Francis Schaeffer was not a "Dominionist"

Two weeks ago I posted Dominionismism: A conspiracy theory unmasked. But accusations of “dominionism” persist against allegedly Christian leaders and US Presidential candidates. The fallacious arguments behind these accusations often include allegations that the late Francis Schaeffer was an advocate of some unhealthy kind of theocracy or “dominionism”.

Francis SchaefferThe Francis Schaeffer Studies.Org Blog has now published an ARTICLE: ERRONEOUS CHARGES OF DOMINIONISM & THEOCRACY clarifying that Schaeffer did not believe in theocracy, Christian Reconstructionism, or any kind of dominionism. The article clarifies this with quotes from Schaeffer, such as this one:

None of this, however, changes the fact that the United States was founded upon a Christian consensus, nor that we today should bring Judeo-Christian principles into play in regard to government. But that is very different from a theocracy in name or in fact.

The article summarises Schaeffer’s views as follows:

It seems apparent that Schaeffer’s belief was that the role of Christianity in politics is to naturally influence government by being transforming first in the person, then in one’s relationships, then in the church, then in the culture and finally in government and the whole of life. … He held that the only way naturally to bring about lasting change in government was by changing the human heart. That change alters our worldview and also how that we vote and the influence we have on government. So there is to be action on our part in government, but it is never the final solution to man’s [sic] problems.

Thanks to Jeremy Pierce, on Facebook, for the link.

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  2. Thank you for the mention. it is important to continue to set the record straight.

    I would encourage everyone to read Schaeffer’s A Christian Manifesto, to get the full sense of Schaeffer on this point. All of our work at Francis Schaeffer Studies is intended to make Schaeffer’s work more accessible and available for general inquiry. We hope that people will go deeper for themselves to truly discover Schaeffer… who is constantly directing us to Christ.

    Thanks Again… Providence!
    Dan Guinn
    Francis Schaeffer Studies

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