God TV defends Todd Bentley broadcasts

In many of the recent discussions of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland outpouring there has been criticism of the role that God TV played in this. For example, Rupert Ward has written the following:

Lakeland, on the other hand, was virtually instantaneous, screened live by God TV and on the internet.  In my opinion, God TV have a lot to answer for, as they effectively became the ones who proclaimed this from the rooftops: this is God – jump in.  It didn’t allow time for people, or for questions, or for process.  They were forcing people to make a choice: are you for this or not?

I can’t imagine the pressures that suddenly hit Todd Bentley and his Fresh Fire ministry.  In the matter of a few days, he was catapulted from a somewhat known itinerant preacher to global superstar in the Christian world. …

In the end, the failing of Todd to live faithfully to his wife, has had a greater impact on the body of Christ due to the prominence he had ‘achieved’ over the last few months.  If Lakeland hadn’t happened, I doubt it would have registered a hit on Christian radar.

For that, I think that GodTV do have real responsibility.  Not for Todd choices.  But for the pressure that he was put under.  For not allowing Lakeland to grow slowly or fizzle out.  For promoting something, and then not taking responsibility for the leadership they brought to the worldwide body of Christ.

To an extent I agree with Rupert. The decision of God TV to broadcast the Lakeland meetings certainly put Todd under massive pressure. This may well have contributed to the breakdown of his marriage. It certainly increased public awareness of his moral lapse. But does this in itself make God TV to blame?

Today I have received by e-mail, also available online and featured on their UK home page, a statement from Rory and Wendy Alec, the founders of God TV, defending their decision to broadcast from Lakeland. Here are some extracts from what they write:

we believe that the Lord instructed us to broadcast the Outpouring services at Lakeland with Todd Bentley.

It was not a mistake.
It was not by mistake.
We believe it was a clear instruction from the Lord.

Over the past twelve years, but especially since our launch in America, we have in obedience to the Lord searched through the earth for those events and anointings that the Lord has laid on our hearts – to amplify their message and anointing to the Body of Christ in this crucial endtime hour that we live in.

The Lakeland Outpouring with Todd Bentley was one of those events. We received over 45 000 e-mails many, many of these heart rending, powerful testimonies from viewers across the earth of their bodies or their families bodies healed, their lives transformed and their hearts revived.

None of us have ever seen such significant fruit in all the years of broadcast.

Far more profound than that were the desperate cries for help. I (Wendy), would go through the live inbox and see the desperate cries from mothers, wives, sons and daughters, so many with TERMINALLY ILL husbands, wives, children, sometimes babies in arms – sensing HOPE in their situation that for so long had been without hope.

Just reading these prayer requests would bring one to tears –

We are often so cloistered from the agony of peoples day by day real life agonies – and their agonies were written there. …

The enemy had heard of the great honoring of the Lamb and was determined to destroy it – BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE AND AT ANY COST.

And the cost was Todd Bentley.

Was it because Todd was vulnerable and certain areas of his life were not surrendered wholly – Yes – like so many of us – in all probability.

Was it because the character of Christ was not yet formed in him in the equivalent measure to his gifting? Yes – like so many of us – in all probability.

Could it be the case that there by the grace of God go YOU AND I… Yes – In all probability. …

On the June 23rd, Todd actually spoke openly and with great vulnerability of his and Shonnah’s previous marriage challenges and how they had faced those challenges and the Lord had begun His work. He did not try to hide their struggle but shared their ongoing journey.

As Rick Joyner so wisely put it –
In marriage, I have learned there are those who admit they have been through times when they wondered if their marriage would make it, and then there are liars. …” …

The Lord also shared with us that someone can be deceived in an AREA of sin but it does not necessarily mean that in every area of his or her life or ministry, they were walking in deception as some critics of the revival may lean to believe.

And who is to judge that the Lord does not hold the violent unleashing of criticism and faultfinding and tearing down and divisiveness of the heresy hunters, as severe a sin as separation in a marriage? …

So beloved friend –

Do we at GOD TV refute the Outpouring? NO.

We are presently planning to broadcast other offshoots of Lakeland in both the United Kingdom and America, including revival meetings in Dudley, England. …

Remember: this was never about Todd Bentley. It was always about the Holy Spirit and the fact that God loved you and I. It was GOD who touched our lives. …

Remember also, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Let’s turn our eyes toward Him and away from our trust in man.

