my list!

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