Government to introduce 'square circles'

Squaring the circleChristian Concern announces that the government’s latest Political Correctness:

Following the news that homosexual marriage is to be introduced, the government is now proposing to introduce square circles.

The Deputy Minister for Shapes commented: ‘It is time that we gave true equality to circles, not only to rectangles. Why shouldn’t circles be considered square?’

Brilliant! There are links to various relevant stories. See also the comment by Nunos about chalk and cheese.

Thanks to a Facebook friend for the link.

0 thoughts on “Government to introduce 'square circles'

  1. Well, the Christians’ Jesus, as far as we know, never uttered a word about the wrongness of circles or the sinfulness of chalk. And to be true to their attempts at humor, “Christian Concern” might do well to concede that squares and rectangles, choosing to have sex, often find that their offspring, by no choice of their own, are circles. Likewise, Nunos should recognize that two cheeses often breed chalk. Hence, they’ve got it all wrong: government is not working to erase difference but is working to eradicate bullying based on difference. That, it seems to me, is a very Christian thing to do.

  2. Kurk, I don’t always agree with Christian Concern’s campaigns. But I uphold their general stance that the government should get out of micro-managing these issues and allow people to express diverse opinions, and not bow to those who claim to take great offence at anything they don’t like. And I don’t have to agree with them to find what they wrote funny.

  3. Thanks Peter. I agree with you about government getting out of people’s lives and personal business. And I believe in freedom of expression. But I do see law and enforcement as good for protecting people who are victimized. Sometimes, as chuckle-enducing as certain metaphors and jokes may be, they actually may have another effect: to laugh at people, or to mock those who would try to help others victimized because of their differences. I’m not sure anyone gay who is struggling for equal rights and general acceptance and government protections would find the attempts at humor here very humorous at all. And it appears to me that the Christian label is just confusing in this context.

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  5. Iconocalst, LOL to Plass. Cranmer is right on the mark – I disagree with him on a lot of issues, but would never accuse him of ‘bigotry’, ‘hatred’ or ‘intolerance’, unless of course he really was doing one of these.

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