He who sent His only begotten Son.

The Great Father of Compassions.

To Him alone we bow.

Personally we believe that the best is yet to come.

For our King and His Kingdom

Rory and Wendy Alec

Rory and Wendy don’t admit to making any mistakes in their coverage. I regret that because I suspect that they did. For example, it seems likely, although I can’t prove it, that Todd returned to Lakeland sooner than expected after his break in July because of pressure from God TV, who had doubtless seen their Lakeland viewing figures plummet in his absence. In fact the blame for that should be mainly with the viewers who were more interested in watching a man than in experiencing God at work. But if God TV did put pressure on Todd they were wrong to do so. I hope that they are at least privately recognising that not everything is perfect in their world and doing something to put it right.

Nevertheless I accept that God TV is a genuine Christian ministry whose leaders are truly wanting to see God glotified, and who in this case did what they really believed God was calling them to do. It is all too easy to say that they were wrong, especially with the benefit of hindsight. But even with that hindsight we must realise that the damage caused by the way this ended is probably far less than the benefit gained by millions of viewers worldwide who saw God in action in Lakeland, many of whom were touched in their own bodies. Anyway, it is before God and their own accountability partners that Rory and Wendy should be giving account, and so it is not for me or any other outsiders to judge them.

As for the wider role of Christian TV, I understand Rupert’s concerns, but for the reasons I gave in my first comment on his post I don’t think it should be stopped. My conclusion there can also serve to conclude this post:

For all my ambivalence about God TV I do at least believe that Rory and Wendy Alec’s hearts are in the right place, not looking for personal gain or spreading false teaching but genuinely (to quote from their website) “taking the message of the Gospel and the heart of God to the nations of the world”. I hope they are learning lessons from Lakeland.

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  1. Thanks for continuing coverage of the whole situation. Your blog continues to be a great source of info for me on all things Bentley. It is a pretty complex issue involving more than just the ministry of one man, and the media attention just magnifies things so much. Anyone doing ministry that could be picked up at a global level should definitely consider the rapidity and scope that technology can suddenly bring into focus out of local outreaches. (hope that made sense)

  2. Thanks, Nathan. Yes, that makes sense. I’m sure Todd and the Alecs made a deliberate decision to go for global coverage, which they genuinely considered a good thing. They may have underestimated the strength of the opposition, especially from within the church which it should not have been coming from. But if the Alecs have any regrets they aren’t admitting to them.

  3. I think you could safely drop your concerns that GodTV talked Todd Bentley into returning early due to falling viewership. As best I can tell that “commercial-based income” driver is not applicable to their financial model.

  4. SJS, what is their financial model? Does their income really not depend on the number of viewers? I would be interested in any evidence of how they are funded. I know they sometimes ask for donations – is this their only source of income?

  5. peter–

    “We believe, and of course this is just our personal opinion, that the revival stirred up the satanic realms in a manner that has rarely been seen and with a violent wrath. It is difficult to understand the degree of spiritual battle that comes against a leader. We have learned we need to protect the move of God with greater prayer for leaders, including ourselves. The body of Christ is growing in greater transparency and accountability, and this, too, should be a subject of prayer.”

    is this what your world view looks like?


  6. LearnFrench, thanks for the link. I am writing a new post about it.

    Scott, I do believe in a demonic or satanic realm (not a geographical one) inhabited by evil spiritual beings who are seeking to frustrate God’s purposes. I see clear evidence of their activity among professing Christians in some of the violently negative reactions to Lakeland, including on this blog.

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  8. peter–

    you’re anglican, yes? this world view seems more in line with a baptist tradition. do you function as a member of an anglican community that shares your world view? have you always been anglican? if so, how did your world view develop and grow to what it is now? if you’ve been something other than anglican, what was your conversion to anglicanism like?



  9. Yes, Scott, I am an Anglican, and always have been. My worldview is shared by my local church community, or at least very many of them including my vicar. It is certainly the official worldview of global Anglicanism, which requires baptismal candidates to “renounce the devil and all his works”. The Church of England has an official exorcist in each diocese, which implies a belief in evil spirits. But I accept that there is little mention of the devil and demons in Anglican teaching and that some Anglicans do not believe in them. As a young person I don’t think I did. But now I do.

