How to quit smoking, in the Name of Jesus

Smith WigglesworthI came across an interesting snippet about how to quit smoking through the name of Jesus, – or perhaps more accurately, how to get others to quit through this name. These words are from a report written in 1915 by the famous Pentecostal evangelist and healer Smith Wigglesworth, on his 1914 ministry trip all around the USA and Canada. The snippet is interesting partly because it reveals an understanding of evil smoking is, from long before it was recognised as a major cause of cancer.

Wigglesworth writes:

A young man came to me to be delivered from nicotine poisoning through cigarettes which was wrecking his nerves, and he had tried all means to be free. By faith I cast out this evil power in the Name of Jesus. Oh, if we knew the power of the Name, what it means, and how God intends to honour the simple faith in the Name.

Millions around the world are still trapped by smoking, knowing that it is ruining their health and wanting to give up, but unable to do so. Neither human willpower nor chemical remedies can help many of these people. But Wigglesworth named this trap for what it is, an evil power, and invoked the name of Jesus. He alone has the power to deliver anyone from this and every other power of evil and bring them into the freedom of new life following him.

Smith Wigglesworth's own picture: leaving New York

Smith Wigglesworth's own picture: leaving New York

It was many years later that this same Smith Wigglesworth gave the prophecy which I previously discussed on this blog.

15 thoughts on “How to quit smoking, in the Name of Jesus

  1. Smith Wigglesworth was certainly a most interesting person. I was just wondering if you are of the same opinion that the “evil power” of nicotine or alcohol Wigglesworth was referring to was according to his understanding caused by a demon.? I have seen people “delivered” instantaneously from to alcohol addiction and I have seen equally sincere people struggle for years to overcome this kind of problem.

  2. Jay, I didn’t say this was caused by a demon. Nor did Wigglesworth. I would leave open the question of whether these addictions are caused by demons or by some other kind of power of evil. The important thing is that they are evil and have some power, but that Jesus is far more powerful.

    As for people who are not instantly delivered, there may be good reasons for that. There could be a lack of faith or a lack of real desire to be delivered. Or the issue may be more chemical than spiritual in this particular case. I can’t be sure – more study needed.

  3. I know you didn’t say it was a demon. That is why I was asking your opinion which you gave me clearly. Thank you. I do ,however, think that Wigglesworth thought it was a demon, even though the “evil power” in this quote does not make that clear.
    “Here is a point well worth the notice of the readers of your valuable paper. At Oakland a fine-looking young man, a slave to alcohol and nicotine, came along with his wife to see if I could heal him. They stated his case, and I said “Yes, I can heal you in Jesus’ Name.” I told him to put out his tongue, and I cursed the demon power of alcohol and also cast out the demon power of nicotine.”

  4. Yes, Jay, Wigglesworth probably did think it was a demon. I am not going to deny that, but I won’t affirm it either. After all I know nothing of the situation apart from what W wrote, and in this case he did not mention a demon.

  5. I have not studied Wigglesworth’s vocabulary and terminology well enough. But for him to say he “cursed the demon power of alcohol..”, etc., is not to me immediately synonymous with the same being demonic in and of itself. At some point, of course, it is moot if and when healing is attained. But I’ll have to read some more, I guess, to see if Wigglesworth considered alcohol addiction or nicatine addiction a demon.

  6. My concern here is understanding sinful behavior correctly. If Wiggelsworth saw deliverance from sinful behavior in the name of Jesus, that does not mean to me that the cause of the sinful behavior was demonic even if Wigglesworth did. I think we here all agree that the name of Jesus has delivering power and in the grace of God, it may not be so important whether we pray against an evil power, demon or just the addictive power of a chemical dependency. God will honor all of our prayers as it is God’s will is to deliver us from the power of sin. If you are to ask me, I would say that any addiction is an evil power, but I am referring to evil in an abstract way. I think it is important to understand that the Bible does not really show that sinful behavior is an effect of any kind of demon, but due to the weakness of the “flesh” and one’s submission to that weakness. Please don’t misunderstand me. I think Wigglesworth was wonderfully used of God.

  7. Rob and Jay, this is an interesting discussion. First we have to consider whether “sinful behaviour” is involved at all here. Did Wigglesworth consider drinking and smoking to be sinful in themselves, even in small quantities? I don’t know. But even if they are not, addiction to them is evil. One might of course say that it is the quantity or regularity which makes them sinful. And I guess there is a point where the drinker or smoker would have been free and right to give up or cut down, but did not. At that point, or period, I would say that the person allowed the demonic evil power, whether a personal demon or not, to have authority in their life, and could not get rid of it – only Jesus could set them free. I am only guessing here, but I think Wigglesworth would agree.

  8. A reader of this post suggested to me some doubt about the authenticity of the 1947 Smith Wigglesworth prophecy. He may well be correct.

    I have found out, at this site among others, that “This prophecy was given at the annual Elim conference in 1947”, so it is said. I can’t find anything more about this conference. Wigglesworth died on March 12, 1947, age 87, but he was active until the end and so could have given this prophecy in his final weeks. A few years earlier Wigglesworth gave a somewhat similar prophecy about David du Plessis, referred to on this page. But there is no mention of the 1947 prophecy at this site all about Wigglesworth, which indeed casts some doubt on its authenticity. And according to an Amazon review by Phil Stanton this word is not included in “Smith Wigglesworth: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings” by Roberts Liardon.

    I must say I wonder if the prophecy is a genuine one from 1947 but not actually given through Wigglesworth.

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  10. Hi. Im a born again spirit filled Christian. Last night I was prayimg for God to deliver me from cigarettes. I clearly heard the still small voice,”This vice came into your life as an act of rebellion towards you father. (He was a pastor), with it you gave the spirit of rebellion power.” Satan comes to steal kill and destroy. I believe it is a spirit. Need to rebuke it, denounce it for what it is and plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves. When temptation comes back we must uae our God given authority to speak to it. The word of God is powerful! No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
    Also start praising. God inhabits the praises of His people. Armys of the Lord were victlrious by sending praisers out first!!
    We must get a warrior mentality and be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    This is my experience. Have a blessed day!!

  11. Gwendolyn, thank you for your comment. I agree with you that in the name of Jesus you are free from whatever evil power or influence was binding you to cigarettes. I pray that through the Holy Spirit you will continue to have the power to break this habit and quit, now and for ever.

  12. The “built in” sin which every human have, leads to temptations and this is a struggle til we leave our body, because it is simply built in. When we allow temptation (sin) to win, then we approach demonic activity. When it turns into a habit there is usual a demon enetering. When it goes worse than the regular temptation, there is a demon or several entering. Nicotine is like this and also it makes the entire body to long for it. It takes 3-4 days until it is easier and 7 days til it is over with when quitting. The body then doesn’t scream for it anymore. The important thing is to close the doors when getting rid of a demon, or it can go back in and bring 7 more. Demons we have been given authority to cast out ourselves in the name of Jesus …….

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