"Graft your goodness on this grumpy stump"

David Ker, the blogger formerly known as Lingamish, has been publishing a series of Cyber-Psalms, with the intention of completing a collection of 150. He has just got to number 33. Some of them have seemed to me weird, or just irrelevant. But his latest one seems to scratch just where I itch. Well, perhaps that is not a good idiom in the context of this what this poem, or prayer, is trying to say. Do read the whole thing, but it is this part which struck me most:

May those who bump into me
Be showered with fruit
Not pricked with thorns.
Graft your goodness on this grumpy stump.

0 thoughts on “"Graft your goodness on this grumpy stump"

  1. I almost edited that line out since it didn’t seem to fit with the rest. The Cyber-Psalms have been an unexpected spiritual blessing to me as I search for praise without cliché.

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  3. Couldn’t resist quoting you out of context. And it’s worth adding that one of the cool things about you is that you are a speaker of truth rather than a flatterer (like myself) so when you say something nice it really means something.

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