  10. After reading much of the comments my concern is that we have exalted experience over truth. People that are honestly inquiring are label heresy hunters, demonic or divisive. Paul commended the Christians at Brea because they search the scriptures daily to verify the accuracy of Paul’s preaching. It would seem the God TV demonstrated a lack of discernment, or frankly disregarded sound biblical teaching. As to whether or not they are partly responsible, the answer must be yes. There were too many questions being asked, to many things being questioned. In fact the Florida outpouring is yet to produce a medically verified miracle, not one authentic and documented miracle. We have for too long accepted that which is not God for God. May we in humility seek the Glory an honor of our God, may we express our shortcomings in order that we may move on in POWER.

  11. Gregory, I have no problem with people who are honestly inquiring. My problem is with those who have made up their minds, who are not prepared to accept clear facts which do not support their position, and who then go ahead with publishing extremely negative reports, often not based on verifiable evidence, about their Christian brothers and sisters.

  12. Peter, you said,

    “Nevertheless I accept that God TV is a genuine Christian ministry whose leaders are truly wanting to see God glorified”

    Get real!

    I just checked the God channel UK schedule for the next few days, and it features programs from Rick Joyner, Patricia King, David Herzog, Heidi Baker, John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and Cindy Jacobs (amongst others). All these people have had very serious concerns repeatedly raised about their theology and/or methods.

    If Rory and Wendy Alec had an once of integrity and discernment between them, or your statement above was true, they simply would not broadcast the rubbish that they do.

  13. Sidefall, are you seriously suggesting that Rory and Wendy believe that the teachers you mention are false but are deliberately propagating what they believe to be false teaching? Get real! Now if you like you can claim that these are false teachers and Rory and Wendy have been naive enough to be deceived by them into believing they are true – and so by broadcasting their ministries they are not really glorifying God although they are trying to. That at least would be a logically tenable position, although I don’t hold it (although I don’t endorse all the people you list). What you are suggesting is not; it makes sense only a claim that there is a vast charismatic conspiracy involving thousands of people who are deliberately spreading what they know to be false teaching. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for conspiracy theories like that.

  14. …well, Peter, the bible believes in that conspiracy. It claims that there will be an end times apostasy, falling away.

    We get deceived when we are not obeying the Lord.
    Satan is the mastermind behind this so he can get each person doing what he desires if they start putting their self interest first. So thats all you need for a conspiracy !!

  15. Apostasy is not the same as conspiracy. But yes, Satan is at work in this whole matter, tearing down the reputations of people who are at the forefront of God’s work today by prompting people to spread lies and half truths about them, and to smear them by association with ideas that they have never believed or taught.

  16. …Peter, I don’t believe it is just half truths. It is not just the so called Heresy hunters that are not happy with Todd Bentley.

    You have the bizarre stuff he teaches in his Angelic Hosts’ document, eating fruit from the tree of life, on the last page and he is definitely teaching ‘healing through angels’ if you took time to look at it. The defence by Dr Greig.

    Why does he link himself with Branham. Branham was definitely off and not just at the end of his life.

    I don’t understand why you are so sure that Todd Bentley is OK?

  17. Julie, if you continue to post comments that are simply repetition of what you have already written several times before, and I have already answered several times before, I shall have to treat you as a troll and disallow your comments.

  18. Julie, are you referring to comment 66945? I accept that Todd talks a lot about angels in a document he wrote about angels. So did Billy Graham in his book about angels. Does that make either of them false or unbalanced teachers? I really don’t see what your problem is with Todd’s teaching about eating from the tree of life, which is surely not intended to be taken at all literally but perhaps as a foretaste of Revelation 22:2. The other points in your comment above I have dealt with several times.

  19. Hi Peter I appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond to my comment, and I do agree with you that we should not form opinions or establish positions based on our preconceived notion. However with respect to the Lakeland revival, it would seem that God TV, and some of the Apostles and Prophets that were part of the revival have not answered the honest questions of genuine members of the Faith. In fact in your response to my comment, you did not address the fact that the authenticity of the miracles were and are in question. If it is at all possible would you let me know what you thought of the many miracles and resurrection claims, and also whether or not the Lakeland revival was biblically sound?

