Has Archbishop Rowan Williams gone bonkers?

For once this is nothing to do with the Lambeth Conference or the fragmentation of the Anglican Communion. And it is not me asking this question, but Ruth Gledhill of The Times. The occasion for asking is Williams’ astonishing call, reported by the BBC, for “certain aspects” of Islamic Sharia law to be introduced in the UK. To their credit, politicians of all main parties have rejected this call. But it is extremely worrying that a man who heads the established church in this country could even consider making this appeal.

Ruth Gledhill’s commenter Tom Jackson writes the following:

To say I was dumbstruck this afternoon when I read the Archbishop’s comments would be an admission that somehow, I expected better of him.

But these latest observations by Rowan Williams just serve to demonstrate once again just how unfit to lead the Anglican Communion this man is. …

The Archbishop should resign, should go and make way for someone more suited to such high office to take his place.

I agree. And if he did, that might help to sort out the Lambeth mess as well, although it is getting a bit late for that.

10 thoughts on “Has Archbishop Rowan Williams gone bonkers?

  1. The archbishop isn’t living on the same planet as the rest of us. Sharia law is oppressive, there is no place for it in the UK.

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