Golden crowns

This morning I watched the film Finger of God, which was shown at my church as part of a course that I am doing. The film is full of testimonies of healing and many other wonderful things which God is doing around the world.

One of the miracles described in the film, in fact right at the start, is the miraculous filling of teeth. The director includes close-ups from inside the mouths of several Americans, including his own uncle and aunt, who have reportedly received gold teeth from God. They clearly have at the backs of their mouths several gold teeth, or crowns on their teeth. Personally I cannot be sure that they were put there by God and not by human dentists.

One might wonder why God needs to do such miracles in the rich USA. But given the cost of dental work there I can quite understand why poorer Americans need to rely on God rather than dentists to sort out their teeth.

As it so happens this afternoon I had to visit a dentist, for preparatory work for a crown to be fitted to one of my back teeth. This will be quite expensive, but thanks to the NHS affordable. But on the NHS I cannot get a white crown. I was offered a choice of gold or silver, in colour. As I don’t want to mislead people in my church into thinking that God has given me this crown, and as I already have silver fillings in my mouth, I chose silver.

One day I can expect to receive a golden crown (compare 1 Corinthians 9:25, 1 Peter 5:4, Revelation 4:4), but not on my teeth! Until that day the silver one will suffice.

PS I do not want to discuss in comments here the genuineness or otherwise of the miracles shown in Finger of God.

PPS Unlike some of my blog friends, I haven’t given up blogging for Lent. But my life has been full recently and looks like continuing to be for the next few weeks. So blog traffic is likely to be light.

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  1. I ordered the film sometime back (from Sid Roth’s website, I think), and, I must admit, I would have probably been somewhat ambivalent about some of the claims, except that we have a woman in our church who miraculously had a tooth filled with gold. I don’t recall gold fillings from the Bible, but knowing someone who has experienced this makes me rethink some of the limits I’ve imposed on God in my own mind.

    I know you didn’t want to discuss this in the comments, so feel free not to publish this if you choose not to. I just wanted to share the story.

  2. Peter, thanks for the story, which in fact seems similar to the film director’s. I don’t think we should impose any limits on what God can do, certainly not of the “this is not recorded in the Bible” kind. I note that Jesus specifically said that his disciples would perform greater works than he had done, John 14:12, which doesn’t allow for limitations of that kind.

  3. Leigh, I don’t know exactly what happened in the case in the film. But I don’t see why God has to miraculously remove the healthy part of a tooth, if there is one, to replace it with gold, rather than just replacing missing or decayed parts with gold. More generally, I have serious problems with people saying that God has to do things in any particular way, within the limits of his overall moral character. He can decide what miracles to do, when and how, and it is not for us to tell him he should have done it differently.

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