  20. Gregory, I think you will find that I have answered these claims in detail in previous posts on this blog, including comments. I don’t have more to add at the moment.

  21. Hi Peter, thank you again for your response. I read the blog over again, just to see if I missed what you had said earlier. However the fact remains that you have not really addressed the authenticity of the claims, or biblical accuracy of the revival. Notwithstanding least you think I am just trying to belabor the point, I would rest the issue. Permit me a moment though. We are called to be light in a dark world, to be united in our proclamation of truth, to love as Christ loved and to earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered to the saints. My brother I appreciate your mature approach to dealing with a controversial issue, and I encourage you to be ever vigilant as you seek to be a voice of reason and truth. For whatever its worth my concern about the revival was the doctrines being preached, I don’t know Todd Bentley personally, so I would not question his motives or his character. Yet I am a student of the Word, in fact I am a lover of the Word, and it was the departure from sound biblical exposition that caused me to be a bit skeptical, and I remain skeptical. Again thank you for your time, may we move on in love endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

  22. Regarding SJS comment 108468 on GOD TV financial model: Many programmes on GodTV are funded directly by the ministries concerned, and they carry their own “call-for-prayer/donate” banners. This is bread and butter money but doesn’t allow GodTV to air non fee paying stuff so they have set up the Angel foundation – a charity that funds GOD TV programming. Programs sponsored by the Angel foundation say so at the end of the credits. The Angel foundation paid for coverage of Lakeland. When announcing nightly coverage of Lakeland, Rory said on-air that they felt God was saying to do it but that it was a huge financial risk for GodTV because they were replacing fee-paying TV programmes. Without increased giving to the Angel foundation, they would have had to stop Lakeland coverage and return to fee-paying TV.

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  24. Re the GodTv / Todd Bentley connection.

    It is a big responsibility that God TV took on. One that demands maturity, wisdom and judgment.

    We all make errors. The greater the exposure and influence-level, the greater the bounce-back from such errors – and the greater the responsibility to be sure of
    -who you choose to associate with / support / promote / follow
    – what teachings you choose to stand by.

    Those watching and listening must in turn judge by what is revealed. Small things and large – remembering that those who are faithful in the one, are those who are most likely to be faithful in the other.

    The comment from GodTv below concerns me: is this what they choose to relate to, that they consider wisdom and truth?

    As Rick Joyner so wisely put it –
    “In marriage, I have learned there are those who admit they have been through times when they wondered if their marriage would make it, and then there are liars. …” …

    I do not consider this wise, nor do I consider it true. Joyner has no right to say that his ‘experience’ entitles him to call me, or any other person who has successfully lived out a godly marriage, a liar.

  25. Interesting views, but i think you should look at Darwins little unknown book on natural selection, an interesting little book often overlooked and has a couple of little points worth a read,maybe the world is a little older than 10000 or so years old or is it a test from god or something regarding the fossil library, interesting statement. I wish the programme would resist the recall of bible statements which often make little sense in the real world, especially the presenters that seem to speak direct through the word of god (or as the word of god) which is a big statement proclaiming their word is god or jesus etc, aiming at the weak i feel, on listening it sounds more like searching for the ignorant of persons with small minds.

  26. R Richards, I do not support or defend any programmes on God TV which suggest that the world is 10,000 years or less old, or that Darwin was fundamentally wrong in his description of the origin of species. But that is irrelevant to this post.

  27. The Bible tells us to test all things, especially what we hear. They are true if they agree with scripture and therefore not true if they disagree.

    I believe an anointed person like Todd Bentley especially needs to be tested. The “spirit” must agree with the Word. Jesus ministered in the Word and Spirit. Todd clearly began to be deceived by the wrong “spirit” and it became of the flesh eventually. It seems to me that the more anointed someone is the more they need to be pastored, so that all things can be tested.

    Lastly in any battle there will be casualties. Pray for his restoration.

  28. Thank you, Peter. I agree with your first and last paragraphs. But you seem to imply in the second one that there is something in what Todd said (and not just what he did) which failed your test, which you judged to be not true. Would you care to specify what this might be, and in what way you found it not to agree with Scripture?

  29. I have written God tv, on more than one occaision to put my healing and revival crusades on tv with no avail, I believe them and Todd, have been out for profit, and all the healings will be lost, in the lakeland meetings, you must follow God, and put his men of God on tv, like Oral Roberts and aa allen in the past, and me, and Allen Hood today…

  30. Nate, see what Duncan wrote in comment 111484 above. I think that explains well what was happening with the God TV coverage of Lakeland. Their coverage is immensely expensive and someone has to pay for it. Obviously someone, we may not know exactly who, was paying for the Lakeland coverage through the Angel Foundation. Presumably at least part of this money came in response to the appeals which God TV sent out to those on their mailing list.

  31. I thought lakeland was great had all my family watch it, so sorry for Todd, but who wants to be the first man to throw the stone, and while we are at it dont forget King david

    ps recent TV show “end times” great

  32. I watched many of the Todd Bentley so-called-outpourings. Pure falsity and showmanship. I watched one incident where a young person, clearly suffering from a severe paraplygic condition and brought on to the “stage”. A clear challenge to the showman. He pushed the young person’s head and did his usual crude and course shouting. When all witnessing could see no differnce in the person’s condition, like a seasoned showman, Todd said healing was beginning to work from the inside and walked over to his next victim. I then saw the young person being slowey wheeled off the stage-a well hidden failure.

  33. David, for reasons we cannot understand no Christian healer except for Jesus has a 100% success rate. That doesn’t make the 90% or even just 1% of genuine healings “Pure falsity”.

  34. Well, Peter, I advise you not ro follow false prophets and be sucked in by another snake-oil salesman. What I saw was crude self-puffing-up in the coursest and rudest of terms at, the expense of a physically defenceless young person – I did not see this tattoed bully ask permission to invade the the personal space. When it was clear to the the showman that he could not cure a “real” sick person the poor soul was craftily edged of the stage and away from the centre of tonight’s main attraction – the Todd Bentley show – it is and always has been nauseating – well now he has been found with his trousers round his ankles. He will not be the first and he will not be the last to be exposed. Nor will you be the first or last to blindly run to the defence of such false self-engrandessment.

  35. David, I will decide for myself, with the discernment given by the Holy Spirit, who I will consider to be false prophets. I note that the “defenceless young person” by presumably allowing himself to be taken on to the stage was inviting Todd to follow his normal healing practice, so he has nothing to complain about. Indeed I have never heard complaints from people whom Todd has tried to heal, even those who were not healed, but only from those observing from a distance who may not have fully understood what was going on.

  36. Peter, I saw the incident, you didn’t. Maybe the young man was able to give some prior assent to be taken on to the stage, or maybe he was not able to give any informed consent, I don’t know and nor do you. In any event he was coping with a severe paraplygic condition, incluing his upper body and head, with all that that implies. I will allow you to imagine what that means It could be, of course, that he did not know what to expect. In any event he was led up the garden path and down off the stage again. I saw now compassion being offered him, from the tattoed man, only shouting and balling and pushing of the head and who then quickly passed on to some other expectant victim. I was in no way attempting to decide for you about following false prophets, merely offering you some “gentle wisdom” advice. I did not expect such a self-defensive response from you. When I happened upon this website and was hoping for measured discussions. I have many life experiences, including twenty five years of close contacts with the Christian Church, with its many brands and flavours. I have also witnessed at close quarters how people like Todd Bently operate. I have also had close up experience of other faiths, eg, Muslim, Hindu and Buddist. I say this not to boast, but to say that I hope to have developed some “gentle wisdom” of my own, with a dash of humility. The only time I see these attributes being stretched is when I witness exploitaion and abuse, of which I have seen plenty, much at close hand, including by religion. I have to say that your response to my posting is one that I have frequently witnessed, “you don’t understand”, (subtext – “I understand more than you”) “the holy spirit gives me discernment”,(Subtext – “I am closer to God and more holy than you”), “I am telling you this in Love” (subtext – I know more about you than you do yourself, so take my advice and…”) Note, all the above are about people wanting to exert power and control over others, a common virus within Chritian circles, paticularly the evangelical and charismatic brand. Maybe I am too naive and have unrealitic hope that there are Christains about that are suffiently mature and not emotional insecure to become self-defensive if someone has a viewpoint different to their own. So, I am sorry if I have touched a raw nerve in you Peter. I will not apologise for trying to discern exploitation and abuse, particulrly of people in vunerable situations. As well as looking for discernment from the Holy Spirit with your eyes shut in prayer, you also learn a lot more by keeping your eyes and ears open and then thinking before speaking. Incidentally, and as a foot note, I have been accused on many ocassions of being “of the devil,” merely for asking awkward questions, which is typical of cult-behaviour.

  37. David, you saw the incident from a distance and have no idea what interaction this man may have had with the stewards etc who screened people before they were allowed on stage. You also seem to be making the insulting and exploitative assumption that a physically handicapped person is also mentally subnormal and unable to form and express his own wishes in this matter. Also do you know that he was not healed? These things are not always instant.

    Todd could of course have spent more time showing visible compassion for him, but that would have taken away from the time available for probably hundreds of other needy people coming to him for healing. Would that have been showing compassion to those other people?

    I make no claim to be closer to God than you, just that I make my own decisions and will not be dictated to by someone like you I don’t know who won’t even give a full name or website link. I don’t know if you are trying to exert power or control over me, but I certainly won’t let you. That is why I react defensively to your over-confident attempts to correct me.

  38. Peter, yes, I did see the incident from a distance – you did not see it at all, unless, of course, you do have some special discernment. Having worked with people with a variety of disabilities, I would never insult them by refering to them as “handicapped” or, even worse, as “sub-normal”. Anyone with a modicum of sensitivty these days would be aware of the offensive and demeaning nature of these those kind of descriptions. I was, quite frankly, staggered when I read those comments. It is a pity that your claim of discernment from the holy spirit does not lead you to a more sensitive attitude towards such situations. Instead, you seem to be more keen to defend Todd Bentley against challenge of him.
    I think you mistake, “dictating to you”, as “challenging attitues and behaviour”. Unfortuately there is deep denial in many christian church circles about their unacceptable attitutes and behaviour towards certain people in society. In my experience the charismatic and evangelical brands are the worst offenders within these issues. You have every right to “worship” people like Todd Bentley. I have every right to attempt to confront behaviour and attitudes that appear to be offensive and disrespectful towards others. If I am ever tempted to get angry, it is on behalf others, not if I think my pathetic pride is pricked – a lesson well taught by buddists. If I am not mistaken, the opperssed and outcast were attracted to Jesus and felt loved by and comfortable with him –
    I wonder why? It is a deep pity that some parts of the body of Christ have lost this attraction and comfort for people in the “outside” world.

  39. David, I used the word “handicapped” deliberately because I thought you were American (but I see from your spelling of “behaviour” that you are not), and the person in question very likely is, and that is, I understand, the politically correct term to use in America, whereas here in the UK it is “disabled”. As for the word “subnormal”, I used that word of how you seemed to think of the mental abilities of this physically disabled (if you prefer that word) person. You have not answered my complaint that you are following the stereotype that disabled people are also stupid.

    If I am tempted to get angry, it is on behalf of others like Todd Bentley who have been subjected to an unrelenting campaign of libel from people like yourself. Please put an end to it, at least on my blog. It is your attitudes and behaviour, towards Todd and towards this unfortunate person whose mental ability you have unjustly denigrated, that I find unacceptable. I will not allow this blog to become a forum for such behaviour.

  40. Peter, as you said in a previous posting you know nothing about me – well one sector of my life was teaching and training social work students and one specialism was anti-discriminatory practice, which requires much developed self-awarenes, so I am acutely sensitive about how others are treated in all situations. I have every respect for people who are not as able bodied as others. When I referred to not being able to give informed consent, I thought it was clear that I meant perhaps not being informed as to what to expect. Please do not place responsibilty for your choice of offensive words on me – I can only be responsible for my own actions not your’s as well. I can assure you I will not return to your blog again, as I was initially expecting some maesured discussions about many subjects, but that requires measured thought and not hyper-sensitivity. Sorry, my mistake. Have a nice holy life.

  41. David, I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. It might have helped the conversation if you had said that in the first place instead of reacting with hyper-sensitivity to my sensitivity. In fact I would expect someone with your training to be more careful about even allowing anyone to think that you were questioning the mental abilities of a physically disabled person.

    I strongly suspect that most people who went to Todd Bentley meetings knew exactly what to expect, having seen him on God TV etc in advance.

  42. Well the Lakeland Revival from last year is still fresh in my mind…I was also one of those taken for a ride by Todd Bentley…i do not have much to say about Todd Bentley as “it is not for me to judge for i will also be judged”…However what i fail to understand is why i did not receive even a single reply from God Tv when i had sent endless emails to them seeking clarification on the “Todd Bentley fiasco’… i guess having watched their programme for almost the entire duration it was aired LIVE, i have each and every right to question their integrity if i felt that something fishy is happening.The fact os the matter is since the Florida Healing debacle, i have lost complete faith in God Tv and watch it only once or twice in a month now coz i do not want to be shaken and stirred by them again…bottomline though is i and i believe millions of others watched the entire “Revival” in good faith as it was aired by the Pioneers of Christain Television in GOD TV.So i think that it is only fair that Rory and Wendy should have at least apologised to all those who watched and emailed them…….God bless those who believe in him without questioning…Anyway one last word….Todd Bentley or GOD TV cannot take us to heaven……it is only we ourselves who can do that by acknowledging the fact that Christ died on the cross for us.

  43. Mark, you are right that Todd and God TV cannot take us to heaven. But God can use them to lead many people to heaven, and he has done and is continuing to do so – despite their serious flaws and Todd’s sin. But it is not for God TV to apologise for Todd’s sin, it is for him to do so and he has done so. God TV has done nothing specifically wrong in this matter as it is not their responsibility to police the private morals of those whom they show, and they see nothing to apologise for in Todd’s teaching.

  44. Peter, you say there is nothing that God Tv should apologise about………..
    What if the same thing happens again in the next few months or years…
    anyway what i believe in is that if you are really pursuing something for the glorification of God and you are wholly committed to Christ, then there is no reason why the Holy Spirit will not communicate with you when you are unconsciously abetting or an alibi to something that is wrong.Frankly i am a born again and whenever i am about to slip or fall somewhere i definitely hear a voice which prohibits me or tells me to apply the BRAKE!!! Period…
    anyway what counts is that God Tv or anything materilistic will not take anyone to Heaven..they are just instruments of God…..Heaven or Hell is something we personally choose……Right or Wrong i do not know but i do not want to be shaken and stirred again…

    I believe that if there is anything that can ever take us the closest to Heaven , it is the Holy Bible and that too if we apply what we read from Gods’ words………

    and yes, if your product or instrument fail you, i believe it is you who should apologise……and so if Todd failed us all, then it is only right that God Tv which used him should apologise…….

    anyway what really amazes me even today is ….

    Ok i became a born again only three years ago and it was easy for me to be swayed by Todd…But Rory and Wendy and God Tv…….how could they be fooled?????? Lol..Lol…..this is a question i am sure millions would like answered.

  45. Mark, you are right that nothing materialistic will take you to heaven. But what evidence do you have to accuse God TV of doing this? They screened a powerful preacher of the gospel. Is that something to apologise for? He is an imperfect man like all of us, but you may not be aware of a basic principle handed down from the early church (since the Donatist error was condemned) that a minister’s personal failings do not invalid his or her ministry. They may have received a lot of money but they needed that for their expenses. If you want to allege anything improper in their finances, you need evidence, and this is not the place for such allegations.

  46. So much squabbling amongst you “born agains”!! Tut Tut. Mark you have had a clear demonstration of the blindness of someone who hero worships and is in entranced with charlatons (that is putting it mildly) that abuse the desperation of people who are conned into believing that they will be healed (?) by being pushed around and shouted out, in public, by such as Todd Bently and that other snake oil salesman, Benny Hinn(add a “y” to the end of his name and what to you get?). Having heard third hand about these two, I searched the web, and where have I landed? Amongst another bunch of people who use the description of chrstian about themselves. I can remember attending Billy Graham “campaigns” – the same kind of (dangerous)froth – many people having their vunerable emotions stirred shaken, then dumped, when they returned to the privacy of their own worlds. As I remember, Billy Graham was a regular visitor to the White House advising Presidents. Which reminds me, was that other esteemed, powerful preacher man, Tom Haggard, also a regular adviser of a president?

    Mark, I read that you have been “born again” for three years – get out of the virtual reality of a mad house while there is still time!!!

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